A discovery...and enlightening

Guys n gals n other sorry people,
To pass time in a more non-frustrating way, i discovered a new talent within myself...n dats making landscapes n writing phrases alongside.Here are some of my creations till date:

Binding two worlds,
bridging the fissure,
Sun shines equally for all.
Yet some lust for more power.
A day will come,
when the sun sets for its home, never to return.
And the age of Men comes crashing down.
A day of shattered shields,
and splintered souls,
when even the courage of god fails...

Far from all
evil, good, greed, war, power,
peace reigns alike
for birds, animals and man.
The waters salute the rising sun
and rule under the shadow of moon.
Nature gifted life and blossom to us,
We reciprocated by deforestation, poaching
and pollution.
God gifted logic to us, and
we are today at war witihin.

Man comes to god in his hour of need,
when hope is down
and the path ahead seems dark and dusty.
Seeking a miracle, he kneels down,
pleads and prays.
Being grateful seems secondary,
when his wish is granted.
No thank is granted when none is asked for.
Not where the sinner is bigger than the sin itself.

Some might not get what is meant by these words, but if u read through with a relaxed mind, u can easily understand them....

Anatomy of being a guy

Frnds, lovers and countrymen!!(n ftp's too)
Being a guy in India has a lot of repercussions...Firstly, ur family expects u to top evry goddamn entrance exm n to b allergic to sports/music/orkut/facebook/myspace/movies n other misc activities..D films show so much crap dat u cant watch them wit ur family..N going out for a film wit frnds is a thing u r seldom allowed to..
U r always told to make frnds with ppl whose marks r higher than urs..Now, if v think logically, if evry1 startd following this advice then frndshp wud b extinct..N then there's d emotional black-mail which relatives resort to whn u dont wanna follow their wishes..
Then there r d girls who think that unless u spend 20 hours a day n pots of momey on them, u r worthless..
If u so much as raise ur gaze towards a gal walking wit her relative(s), u r branded a pervert or a despo..Frndshp betn guys n gals is lukd upon as a federal crime..
On the other hand, if u do manage to get a gf/wife then u r expected to earn for their ever-rising cost of living..That too when u begin to question whether they love u or ur ass-like ability to work..Apart from that, they expect u to b romantic n spontaneous n lie about how beautiful their hair luk or how interesting their crappy gossip is! To do all dis, u hav to leave ur frnds on their fate, hav 2-3 grands worth of monthly mobile expenditure n alwyas remember stupid dates n manners.. If u dont do all this, there follows a break-up, with d girl hooking up wit another guy in a matter of days, whereas u r left lonely, bereft of frnds n afraid of confiding in ur parents..N if d girl is a bit decent, she offers u frndshp after break-up..now dis is sumthng one can never undrstnd..Y does a girl expect u to b frnds wit her whn everythng is over?? Y d hell cant she leave u alone aftr ruining ur happiness?!
Seriously, after all dis, guys begin to feel like losers n things lik alcohol, nicotine, drugs enter their life..Whn their closed ones find out abt this, instead of help n support, a round of abuses follow n d society brands u as an outcast..Talking abt d Indian society, ppl appear so very warm n friendly at gatherings, parties etc..Yet at their own homes, they r plotting ways to undermine the othr's status..People r busy amassing wealth n dont giv a damn even if their neighbour's house is on fire(unless of course there's an ulterior motive hidden)..This breeds a string of confusions in d mind of our average guy, who just wants d world 2 b a harmonious place..Y do people show-off so much?..Evry1 expects u to b perfect in all respects..Whn u hav a degree n get a job, d boss becomes ur enemy in disguise..U hav no time for ur passions n family n entertainment if u hav a 6-figure(or higher) salary..This leaves you frustrated..
In short, unless u got d balls to scream out ur choice n fight very hard for ur dreams, ur life is screwed beyond repair..

Boredom in gagaland......

Holidays suck without hostel n college buddies...No1 to kick or hav fun wit.
N waiting all d time for this bloody CGPA sore card...
Cant tell u all hw big a worry dat is!!
Anyways, I got home some 20 days ago n hav been messing around on facebook since then...
There's this girl dat met me onl9 on d 1st day n v chattd quite happily..But i havent seen her since then :(
Is she allergic to decent, fun-loving n li8 ppl?
My dear frnd anurag has his own blog set up by d name of iamyourangel...
Seriously, I cud hav thought of a much better name for a personal blog..
Anurag, if u r reading this post, then i can say only one thing- GM BSDK!!
The only worthiwhile things i learnt in this past one year at college are- li8 and
ob!! These r d magic words of BPGC...
N then dere's DC server which is d heart n soul of d campus.People miss DC so much during vacations dat they stuff their external drives to d point on insanity :)
I was a perfect ass not to hav done the same...