Warm comeback

Been away for a long long time. Sorry for that. The weathers really warm in Goa at this time..Hence the title to support my case :)
you see I hadto face my Tests n then there was the inter-college sports festival SPREE alongwith the usual idiosyncracies... Our college team lost in almost all the games.. It pains to criticise our own self bt to b honest, v just dont devote enuf time or passion into sports.
If the guys who stdy like nerds spend even an hour or 2 daily on sports n stuff, v can out-perform anybody. Bt i cud never undrstnd wat pleasure do ppl get from studying so much and exercising so little.
Oh! i forgot about holi.. v had afantabulous time celebrating 'coz dats the only day girls dont mind idiots. D celebrations were on till late aftrnoon and there was fun, frolic, colour, almond shake and lots and lots of water.
My own frnds beat the hell out of me thrice, that too when i was not wearing a shirt...
god save them on their b'days 'coz m gonna stir the soul of the devil :D
Presently, i have got back to stdies, quizzes, jogging and basketball.
Test-1 showd us the way to hell, now m gonna show the teachers the face of the devil.
Here r sme more pics about the recent developments in my life:

This is how v all lukd aftr holi celebrations

And this is the lovely bogmallo beach at night

this is the SPREE logo of BPGC

Juggling artists showing their skills

Bogmallo during daytime

A carrom tournament between two internationally renowned carrom players

View of college from our hostel roof

dats manas pretending to b a slim spider

n dats me pretending to b "The monk who played lots of Holi"

All izz well bcoz my name is Khan.. and I m not a terrorist.

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