Home-coming... wait!! lets rewind...

Finally, m at home aftr a long n hard sem.... d back-breaking train journey dint help either... d cold here is stiff... one shivers even during daytime.... anyways, over to d review of my 3rd sem....
firstly, i was given an elective of Effective Public Speaking... d teacher also hails from d same place as i do.. n if u think dat gave some edge ovr othrs, u cant b more wrong... she simply hated me... mayb bcoz i was a loudmouth or simply bcoz i suck at public speaking... d worst thng abt dis class was impromptu... hw d hell r v supposd to maintain posture, voice-modulation, eye contact while thnking up wat to say next in order to keep d ppl engaged? our last cls tho, was a bundle of joy... v ate,sang, walkd d ramp, threw d most idiotic questions at our teacher(one student even askd her to narrate her love story O.o)... n guess wat, she cudnt speak 2 minutes on d topic dat v gave her- Hawda bridge par latakti laash :P
Apart frm EPS, dere was waves 2010... waves is supposed 2 b our cul-fest... however, it was more of a taunt on our face, wat wit d ever-yucky shafqat amanat ali concert or d much-hyped waves ball... plz dont ask whether i went to d ball or not :x
hav so many complaints bt i cant write thm all or d few ppl dat read my blog may get offended :|
Thn v had d computer programming course again... I fail to fathom- Y D HELL R MECHANICAL PPL MADE TO STUDY COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR TWO WHOLE SEMS? our college ppl seem to hav mixed up d course structures... CP-I had already ruined my life in 2nd sem... now CP-II made sure i will always hate those white thngs wit keys n mouses....
Moving on, Technical report Writing(TRW) was my fav course dis sem... our teacher was a sport... she usd to join in while v made a rucus in her class.. i attended evry class n d tests were done in full co-operation... our grup was one of d best in presenttion and grup discussion...no wonder i got a gud grade in dis course ;)
Lastly, dere was Zephyr '10... d inter-hostel fest... v participated in every event n won top ranks in many... I walked d ramp for d 1st time n thoroughly njpyed it... here's d pic

V had a lead on day 1... however, due to some nasty manipulations of a guy from our neighbouring hostel, who was too insecure to play honestly, our hostel was ranked d 3rd overall.. Wats d point of competition if u cant even b honest abt ur abilities?? n d person who did dis was sum1 whom i had much respect for... anyways, ppl hardly ever r d same as their words...
These were d highlights of my 3rd sem... meanwhile all dis, v were still having fun,beating ppl, disturbing d nerds, waking up d nights n eating... also, v found a really nice adda for all our "illegal" activities...


The lift dat was...

Hey frnds.... really sorry i've been away so long...
a lot has happened wit me ovr d past few months...
d 1st incident dat comes to my mind is dat of a trip in which v travelled in every mode of road transport :D
Yes, dats rite.. N in a single day.
firstly, v left our campus n had just strtd on d highway whn a very kind elderly fellow allowed us a lift on d nearest bus-stop(which, btw, is 7 kms far!!)...
V exchanged the usual pleasantries... d best part was whn he asked us for tips to educate his daughter in engineering ;)
aftr dat, v had a long bus ride to panjim which nearly drove us crazy... party over, v left panjim around 9pm n boarded d wrong bus which took us to vasco n left us to rot on d road... v strtd our usual road dance n monkey tactics to avail a lift but strabgely, nobody seemd interestd dis time.... v abused d passing cars, smoked(not every1, mind u!!), peeped into d roadside houses, waved rude gestures at d balcony mongers and disgraced our college name in every way possible :D
finally, a truck stopped n v climber aboard... it had no room for d five of us, bt v climbd in anyways...
d driver, a fellow called sonu, sang songs n cracked lots of jokes... it made us think, help always comes from unexpected places in a most extraordinary manner... had v been 10 mins. more late, our parents wud've been called n told abt how spoilt their sons r :P
anyways, dats all abt our trip...
I'll share more wit u in d coming posts, 'coz rite now my exams r on n i cant risk getting any lower marks..

Synonym of miracle- friendship

Here i am, studying(or not!!), so far away from home, wit no1 to scold or shout, to support or to advice, living only wit wonderful people who r called frnds…. they always helped me, went mad wit me, danced wit me on d national highway, kicked my ass, got me into trouble, ate wit me n showed me dat frndship is indeed a miracle… my frnds r a very interesting blend of cultures and characters…. I would describe them in chronological order:

1. Manas aka sanam soliye…

Dis guy has d most ridiculous of fashion styles n makes weird clothes the ‘in’ thing….. he never wakes up at mornings n hardly sleeps at night… his fav. cuisine is d stale egg curry served in our night canteen n he also likes the ‘aaanda’ served in jhopadi… Soliye is a self-proclaimed fifa pro who defeated now n thn by othrs further down in this list…. oh! n he also makes othrs go crazy wit his nonsensical logic n darker-than-black tees :)

2. Pathak aka maaaaacho…

he’s d most unpredictable guy i’ve ever met…. he never answrs ppl normally n always seems in sum sort of delirium…. his fav pastimes r to get ridiculously expensive haircuts in vasco n play fifa… pathak is the ulti-cool guy who’s so light towards stuff dat u might think he’s drunk all d time…. also, his ultra-low waist jeans sumhow always manage to expose d fake jockeys n tommy hilfigers :P

3. Swapnil aka dast-rogi…

dis village level goalee has sumhow managed to trick d admins into making him one….. he’s always lethargic to death n hangs out mostly in n around d loo… also a fifa addict, he has fucked up his pc in everyway possible by pissing off soliye in a match 4 months ago… his burgandi hair n cool demeanor perfectly hides his irrational insecurity abt being exposed for a scandal abt an amitabh bachchan film n a hardcore fan, whose name is not displayed due to censor reasons ;)

4. tarosh aka taaaaarosh..

Now, dis is d most unique name i’ve heard… taaaarosh says it means d brigtest star, while i claim it means a nudist… he is one of d most talented ppl i knw of…. he acts,sings, learns guitar, plays pranks, never studies, wears revealing outfits n always has a rift wit asati…. taaaarosh also is a sucker for games which involve a female lead n is d unluckiest sportsperson alive… he sumhow managed to kick his own foot whileplaying soccer… he also doesnt ever talk2 pretty girls, no matter how desperate he is in front of us :D

5. Anurag aka pervert singh..

Anurag has d most tragic hairstyle one can think of… his crush always keeps him hovering over yes n no… he also gets influenced by d wrong kind of ppl quite quickly n regrets later… his cooking skills r d talk of d town n his room even smells lik a goddamn canteen… he absolutely hates bathing n is indifferent to d many ecosystems thriving on his skin… in d exam days, if he’s awake beyond 2am, he is sure to go crazy n starts hooliganism in d hostel… lastly, he is perverted to d extent dat he keeps…….. :P

6. Aditya aka pareshan asati..

ok, asati is a very harried n frustrated guy(hence d name pareshan asati!!!) who never ever gives a straight answr…. his eyes r his best feature, just like 007’s… asati also has given up on his studies just ‘coz he wants to play CS all day long… he sleeps 2 hours b4 me n always expects me to wake him up…. In case of fashion sense, asati has d coolest range of wedding collection u can ever buy…he’s very helpful towards ppl bt gets pissed off if v name his crush BC… his main ambition is to achieve an ACB dis year n start his own company dealing in…… :)

7. Maheshwari aka Obbishek..

obbishek is d first guy who absolutely n completely hates his birthplace… his grip over physics is commendable n if he wasnt in our grup, v wud hav called him a nerd… his fav pastime is either fifa or cs n he loves to defeat asati… girls r quite unsafe if maheshwari is around n always gives them strange, piercing stares…. his one-liners work magic on certain days n he never ever feels offended… oh! n he also luks like kareena kapoor when he’s wearing a helmet :P

8. Dheeraj aka m dot aka dot…

Dot is a strange characters in many ways… his brain’s like d infinity core processor n is d brightest among us… his crush always seems ready for his proposal bt dot doesnt hav d balls to admit… his clothes convey d wrong message towards others n his hairs defy gravity in a most amazing way… his choice of films may make u seems doubtful of his sanity, bt then its also a habit if u live around dot… he hates cleaning his room n never shuts d door while sleeping… dot also can b very violent on others’ b’days :D

These guys stay around me for 10 months in an year n r d best thing dat cud happn to ne1 aftr joining this college… they never take offence or stab in the back…. n last bt not the least, they never judge others on d basis of their CGPA(unlike an ass in our hostel called bh***i)… Black-benchers rock!!! /\

Drawbacks of dreaming

Dreams, as v all know. is stuff which we can see only with our eyes closed…Every1 has a dream..some want to be successful in their respective fields/jobs…some want to rid this world of all d malaise its brimming with…I hav always had a dream too…I want to prove that the underdog is not to be underestimated…Ppl r constantly judging u…Firstly, i wanted to join d armed foces….bt dat dream went up in smoke whn i got bespectacled…My parents thn decided engineering for me…I love cars so it seem like a natural progression of my passion…Now in a reputed college, all I want is to get a degree and open my dream garage…one full of cars waiting to be tweaked n instruments lining d spray-painted walls n windows :)

               I thot up of a project idea bt d moment i proposed it to a senior student in our college, he told me i was being stupid by staring sumthng dis big…He told me to strt small n build up…He also told me to improve my lousy CGPA instead of running aftr things i dont know much about…Funds, permission,working place, raw material, faculty recommendation etc. r d thngs dat i wont get unless i had a nice score in academics…Inside, I felt that wats d use of improving my academic grades if they dont help me do what my heart wants…Mentally, i said d big F n decided then n there that no matter what, im gonna do  at project, even if i have to loan money for it…

                Education is necessary to make u a better person,  not sum1 who kills his dreams just for a score-card…Ppl just expect me to get a job, hav my own place n b one with it…Nobody really gives a damn abt ur dreams except ur own self…Mahatma Gandhi proposed a system of education dat is not confined to buks n marks…He also waned all teaching to b done in our national lingo-hindi...N altho i hate him for many of his deeds, he had a valid point n a vision for d greater good…Nothng can b achieved unless u hav a passion for it n r willing to fulfill ur dreams…Dreaming big is not a crime…But itsa crime if u let sum1 else change ur dream n live a frustrated life regretting ur choices….I dont want my life to b based on decisions taken by those who hav lived life on their terms… V only get one shot at d title…Either grab it or turn ur back on it…D only difference it makes is dat if u choose d former, u’ll at last be responsible for whichever way ur life turns out n wont hav to regret… Dream big, work for it, b’coz sometimes u gotta walk before u can crawl!!!

A discovery...and enlightening

Guys n gals n other sorry people,
To pass time in a more non-frustrating way, i discovered a new talent within myself...n dats making landscapes n writing phrases alongside.Here are some of my creations till date:

Binding two worlds,
bridging the fissure,
Sun shines equally for all.
Yet some lust for more power.
A day will come,
when the sun sets for its home, never to return.
And the age of Men comes crashing down.
A day of shattered shields,
and splintered souls,
when even the courage of god fails...

Far from all
evil, good, greed, war, power,
peace reigns alike
for birds, animals and man.
The waters salute the rising sun
and rule under the shadow of moon.
Nature gifted life and blossom to us,
We reciprocated by deforestation, poaching
and pollution.
God gifted logic to us, and
we are today at war witihin.

Man comes to god in his hour of need,
when hope is down
and the path ahead seems dark and dusty.
Seeking a miracle, he kneels down,
pleads and prays.
Being grateful seems secondary,
when his wish is granted.
No thank is granted when none is asked for.
Not where the sinner is bigger than the sin itself.

Some might not get what is meant by these words, but if u read through with a relaxed mind, u can easily understand them....

Anatomy of being a guy

Frnds, lovers and countrymen!!(n ftp's too)
Being a guy in India has a lot of repercussions...Firstly, ur family expects u to top evry goddamn entrance exm n to b allergic to sports/music/orkut/facebook/myspace/movies n other misc activities..D films show so much crap dat u cant watch them wit ur family..N going out for a film wit frnds is a thing u r seldom allowed to..
U r always told to make frnds with ppl whose marks r higher than urs..Now, if v think logically, if evry1 startd following this advice then frndshp wud b extinct..N then there's d emotional black-mail which relatives resort to whn u dont wanna follow their wishes..
Then there r d girls who think that unless u spend 20 hours a day n pots of momey on them, u r worthless..
If u so much as raise ur gaze towards a gal walking wit her relative(s), u r branded a pervert or a despo..Frndshp betn guys n gals is lukd upon as a federal crime..
On the other hand, if u do manage to get a gf/wife then u r expected to earn for their ever-rising cost of living..That too when u begin to question whether they love u or ur ass-like ability to work..Apart from that, they expect u to b romantic n spontaneous n lie about how beautiful their hair luk or how interesting their crappy gossip is! To do all dis, u hav to leave ur frnds on their fate, hav 2-3 grands worth of monthly mobile expenditure n alwyas remember stupid dates n manners.. If u dont do all this, there follows a break-up, with d girl hooking up wit another guy in a matter of days, whereas u r left lonely, bereft of frnds n afraid of confiding in ur parents..N if d girl is a bit decent, she offers u frndshp after break-up..now dis is sumthng one can never undrstnd..Y does a girl expect u to b frnds wit her whn everythng is over?? Y d hell cant she leave u alone aftr ruining ur happiness?!
Seriously, after all dis, guys begin to feel like losers n things lik alcohol, nicotine, drugs enter their life..Whn their closed ones find out abt this, instead of help n support, a round of abuses follow n d society brands u as an outcast..Talking abt d Indian society, ppl appear so very warm n friendly at gatherings, parties etc..Yet at their own homes, they r plotting ways to undermine the othr's status..People r busy amassing wealth n dont giv a damn even if their neighbour's house is on fire(unless of course there's an ulterior motive hidden)..This breeds a string of confusions in d mind of our average guy, who just wants d world 2 b a harmonious place..Y do people show-off so much?..Evry1 expects u to b perfect in all respects..Whn u hav a degree n get a job, d boss becomes ur enemy in disguise..U hav no time for ur passions n family n entertainment if u hav a 6-figure(or higher) salary..This leaves you frustrated..
In short, unless u got d balls to scream out ur choice n fight very hard for ur dreams, ur life is screwed beyond repair..

Boredom in gagaland......

Holidays suck without hostel n college buddies...No1 to kick or hav fun wit.
N waiting all d time for this bloody CGPA sore card...
Cant tell u all hw big a worry dat is!!
Anyways, I got home some 20 days ago n hav been messing around on facebook since then...
There's this girl dat met me onl9 on d 1st day n v chattd quite happily..But i havent seen her since then :(
Is she allergic to decent, fun-loving n li8 ppl?
My dear frnd anurag has his own blog set up by d name of iamyourangel...
Seriously, I cud hav thought of a much better name for a personal blog..
Anurag, if u r reading this post, then i can say only one thing- GM BSDK!!
The only worthiwhile things i learnt in this past one year at college are- li8 and
ob!! These r d magic words of BPGC...
N then dere's DC server which is d heart n soul of d campus.People miss DC so much during vacations dat they stuff their external drives to d point on insanity :)
I was a perfect ass not to hav done the same...

Back to the start

M back home, smelling the sweet morning scent and playing with my ultra-white, super-cute and infinitely lovely pet, Romy. Here's enclosed one of her many pics:

Ain't she lovely? Anyways the journey home was too tiring for words so u rnt gonna hear about it.M joining a programming class from the day after in order to improve my lousy grades this sem.My dear friend tarosh is off to Vrindavan to attend a camp being conducted by ISKCON for 3 days and then he'll run to his home.Anurag is off to Suratkal to visit his long lost buddy from school and Asati is with me in Jabalpur(although he's waiting to run to Hata). the train buddies got too sentimental on the platform n kickd the hell out of us and vice-versa.Nw start the period of unlimited leisure for about 2 and a half months.After that its back to the old gruelling schedule of Av+ and Av-.Anyways, I m off now.

Warm comeback

Been away for a long long time. Sorry for that. The weathers really warm in Goa at this time..Hence the title to support my case :)
you see I hadto face my Tests n then there was the inter-college sports festival SPREE alongwith the usual idiosyncracies... Our college team lost in almost all the games.. It pains to criticise our own self bt to b honest, v just dont devote enuf time or passion into sports.
If the guys who stdy like nerds spend even an hour or 2 daily on sports n stuff, v can out-perform anybody. Bt i cud never undrstnd wat pleasure do ppl get from studying so much and exercising so little.
Oh! i forgot about holi.. v had afantabulous time celebrating 'coz dats the only day girls dont mind idiots. D celebrations were on till late aftrnoon and there was fun, frolic, colour, almond shake and lots and lots of water.
My own frnds beat the hell out of me thrice, that too when i was not wearing a shirt...
god save them on their b'days 'coz m gonna stir the soul of the devil :D
Presently, i have got back to stdies, quizzes, jogging and basketball.
Test-1 showd us the way to hell, now m gonna show the teachers the face of the devil.
Here r sme more pics about the recent developments in my life:

This is how v all lukd aftr holi celebrations

And this is the lovely bogmallo beach at night

this is the SPREE logo of BPGC

Juggling artists showing their skills

Bogmallo during daytime

A carrom tournament between two internationally renowned carrom players

View of college from our hostel roof

dats manas pretending to b a slim spider

n dats me pretending to b "The monk who played lots of Holi"

All izz well bcoz my name is Khan.. and I m not a terrorist.

Valentine's Day

M back bt without a bang folks....
14th feb.....Valentine's day...yeah yeah whatevr...
Firstly, u spend d whole ay in d library trying to cram thngs up 4 d tests dat strt on Saturday of dis week....thn u eat a lousy lunch in a big mess... n in d evening,it really s**ks whn u call sum1 2 meet u down by d library at 9 aftr dinner n they dont show up...
thn wait until 9:30 while SMSing thm once n calling thm twice just 2 check if they remembr d meeting..
Still they dont bothr to turn up or evn answr ur call....
I mean, how can sum ppl just dont giv u a damn!!!
Anyways, lyf's expectd 2 b dat way n v all r expectd to see d glass half-full (evn if its d size of a spoon)...
All v hear is dat God arranges evrythng 4 d best...but nothng's evr d best...There always r sum flaws in evrythng...
Mayb m getting more paranoid abt all dis bt seriously, hw r u supposed to cope up whn u rnt evn doing wat makes u happy...
Wat makes me happy is to play soccer bt m not such a pro dat they allow me a place in d college team...
All v get to play is around 2-3 times an year.
Aftr dat,I wanna b gr8 in my stdies bt d othr ppl stdy so hard all day dat my labour counts as insignificant...
Thn there r these bloody tests month aftr month..
N i thot Goa was supposed 2 b more fun n less stdy...
sorry bt i dont thnk dats hw i had plannd it out...
Mayb m a bit too demanding or losing out my mind...bt 2day was a literal frustrable day

A day in d life of a BITSian....

Hello folks...m back nw wit sum more cool happenings in our college lyf...
Below is d unofficial wedding ceremony of tarosh(white shirt) and Anurag(topless)...dont ask who's d bride 'coz evn i dont knw...it was d happiest day of Tarosh's lyf...
And here v hav myslf sleeping in d lecture theatre...n no, i m not drunk....
Here v hav d dostana betn Anurag n myslf....I just cudnt resist his pink cheeks...

here v hav one of our hostel mates,Harshvardhan, begging to us for some work n fud :)

Asati thinks dat he can luk cool by sitting on sum1 else's bike just 4 a pic.
And here v hav asati holding d earth still while i was googling away d solution to all my problms :P
And here I m there juggling a broken bicycle like a juvenille.....dat bike was a part of Junkyard Contraption, an event in our technical festival,QUARK.....

Now here r d 2 coolest dudes one can ever sight ona bike dat doesnt belong 2 thm....in front theres me n Tarosh is pillion...

Damn! I m gud!

Tarosh trying to get d basics of bike-riding on an R15....
So guys,dat was a post of our casual past-time activities....plz comment on hw u wud lyk to improve dis blog...dat wud only help us make it a better place to interact n share our lives....
Till d nxt time
C ya.

Tests round d corner

Guys I regret 2 say dat my tests r abt 2 strt by nxt week....although i'll try 2 squeeze in sum tym 4 u all....plz 4giv me if i m too boring during dat time
Bon Voyage ;O

Lyf whn dere's still sum hope

Sorry i've been away 4 such a long time......my lyf was down in d dumps, literally and figuratively.
Our college tech fest is going on n i m dying to get a project. D gal i've a crush on doesnt giv a damn towards me n my marks rnt gud eithr. teachers hate us evotedly.

D above pic is dat of Republic Day celebrations in our insti.
D arts n Deco dept is just awesum in their art. D below pic is d one where v gatecrashd our director's son's wedding reception.
D next pic is dat of d resident cat of our hostel.

And here v hav Mr. Vic Hayes, d 'father of Wi-fi', visitig our college 4 a guest lecture. He was received wit a warm welcum n thn v were of to our own rooms. Lectures rnt meant 2 b attended anyways.
& here v hav our group pic....no wondr they luk so tired n exhaustd..m d corner one n d rest r tarosh,anurag and asati(left 2 rite)...
so long guys....its time 2 watch a movie..c ya ll nxt time.