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M back home, smelling the sweet morning scent and playing with my ultra-white, super-cute and infinitely lovely pet, Romy. Here's enclosed one of her many pics:

Ain't she lovely? Anyways the journey home was too tiring for words so u rnt gonna hear about it.M joining a programming class from the day after in order to improve my lousy grades this sem.My dear friend tarosh is off to Vrindavan to attend a camp being conducted by ISKCON for 3 days and then he'll run to his home.Anurag is off to Suratkal to visit his long lost buddy from school and Asati is with me in Jabalpur(although he's waiting to run to Hata). the train buddies got too sentimental on the platform n kickd the hell out of us and vice-versa.Nw start the period of unlimited leisure for about 2 and a half months.After that its back to the old gruelling schedule of Av+ and Av-.Anyways, I m off now.