A discovery...and enlightening

Guys n gals n other sorry people,
To pass time in a more non-frustrating way, i discovered a new talent within myself...n dats making landscapes n writing phrases alongside.Here are some of my creations till date:

Binding two worlds,
bridging the fissure,
Sun shines equally for all.
Yet some lust for more power.
A day will come,
when the sun sets for its home, never to return.
And the age of Men comes crashing down.
A day of shattered shields,
and splintered souls,
when even the courage of god fails...

Far from all
evil, good, greed, war, power,
peace reigns alike
for birds, animals and man.
The waters salute the rising sun
and rule under the shadow of moon.
Nature gifted life and blossom to us,
We reciprocated by deforestation, poaching
and pollution.
God gifted logic to us, and
we are today at war witihin.

Man comes to god in his hour of need,
when hope is down
and the path ahead seems dark and dusty.
Seeking a miracle, he kneels down,
pleads and prays.
Being grateful seems secondary,
when his wish is granted.
No thank is granted when none is asked for.
Not where the sinner is bigger than the sin itself.

Some might not get what is meant by these words, but if u read through with a relaxed mind, u can easily understand them....


  1. \m/ mast hai yaar.......awsum

  2. raavans hidden talent nice one

  3. In the table, in boxes designed for documents, photos and other useful things?