Synonym of miracle- friendship

Here i am, studying(or not!!), so far away from home, wit no1 to scold or shout, to support or to advice, living only wit wonderful people who r called frnds…. they always helped me, went mad wit me, danced wit me on d national highway, kicked my ass, got me into trouble, ate wit me n showed me dat frndship is indeed a miracle… my frnds r a very interesting blend of cultures and characters…. I would describe them in chronological order:

1. Manas aka sanam soliye…

Dis guy has d most ridiculous of fashion styles n makes weird clothes the ‘in’ thing….. he never wakes up at mornings n hardly sleeps at night… his fav. cuisine is d stale egg curry served in our night canteen n he also likes the ‘aaanda’ served in jhopadi… Soliye is a self-proclaimed fifa pro who defeated now n thn by othrs further down in this list…. oh! n he also makes othrs go crazy wit his nonsensical logic n darker-than-black tees :)

2. Pathak aka maaaaacho…

he’s d most unpredictable guy i’ve ever met…. he never answrs ppl normally n always seems in sum sort of delirium…. his fav pastimes r to get ridiculously expensive haircuts in vasco n play fifa… pathak is the ulti-cool guy who’s so light towards stuff dat u might think he’s drunk all d time…. also, his ultra-low waist jeans sumhow always manage to expose d fake jockeys n tommy hilfigers :P

3. Swapnil aka dast-rogi…

dis village level goalee has sumhow managed to trick d admins into making him one….. he’s always lethargic to death n hangs out mostly in n around d loo… also a fifa addict, he has fucked up his pc in everyway possible by pissing off soliye in a match 4 months ago… his burgandi hair n cool demeanor perfectly hides his irrational insecurity abt being exposed for a scandal abt an amitabh bachchan film n a hardcore fan, whose name is not displayed due to censor reasons ;)

4. tarosh aka taaaaarosh..

Now, dis is d most unique name i’ve heard… taaaarosh says it means d brigtest star, while i claim it means a nudist… he is one of d most talented ppl i knw of…. he acts,sings, learns guitar, plays pranks, never studies, wears revealing outfits n always has a rift wit asati…. taaaarosh also is a sucker for games which involve a female lead n is d unluckiest sportsperson alive… he sumhow managed to kick his own foot whileplaying soccer… he also doesnt ever talk2 pretty girls, no matter how desperate he is in front of us :D

5. Anurag aka pervert singh..

Anurag has d most tragic hairstyle one can think of… his crush always keeps him hovering over yes n no… he also gets influenced by d wrong kind of ppl quite quickly n regrets later… his cooking skills r d talk of d town n his room even smells lik a goddamn canteen… he absolutely hates bathing n is indifferent to d many ecosystems thriving on his skin… in d exam days, if he’s awake beyond 2am, he is sure to go crazy n starts hooliganism in d hostel… lastly, he is perverted to d extent dat he keeps…….. :P

6. Aditya aka pareshan asati..

ok, asati is a very harried n frustrated guy(hence d name pareshan asati!!!) who never ever gives a straight answr…. his eyes r his best feature, just like 007’s… asati also has given up on his studies just ‘coz he wants to play CS all day long… he sleeps 2 hours b4 me n always expects me to wake him up…. In case of fashion sense, asati has d coolest range of wedding collection u can ever buy…he’s very helpful towards ppl bt gets pissed off if v name his crush BC… his main ambition is to achieve an ACB dis year n start his own company dealing in…… :)

7. Maheshwari aka Obbishek..

obbishek is d first guy who absolutely n completely hates his birthplace… his grip over physics is commendable n if he wasnt in our grup, v wud hav called him a nerd… his fav pastime is either fifa or cs n he loves to defeat asati… girls r quite unsafe if maheshwari is around n always gives them strange, piercing stares…. his one-liners work magic on certain days n he never ever feels offended… oh! n he also luks like kareena kapoor when he’s wearing a helmet :P

8. Dheeraj aka m dot aka dot…

Dot is a strange characters in many ways… his brain’s like d infinity core processor n is d brightest among us… his crush always seems ready for his proposal bt dot doesnt hav d balls to admit… his clothes convey d wrong message towards others n his hairs defy gravity in a most amazing way… his choice of films may make u seems doubtful of his sanity, bt then its also a habit if u live around dot… he hates cleaning his room n never shuts d door while sleeping… dot also can b very violent on others’ b’days :D

These guys stay around me for 10 months in an year n r d best thing dat cud happn to ne1 aftr joining this college… they never take offence or stab in the back…. n last bt not the least, they never judge others on d basis of their CGPA(unlike an ass in our hostel called bh***i)… Black-benchers rock!!! /\


  1. Awesome grup buddy.come bak to ngp yaar... missing ur one-liners