Anatomy of being a guy

Frnds, lovers and countrymen!!(n ftp's too)
Being a guy in India has a lot of repercussions...Firstly, ur family expects u to top evry goddamn entrance exm n to b allergic to sports/music/orkut/facebook/myspace/movies n other misc activities..D films show so much crap dat u cant watch them wit ur family..N going out for a film wit frnds is a thing u r seldom allowed to..
U r always told to make frnds with ppl whose marks r higher than urs..Now, if v think logically, if evry1 startd following this advice then frndshp wud b extinct..N then there's d emotional black-mail which relatives resort to whn u dont wanna follow their wishes..
Then there r d girls who think that unless u spend 20 hours a day n pots of momey on them, u r worthless..
If u so much as raise ur gaze towards a gal walking wit her relative(s), u r branded a pervert or a despo..Frndshp betn guys n gals is lukd upon as a federal crime..
On the other hand, if u do manage to get a gf/wife then u r expected to earn for their ever-rising cost of living..That too when u begin to question whether they love u or ur ass-like ability to work..Apart from that, they expect u to b romantic n spontaneous n lie about how beautiful their hair luk or how interesting their crappy gossip is! To do all dis, u hav to leave ur frnds on their fate, hav 2-3 grands worth of monthly mobile expenditure n alwyas remember stupid dates n manners.. If u dont do all this, there follows a break-up, with d girl hooking up wit another guy in a matter of days, whereas u r left lonely, bereft of frnds n afraid of confiding in ur parents..N if d girl is a bit decent, she offers u frndshp after dis is sumthng one can never undrstnd..Y does a girl expect u to b frnds wit her whn everythng is over?? Y d hell cant she leave u alone aftr ruining ur happiness?!
Seriously, after all dis, guys begin to feel like losers n things lik alcohol, nicotine, drugs enter their life..Whn their closed ones find out abt this, instead of help n support, a round of abuses follow n d society brands u as an outcast..Talking abt d Indian society, ppl appear so very warm n friendly at gatherings, parties etc..Yet at their own homes, they r plotting ways to undermine the othr's status..People r busy amassing wealth n dont giv a damn even if their neighbour's house is on fire(unless of course there's an ulterior motive hidden)..This breeds a string of confusions in d mind of our average guy, who just wants d world 2 b a harmonious place..Y do people show-off so much?..Evry1 expects u to b perfect in all respects..Whn u hav a degree n get a job, d boss becomes ur enemy in disguise..U hav no time for ur passions n family n entertainment if u hav a 6-figure(or higher) salary..This leaves you frustrated..
In short, unless u got d balls to scream out ur choice n fight very hard for ur dreams, ur life is screwed beyond repair..


  1. akshat tu jaldi bits aaja man ths side of urs was completly unknown i knw u watched rab ne bana di jodi several times but...........mast post hai every guy can relate 2 this

  2. abey iska rab ne bana di joi se koi relation nahi hai...dis is d story of every guy who thinks without a motive!!