Drawbacks of dreaming

Dreams, as v all know. is stuff which we can see only with our eyes closed…Every1 has a dream..some want to be successful in their respective fields/jobs…some want to rid this world of all d malaise its brimming with…I hav always had a dream too…I want to prove that the underdog is not to be underestimated…Ppl r constantly judging u…Firstly, i wanted to join d armed foces….bt dat dream went up in smoke whn i got bespectacled…My parents thn decided engineering for me…I love cars so it seem like a natural progression of my passion…Now in a reputed college, all I want is to get a degree and open my dream garage…one full of cars waiting to be tweaked n instruments lining d spray-painted walls n windows :)

               I thot up of a project idea bt d moment i proposed it to a senior student in our college, he told me i was being stupid by staring sumthng dis big…He told me to strt small n build up…He also told me to improve my lousy CGPA instead of running aftr things i dont know much about…Funds, permission,working place, raw material, faculty recommendation etc. r d thngs dat i wont get unless i had a nice score in academics…Inside, I felt that wats d use of improving my academic grades if they dont help me do what my heart wants…Mentally, i said d big F n decided then n there that no matter what, im gonna do  at project, even if i have to loan money for it…

                Education is necessary to make u a better person,  not sum1 who kills his dreams just for a score-card…Ppl just expect me to get a job, hav my own place n b one with it…Nobody really gives a damn abt ur dreams except ur own self…Mahatma Gandhi proposed a system of education dat is not confined to buks n marks…He also waned all teaching to b done in our national lingo-hindi...N altho i hate him for many of his deeds, he had a valid point n a vision for d greater good…Nothng can b achieved unless u hav a passion for it n r willing to fulfill ur dreams…Dreaming big is not a crime…But itsa crime if u let sum1 else change ur dream n live a frustrated life regretting ur choices….I dont want my life to b based on decisions taken by those who hav lived life on their terms… V only get one shot at d title…Either grab it or turn ur back on it…D only difference it makes is dat if u choose d former, u’ll at last be responsible for whichever way ur life turns out n wont hav to regret… Dream big, work for it, b’coz sometimes u gotta walk before u can crawl!!!


  1. _/\_ maa c... de us buggy ki....u can i knw tht

  2. abey i m not mad at d damn buggy... m mad for ppl doubting wat can i do n wat i can't.... not every1 is a geeky 9 pointer