A series of unfortunate events!

What the f**k?! I have had enough of this… :x

I have repeated these lines a dozen times in my head today. It all started with waking up to an empty hostel and watching my clothes lying in a pool of mud… Apparently, a rain came to visit last night and took away my happily swinging crystal-clean laundry for a ride.. Nothing like washing washed clothes without wearing them!! :x


Been a long while... Loads of things happened over this period... My final exams came and went, leaving an era of sorrow, hollowed self-esteem and scribbled answer-sheets... After 15 days of continuous torture, one can now let their hair down... And while my hair are anything but down right now, life's gotten pretty amusing...

Land of the dead...

Just finished watching a documentary called "Dispatches- Terror in Mumbai", about the 26/11 terror attacks.
And though a lot has already been said and read about it, people seem to have forgotten a little too quickly.
10 ordinary youngsters forced the world's largest democracy on its knees, raped her for 60 hours constantly and then got themselves shot in an act of "martyrdom". And while all this was on, the rest of the nation were glued to their television sets, starving for every new update about the situation.

We screw for a living!

 Its the year of CDC's (Core Disciplinary Courses).. And though every senior I talked to warned me about the physical, emotional and spiritual hazards of this year, I have had a surprisingly good luck(neglecting academic scores and other insignificant crap).. For details, please read the following:

ये हिन्दोस्ताँ है

  तू हिन्दू बनेगा, न मुसलमान बनेगा |
      इंसान की औलाद है, इंसान बनेगा |
  मालिक ने हर इंसान को इंसान बनाया,
      हमने उसे हिन्दू या मुसलमान बनाया |
  कुदरत ने तो बख्षी थी हमें एक ही धरती,
      हमने कहीं भारत, पाकिस्तान, तो कहीं इरान बनाया |
  जो तोड़ दे हर बाँध को वो तूफ़ान बनेगा |
      इंसान की औलाद है इंसान बनेगा |

Who says I can't get stoned?

Waves 2011 started, and ended, on a positive note.. From DJ Siddarth to Raeth to Agham to Kailash Kher, it was a fun riot throughout.
Then again, fond memories are formed when you do something worth remembering. On the 2nd night, we ran hard towards the security guards at the entrances and turned away just when they raised their clubs.. Bit silly, really, but then, there's a thin line between madness and fun :D

So we snuck in without a ticket from the bushes, have a hail and hearty dance on the stage, occasionally terrifying the DJ and the pretty lasses dancing alongside.. One time, a bouncer tried to hustle us out.. We were thrown on the side lines so that the event snaps dont get ruined :'(
Anyways, it all wrapped up around half past midnight and we were tipsy with all the sweat and lights.

No comments?!?!

Feedback, reactions, revolt, rebellion, praise... What a nice way to begin, aint it?!
Much like Mark Anthony... Although I m much wiser and smarter than him. Why, I can easily instigate the dogs to bite and bark at any passing girl! B-)

Coming back, I was pondering over the power of comments. Those insolent strings of words that can make or break your dreams. Those drops of elixir or pangs of fire. Those cheap little rascals that regularly catapult our Parliament out of order and exposes massive brain malfunctioning in Lok Sabha.

Been there, learnt that...

KBC has united us like never before. When we see a person sitting in the hot-seat opposite Mr. Bachchan, we always wish them the very best of luck, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or sex. A perfect host, interesting and knowledgeable questions, and a transparent screening process... Not one contestant leaves the game feeling bereaved or cheated. One very important thing that I learnt from this game-show is that we always get what we deserve, sooner or later. But the first step, an honest one, has to come from our side only. Like the latest Mr. Sushil Kumar who won Rs 5 crore. A simple, smiling, honest little man from a remote village, with an iron-clad resolve and even stronger will. There was just something so innocent in the way he talked, laughed and saluted his relatives.

His financial challenges not withstanding, this man reaches out to rural kids and provide them with education even when his own roof is threatening to fall down any moment. Its people like him who are the new face of India. As Mr. Bachchan says himself, a new India which is smiling, an India which wants a renovated home, yet it hasnt let the crumbling walls weaken its resolve.
An India that wants to amass wealth and prosperity, yet knows how to remain happy with a meagre income.
An India which works as a tailor, grocer, cobbler, auctioneer, and yet is aware of its own true value.
An India with its head held high and feet on the ground.


Me and Illa were out on another all-guys evening out(as usual!)... Vasco seems surprised these days to see the same set of guys walking around since three years and counting!!
Well, we cant help it. No chick is ready to hang out(or talk) with the leftists of AH-5. Maybe I release some kind of anti-female hormone which repels them. Or maybe we are the kind of people who form the rear of the crowd where girls prefer not to be..
Whatever may the matter be, we went to our favourite eatery and gorged on north-Indian delicacies fried in pure desi ghee. Afterwards, we went to yet another restaurant and ate yet another kind of goodie called the Onion Uttapa. My glass had a great big insect bathing inside and so, Illa's glass had to take care of two thirsty guys. Again, two guys drinking out of the same glass in a public place had to look suspicious. The elderly lady on the next table kept wondering what on earth has this world come to.. The manager looked daggers at us. It was just when we got up to paid the bill that we noticed something odd. The manager was smiling mischievously and knowingly. We looked at each other, puzzled...
Anyhow, we pushed the matter to the back of our mind and went to try out more beverages. And the onset of Diwali meant that our favourite drink was not served for a period of a week or so. Cursing our luck and giving many a finger to the haughty shopkeeper, we decided to climb on Miss India...
As inviting as it sounds, its just the name of the last bus from Vasco to college.  :P
It was jam-packed inside, with BITSian girls and guys from the local colleges. We occupied the seat next to the driver, got thrown out once by the conductor, waited for a few moments on the aisle, and sat there again when we realised that people are throwing dark glances at us again. Cant two guys go out on their own without having to suffer such a behavior from others?!?! It hurts like anything when people invade your privacy in such a rude manner :'(
At long last, the other guys said that girls from BITS were damn good(!!!), even if they werent always friendly and talkative. Now, it may sound completely nonsensical, but I felt a kind of pride. To hear the praise of those whom I have disrespected most of the time felt kinda great. No offence ladies :)
 They also said that we looked good with each other... Titters followed this last comment..
And then, right there, in the dark cabin of Miss India did I realise why exactly people were considering me and Illa to be romantically involved. I WAS WEARING A RED CHEST-HUGGING T-SHIRT EMBROIDERED WITH STUDS!!  :-O

Bits in pieces

So we are working on our project, filing our hearts out, buying piece after piece of scrap and then, BAM!!
The workshop people tell us there aint any way we are gonna be allowed to use the most important machine... The one, the only, the VMC.. Apparently, she's damn expensive, incredibly user-friendly and totally out of reach for those who really wish to make some good use out of it. Its kept there as a mere show-piece, to attract a rep that our college has the best of labs and tons of research scope. Although it would be better if they replaced the shaper. In the words of one of the instructors, "it may fall over if its used". And to add fuel to the fire, for every screw-driver or pliers that we borrow, we have to convince them that we arent gonna sell them outside after we are done. Measuring tapes and nut-bolts are still alien to this workshop!
They just forget one little thing... Research aint gonna be seduced by sexy machines or big names. It has to come from us, the students... And when its bubbling out of our heads on the presentations and reports, teachers decide it just aint good enough.. I doubt whether they have done an honest day's work in their life as a teacher :-x
Apparently, some guys messed up a project in their time.. When my team decided to propose an altogether different yet quite ambitious project to the group leader, he reciprocates with four 'get-out's in one minute and juicy slangs. WTH???
Every single person in here is cynical. Cynical about their marks, about their placements, about their relationship status, or about their shape (me!!)... They say a good college education nurtures your whole future.. Is this the idea of a good education?? Textbook questions in every exam, daily attendance in lectures with teachers having the most amazing photographic memory(read that as rote learning). Why, they teach everything exactly as its printed in our books, correct upto 2 decimal points!!

And then some say that you should be grateful that you are in such a great institution. Well, m not! Not at all, in fact. Call me a traitor if you will, but my idea of a good institution was not this. I wanted my college days to be the most amazing days of my life. Food, fun, friends, projects, competitions, achievements and minimum study from books.
Food is bearable, fun is bereft, friends are fickle and rest is just thin air. I tried twice to go into the drama club. First time, my acting sucked and I was thrown out. Second time, their judging sucked and again, I was thrown out. Instead, a senior guy was taken just because he was a "chaddi-buddy" to most of them.
Hardly anyone(single ones, mind you!) here ever notices the weather outside because their asses are glued to their chairs by a certain demon called DC. Movies, crap, softwares, crap, porn, crap, games, crap, bitching and crap are just about DC's main gifts to us. Its a phenomena actually. People who cant have a life outside try to act big on DC. No matter how chicken they are outside, on DC, they are "godlyk /\" or "noobs". Guts are something they are yet to earn!
One might not believe it but the biggest tussle this college has ever seen is a war of words and exchange of slaps amongst two guys. Catfights would seem more appropriate for such wusses.
Everyone comes here with the sole intention of job placements, college life be damned!
Teachers finish their research after lecturing us about how useless we are and how this country's engineering quotient is following its sex-ratio. Maybe they fail to realise that if only they thought about being more of a teacher rather than an instructor, students might strike gold.
May god bless this college... We desperately need it!!
And kids, think a lot before you make a decision about your college. A big name not necessarily implies that you are gonna get what you expect. Ours is one of the biggest names, literally, but then....

Satanic curses..

To love someone and to be loved in return is a luck gifted to few.. It may exist in various forms. The love between parents and child, between husband and wife, amongst siblings, friends, between teacher and student, master and pet, so forth and so on. Then again, despair always goes hand in hand with love. If you are in love, you are bound to fall in despair one time or another. Either because your loved one is in pain or because the loved one has given you pain. Maybe the distances are too long… Maybe the connection isn’t that strong… Or maybe it’s you are just not good enough to deserve them…

Either way, it hurts like hell. And then you begin to question yourself- what was it that went wrong? Was it me? Was it her? Am I unlovable? What was it that I lacked?
Satan would serenade the bearers of grief if only he knew what it felt to lose out on your love. Yet, you try to make sure that the person whom you loved lives a life of harmony.

Time goes on… Life moves ahead… And then, at one corner of the road, when you least expect it, you find someone who loves you in spite of yourself. One who embraces your qualities and faults with aplomb and is ready to walk the extra mile just to wish you luck on your journey. You feel alive, important, confident, and most importantly, loved. Someone somewhere is sad just because you aren’t there. A tear has your name smeared all over it. You have something that no one else in the world could ever have… It's the most beautiful, the purest heart, a blessing of Aphrodite…

And then, it happens… You make her cry…

When she’s sad, the world becomes your enemy. You are ready to rip apart the very reason of her sadness. You are mad with anger. Mad enough to cross over to the other side and blast that wretched Satan right through hell. Mad enough to stab God in the chest repeatedly and order him to right all wrongs. And dumb enough not to grasp that the very reason she’s crying is the one rascal who is too lame-brained to value her love.
If only there was a way to turn back time, to reverse your undoing, to bring back that serene smile and to brighten up those cheeks… Fate is a fickle friend!
She doesn’t know what it’s like getting up next morning feeling hopeless. Feeling like the love of your life is with the wrong person (YOU!!). But at the same time, hoping that she still finds happiness, even if it’s never gonna be with you…

Dedicated to the special someone who made a boy so happy that he forgot altogether what it was like to be hurt…

Red star, blue yonder...

Its the end of rainy season. Bugs and beetles take their leave while my laundry is swaying happily on the rope. A clear blue sky and a hot sun meant that this day was meant to be spent out. We set out, the three of us, Me, Asati and Obbishek.
 After a hefty lunch and countless rejections later, we got on board with a jolly fellow in his car. Standing still in the highway with our thumbs pointing upwards has taught us a great lesson. The size of a man's heart in inversely proportional to the size of his car. People in expensive cars and SUV's never give a damn to us charming fellas on the highway. Its only those who have smaller cars(not sedans, mind you!) or pick-up trucks that bother to stop and drop. Needless to say that they are also quite chatty and cheerful. One person even told us what not to do on a certain beach if we arent sober ;)
Anyhow, we hopped off the car, climbed on the bus, stuck our heads out of the window and jumped off an hour later. It was a walk from there uphill. Finally, we are at the track. The go-karting track in Nuvem, near Madgaon, yet ages away from it. No food, no cold drinks.. Just overpriced mineral water and the smell of rubber burning on the tarmac. Man!! This is what heaven must look like.

Half an hour later, m strapping a helmet on my head and settling down with her. She's dressed in red, is roused and raring to go.

Three counts by Asati and we are off. Into a world of our own, where only the two of us exist. She dares me to go harder, feasting on corners and sneering at the straights. In the bigger scheme of things, we are just a speck on the face of the universe, wasting away fuel and aiding global warming with every throttle of that shiny pedal. In the smaller, selfish scheme of things, I am the knight. And she is my stallion, outflying every typhoon and brook on the way. We are one.. Metaphorically, no... Spiritually, yes!
10 laps over and we are separated. To each his own!
We walk down, find an unused pathway and sit on its roof, accompanied by Kingfishers. Dusk surrounds us, 3 guys sitting there in a stupor, much to the disgust of passers-by... Apparently, we are the kind of people who are more suited to the degraded dark alleys. One particular lady was kind enough to point her gnarly finger towards us and educate her little daughter on the quality of men :P
Been there for 2 hours and not moving a muscle, we climb down, to return to our abode. However, fate wasnt ready to end it smoothly.
We reached the bus stop and began the ritual of thumb-waving and street-dancing.. Several disappointing minutes later, a truck driver stops, buys himself a crate of beer and is just about to leave when he finds a terrifying face in his rear-view mirror. Obbishek was just trying to persuade him to drop us at our college. And he agreed!! We climb at the back, start cursing every passing car who didnt bother to help us and sing in the wind with the dancing clouds..

Adventure over, jump down the truck, thank the driver and his over-friendly mate, cross the street menacingly and enter our safe haven, the good ol' 6x6 room with a view ;)

Beg your pardon, Mademoiselle...

Define irony. In my opinion, irony it is when the only Hindi films nominated in top 5 for the Oscars are those which depict India (Mumbai in particular) in shambles. Yesterday, I watched one such movie- Salaam Bombay. One of the few hindi movies with imdb rating of 7.9. Mira Nair wields magic in her work. It has powerhouse performances by Nana, Chanda, Raghubir etc.
Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and child labor seem to be the backbone of the "tinsel town". All this is too damn depressing, and yet, true. A guy is dead from drug overdose, a kid is forced to work all day to earn Rs 10, a girl is abducted from her village and brought to Mumbai to be sold just because she still has her "flower", and a man forces his own wife to sleep with other men for money.
For the first time in my life, I am ashamed for being a man. Men, for whom women were always an object of desire. Mughals had polygamy, we have extra-marital affairs, rape, prostitution and other sexual abuses. How deplorable it is to know that just because we are physically stronger than them, so we can dominate them to our whims. Its not all that, dammit!

A woman nurtures the society. She is endowed with the ability of creating a new life. And their will is far more stronger than men can ever hope to be. Their world is very small, centered around their families. Anne Frank said many  years ago that the pain a woman undergoes during labor is identical to what a man might feel if he was torn from the groin with a blunt sword. Yet, all men are concerned about is whether its a boy or a girl. The dont give a rat's ass to how shattered their beloved wife would feel if her own new-born was murdered even before it opened its eyes. They say that when a man goes astray, one part of the society is lost. But when a woman goes on the wrong path, the whole society pays its due.

The thing to remember is that a lady is much more than her physique. She has a soul, a sensibility of her own. We should stop lusting for them and view them instead as the true makers of our world. Too much testosterone has always been a cause of trouble. The porno industry is a classic example to that. And yeah, men should also stop correlating real life with porn. Already India's sex-ratio has dipped far below the red line.
Another irony is that those few males who do know how to respect women are mostly gay, and so, beleaguered by those who are "straight". Grow up dumbass! Look a woman in her eye while talking. Its not a man's world without a woman. Its not just about one's whimsical pleasures. No matter how much we can achieve, we'll always need someone to share the joy.

Always remember that it was Mary Magdalene who carried Christ's royal bloodline forward, not Peter. Even the Pagan were wise enough to understand the divinity of women. And unless you want to rid your world of all sensibility and maturity, and live like a bloody loser, START RESPECTING WOMEN!!
Or else, women will go the same way as tigers. And men will not be happy but gay...

Joe Average..

This is the story of a guy called Joe Average. The experiences he had, the life that he led and the things he wanted for himself.....

It all starts from the word 'anger'. Joe had a terrible temper. He would start seeing red even if a fly buzzed past his ears. An absolute paranoid who would go about hitting those who didnt do as he pleased. Then one day, one of his victims hit back. Joe was taken aback. He realised that he no longer had control over other people's mind and started shrinking in his own mind. Years passed like this and Joe gained a little more control over his angry self.

Joe's family was very normal. His father was kinda lenient towards discipline while his mother was strict as most mothers are. He was hardly ever allowed to wear what he liked best and chocolates were a thing he always craved for. Joe's friends never really took him seriously and his parents were too busy to notice that he was in dire need of attention. Oh yeah! Joe had a long bout of illness when he was 2 years old. He used to have fits and for moments, his heartbeat would stop and he was lifeless. About 18 fits and several medical tests later, doctors pronounced in the CT scan that Joe was abnormal. That is, Joe's brain had insufficient supply of blood and that technically, he's mentally retarded. Joe led a life of a patient for 3 whole years, refraining from chocolates, ice-creams and sweets while continuously being fed bitter medicines and boiled water with green veggies and soups.

More time passed and Joe's condition improved, although he was always shorter than his peers. People had no reason to notice a guy like him. He was bereft of talent, devoid of passion and determination. School life was a blur to this person. No one from his school ever remembered his birthdays, not even his best friend. Teachers loved making fun of his hair and his classmates used to think that he's a big weirdo.

After high school, Joe decided to prepare for one of the most prestigious examination of his country. Yet, half-hearted as he always was, his first attempt proved futile beyond words. His parents were disappointed in their son, once again. The world loved to taunt on his failure whenever they had a chance. And to add fuel to the fire, Joe was grossly overweight. From being a nobody in school to a nuisance in the neighbourhood, Joe had a pretty smooth transition. All this while, he never lost faith in god, praying daily for something better.

Joe decided to try once again. This time, he put in some serious effort and finally cracked his way into a good college. He arrived at the new place, bubbling with energy, full of hopes and dreams that this time, he was gonna carve a niche for himself.

Yet, fate had something else stored for him. The very things that Joe was a little passionate about were denied to him. He began to fall in despair. Such people usually tend to lash out at those who were having what he always wanted. And so did he...
He started proving to this world that if he cant be good, he's gonna be bad. Joe became a threat to people having a peaceful life and everyone began to think that this guy is not even worthy of anything. Once again began the cycle of loneliness and depressions...

Finally, Joe passed out of college and was married to a beautiful lass. She loved him deeply and truly. But the jerk that our dear ol' Joe was, he never really cared for her. He was too busy thinking himself to be a loser that he never heard what his lady thought of him. She tried for a moment, and when it didnt succeed, she left... Never to return..

Joe was petrified with her absence.. Only when she left him did he realise what he had lost. But nothing could be done now. Joe's children were convinced that their father is a bloody loser and they would do better than to stay in touch with him.

Fortunately, Joe didnt have to suffer this ordeal for long. As a kind of lucky irony, Joe's abnormal mind came to his rescue. One day, he just collapsed when he tried to get up from his bed and his tattered soul was lost into the oblivion. His corpse lay there, rotten to the core with ants tearing their way into his eye sockets and flies dancing merrily over his cracked skull... The stick he used to carry was eaten up by termites ruthlessly..
Nobody even noticed that a guy called Joe Average had gone away forever. A loner all his life, Joe was lonely even in afterlife!

To the world, he always presented a happy face, cherishing his sorrows inside meanwhile. All he wanted was to be remembered for something, to be missed by those whom he had once counted as special, to be loved by those whom he loved with all his heart, to have a tear shed for himself when people would no longer have his expressions in writing... May god have mercy on this poor soul!

What if????

Tests are on.. Long hard hours of doing absolutely nothing except staring at α, β, µ, Ø, Ƞ and load of other crap.. our teachers are so very generous that not one of them bothered to share their lecture slides, leaving us to rot in our own mess.. Finally, one guy had d brain to click snaps of his notes and circulate them!! Word spreads.. Click, enter, copy and paste... Wow!! I just have a record of all the lectures that ever happened.. Time to cheer a bit.. A plate of noodles and glass of bournvita later, m again cursing the abovee-mentioned guy for circulating his notes.. Why the hell did he share them? Now, everyone's gonna study them and they will raise the average while I'll be left in a dilemma over whether to study or to binge on..
Damn you mechies! What makes you study so much so that the nose never leaves the cleavage(of the book, dirty minds!).. Its hard enough to attend lectures without dozing off, bear the brunt of a frustrated man who looks like he can eat you up for breakfast and to take notes with a pen borrowed from the girl in front! Open hair and all .. ;)
But no, one really has a stick up one's posterior end :x
Not only people study hard, but they rant about their ignorance openly when a strictly decent person (moi) has a doubt. Bloody (beep)!

Finally, I lie down.. And what comes to my mind?? Thoughts that this world aint really the way it is!!!!
What if pain isnt really pain? I may sound crazy, but this really works... Try this out.. next time you hurt your physical self, pause for a moment and ask yourself- Is this really pain?
Suddenly, you'll find that it hurts much less now(if not gone altogether).. Its so much easier that creating a boo-hoo about your sorry state, right??

The same thing applies elsewhere.. What if that jerk isnt as big a rascal as I think? What if that girl isnt as arrogant as she looks? What if that man isnt as grumpy? What if this book isnt as boring as people say? What if this college isnt as great as I had heard? What if I got placed somewhere big? Or not? What if that cricket world cup wasnt as clean as it looked? What if Aamir isnt as short as people say? What if he is just an insecure and jealous person? Or not? What if maggi is damn unhealthy? What if fruits arent meant to be plucked? What if someone that you love deserves someone much better/worse? What if feelings are really just chemical reactions happening deep inside your brain and nothing else? What if this whole world is a bloody sham? What if life itself is a shabby dream? What if I stop writing nonsense and actually get something that's of interest to you people? What if I just told you all to buzz off? What if the teacher isnt as nutty as he seems? Or maybe he is?

Lots of whats and ifs.. nothing significant in return.. Congratulations!! I just managed to salvage your time with nothing but utter rubbish and insolent philosophical crap just because I wanted to wake up your teeny-weeny brain from its long hibernation.. Wake up morons! This day is just as shitty as the one before, if not more.. What if I could just kick the hell out of Mr. Stupid-and-yet-acts-know-it-all?!!

beauty beauty everywhere.. Not a place to blink!!

Rainy season... little droplets of acidic water falling every moment from the sky in dollops.. Kind of weather that makes you snuggle in your bed 'til lunchtime.. But no ! I suddenly developed this nasty habbit of going to morning classes and getting myself insulted publicly... The pangs of academia !!

Anyways, I was talking about the rains... This is the time when you wake up, stand in front of the window(in appropriate apparel) and witness the creation of miracles, right in front of your eyes!
Its a green heaven out there... God resides in the details!!
The towers are standing guard over the harbingers of joy marching throught the air, marking the end of an era and the beginning of another... Every bug is dancing drunkenly, welcoming monsoons... Birds are chirping merrily as if happy and contented with the gods, bees are humming impatiently as if they cant wait to pounce on the nector... And I m wondering what would possibly be the best word to describe the scenery.. Something that combines nature, love, beauty and water...Hard luck though!!
Its just one of those times when you just want to roam around the countryside, hand in hand, with croaky remixes all around and dancing clouds overhead :)
Who needs to visit Europe when one already has the most amazing bounty of nature all around? If only we cared to see it and value it for what its worth.... And just when you start to get tired, out comes the drop.. People say that the first rain of the season is always the most enjoyable... It sure feels great to watch the earth daring the rain to throw its best shot.. A situation of taming anger with calmness, constantly...

Right here lies the question- What is it about the rain that makes life all the more important? Is it the fact that change is the only constant? Or is it the way seasons change? Or is it the way that we are all connected in a delicate balance in the great circle of life much like the way the seasons join us in perfect harmony?


Meek week!!

Been a hectic week all around, what with the elections and all..
Taught me a lot of things too..
Firstly, one should never sit at a place where the teacher can easily spot you, especially if you arent having a notebook, a pen and a nagging friend by your side.. In such a situation, the teacher will come to you, ask you to solve the problem on the board, insult you heartily and will proceed to the rest of the class to explain how badly the placements are getting because people like 'moi' are making it to the "reputed" college like these!! And it doesnt stop there.. The satanic teacher reappears, asks you whether you are really a BITSian, your score, your branch, sighs heavily and checks you out from top to bottom, not unlike a gay tailor, not caring to be subtle at all... It was hurtful!! This is what the girls might feel like when Pervy Pervertson raises his gaze :P

Oh!! And my dear friends(Philu Khan, Bo$$ and Sanam Soliye, in particular) have been busy composing and choreographing a song for me.. Its got such an intensity that it feels like somebody reached into my chest, ripped out my heart and smeared it all over my face.. What wouldnt I give up to get back?!?!?!
Its raining cats and dogs outside.. Just when you decided to go up and have some quality time with your physical self, the clothe arent dry... And people say I stink.. You should smell the guy who lives 3 rooms away from me.. He can easily put pigs to shame!.. It aint easy to be on the radar all the time!

Talking about rains, there's this strange law in nature that makes the rain heavier as soon as you step out and by the time you are soaked to your skin, the rain stops, as if sneering at your wet soul... Reminds me of the time when Philu Khan was blow-drying his hair in chimney.. He got ash all over his shampooed tresses and had to bathe again only to realise that the water went out in the most important phase :P

Or when Sanam Soliye accidentally woke up in the middle of the day, went down and realised that his favourite t-shirt was responsible for the chaos in the common room :D

M sorry, Anna!!

Anna's latest tyrade against the government has been a wake-up call for the people and politicans alike. Ramdev Baba too started his own form of protest in the form of demonstrations and fasting. However, his protest was short-lived when Delhi Police entered the area unceremoniously and destroyed all their morale.. Baba escaped from the venue unscathed, dressed in a woman's clothes.. This little incident made me question the very question of extending support for a good cause.. These arent the features of a democracy.. What was wrong with the peaceful protest? Were the cops too bored to accept bribes and decided to go mob-hunting?!

Anyways, the aftermath of this incident was that a person as well-balanced (both mentally and physically!!) as Ramdev Baba lost his peace of mind and decided to form their own little army, trained in latest weaponry and combating skills, in order to ward off the cops in future.. The point is, what was supposed to be an eye-opener for the government, turned out to be a mind-blower for the protesters. Is this what they set out to achieve that day? More importantly, is it wise to protest in localised groups?

When the cops decide to put an end to a demonstration, they use tear-gas, lathicharge and, in worst cases, air-firing..  Anyhow, the worst sufferer is always the common man! Just consider this... You went to show your support to the latest anti-corruption movement in or around your locality.. It was just a peaceful candlelit march in front of the Vidhan Bhawan.. However, the mayor is ordered to stop this.. He arrives with sufficient force and disperses the crowd... The crowd refuses to quit.. A cop fires off a shot in the air and a stampede follows.. You fall down and about 20 people step on you while running helter and skelter... Cracked ribs, bleeding hands and scratched face are the minimum possible injuries in such a scenario... You are hospitalised for 2-3 days, with long prescriptions and even longer medical bills... On the other hand, the brutality of the cops comes on front page the next day, becomes the stuff of gossip and gets forgotten as soon as the latest Amitabh Bachchan starrer releases.. What is to become of you? It wasnt your fault for which you got punished.. Yet, you are unable to study, appear for exams/interviews/presentations, lost a limb or two, unable to lead a normal life for many days because you decided to raise your voice against unjustice and corruption...

Concentrate on the bottom right corner of the above image and you'll spot what I m trying to say... Coming to the point, I think that before trying to do something for your nation, its better to secure your future first.. The world listens to you only when you become worthy of listening. No one feels interested when a young kid babbles away his imagination to the world.. Yet, when the said kid cracks IITJEE and turns his imagination to a solid model, the world stand up in his adulation. Whats the point of jumping into this protest or that rally if those who have power dont think twice before maiming you? Work hard, get yourself to a respectable position, plan and then jump in to save your country...
As for our Anna, he is way past his prime... The cause for which he is fighting is laudable and needs all the support he can get.. But we have to be wise as well.. We got our own lives as well... Tomorrow, if something unruly happens to Anna, the movement will lose half of its steam and will die out eventually unless we have another patriot like him in the offing... Practicality is one constraint in every movement, daily bread is the other... Anna is a true Gandhian... I m sure he wont want you to get injured permanently in return for supporting him..If you want to show solidarity to Anna, there are many other safe ways like facebook campaigns, SMS and e-mail chains, signature campaigns or peace marathons.. All the best to India!!

Rक्षण- the big R, re-visited...

Cautionary note- The below content may hurt the sentiments of many, for which I would like to apologise profusely. But these are my views... And if they appear discriminatory or biased, its just because I was also a victim of this malaise!

And someone also commented on my writing style as monotonous and blunt.. To that, I just wanna reply that I only write to vent out my inner feelings.. I am not a professional writer, nor am I a kind-hearted fella, nor a paid journalist and neither am I under any sort of pressure related to respecting the feelings of the fairer sex and plain idiots!

Reservation- the current hot topic of discussion, made popular once more by Prakash Jha's recent film.. There have been contless debates and discussion on this very issue for many decades... In the end, on 10 April 2008, the Supreme Court of India upheld the law that provides for 27% reservation for Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in educational institutions supported by the Central government. Apart from that, the cut-offs for SC/ST's were thrown down to almost 50% to that of those for General category students.... Now, its sounds childish, but I had this friend in my coaching who was supremely over-confident of scoring hig in IIT-JEE... Needless to say, he scored a total of 118.. However, his average friend ("me"), scored 155 in the same exam... Logic dictates that I deserve more right on the engineering seat than him... However, this so-called quota ensured that I was left to roll around aimlessly in the "extended merit list" while my friend used (or abused) the quota system to his advantage and finally got into an IIT and in a decent discipline... All this was made possible only because the cut-offs for SC/ST's were too damn lower... In short, this fucked up reservation policy in higher educational institutes of India turned my friend into my foe and made me swear so hard that Arjun Singh might have been turning in his grave..

Was this what the policy-makers had in mind while passing this bill?

In the long run, this quota system is gonna divide the country in a way not dissimilar to the Partition.. On one side, there will be the General category students, frustrated and bereft of opportunities that they deserved on the basis of merit... On the other hand, there'll be the students who got into elite institutions by the grace of the SC ruling... Students will start discriminationg among themselves.. For example, me and my friends still hate a certain guy from backward classes who got into an IIT despite having a healthy financial background and a pathetically low score in the successive JEE exam... We dont need another divide between us in addition to the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Brahmin, Kayasth, Vaishyas, Shudras, Meenas, Bheels, Gurjars, Marathis, Punjabis, Marwaris, Bengalis, Paharis, Annas, Telugus, Tamils, Oriyas, Assamese, Mochis, Kannadas, Pandits, Kshatriyas, Dalits and Bhangis... Already, there are too many flaws in our caste-system.. And this reservation will only work towards aggravating that.. Where else will the students go to study?? One may say "abroad". But that's  easier said than done... Studying abroad is no joke... Oh! And I forgot to add the problem of brain-drain.. And if they are adamant at making these quotas, well they might as well start reserving for students who undergo severe mental trauma when they arent chosen for a job just because they did not have enough bribe to offer or did not have a godfather in the organisation... Oh! And of course, they might also think of having separate hospitals, hotels, gardens, malls and multiplexes reserved solely for some castes and restricted to others... I m also thinking about a separate sub-state, about 27.5 percent the area of every state, to be started in all the states of India where the "backward" classes can reside and prosper!! Shut the front fdoor, will you?!?!?!

People, be sensible and honest to your effort... Dont disriminate us on the basis of birth again... As a mature woman rightly says in Prakash Jha's movie, we should improvise the primary education system before toying with the future of hundreds of deserving candidates just on the basis of a caste certificate.... Make reservations on the basis of financial status of you want...
First, fix the annual household income intervals...
Secondly, allot an equal number of seats to each slot..
Thirdly, bring back the screening test that used to be there  few years ago... It helps greatly in shortlisting a healthy layer of aspiring students...
Lastly, provide financial aid/assistance to those who have an unsatisfactory financial condition BEFORE the main exam... But these students need to have a respectable score to clear the screening test first...

If the policy-makers device such a formula, I see no reason to doubt that there will be ample opportunity for the backward class students and it'll also prevent any discord among the students from the so-called "general" category...

I dont mean to degrade anyone from this statistic... I am a Hindu myself... And I just wanted to portray that the age when people of backward castes were compelled to do menial jobs is long over... Wake up from that hangover and smell the rain... No point re-visiting your shady past and sleeping ghosts.. As they say in China, yesterday is past, tommorow is ours! (Ignore the patronising line :P)

Bapu's Bharat battered barbarically!

Mahatma Gandhi, aka Bapu, was the major force behind the outster of British from India and achieving freedom. Bapu had but one vision, to make India stand up on its own feet and to unite Indians through virtues of brotherhood, tolerance, love and non-violence. He worked tirelessly throughout his life to make our nation so. The country looked upon him as a father figure, someone who can take them away from misery and wrongdoings to the path of righteousness.
Many people blame Bapu for creating Pakistan and hold him responsible for the bloodshed that occured during the unfortunate partition. However, it wasnt Bapu who wanted an independent Pakistan. He was always against tearing up the nation into two parts. It was Jinnah, brainwashed by the East India Company, who wanted power solely for the Muslims. When all efforts failed to coax Jinnah, Bapu resigned to his wish and isolated himself. Bapu saved our country from external forces, but he didnt foresee the dangers that lay in a fickle-minded democracy. Bapu's efforts to unite India were shortlived, not due to his faulty vision, but due to the short-sightedness of those lusting for power.
Today, I m glad Bapu isnt around anymore. It would have caused him immense agony to witness the India of today. Its really amazing to hear that India is touted to be the next super-power. On one hand, there are the metropolitans of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc. A shining example of the rising economic growth. On the other hand, there are caste-based politics, money-laundering politicians, frustrated defence personnel, overworked police force, corrupt bureaucrats and indifferent citizens.
One just wants to get their job done, no matter what the way may be. People still look upon girls as an object of desire. The soldiers get a cold shoulder(literally and figuratively) in the country they had sworn to protect. Students are more concerned about fat pay-packages rather than actually learning something. Employers ask for undue favours in return for jobs, both to males and females. Mumbai, India's commercial capital, is notorious for housing the three largest slums in the face of Asia. the list can go on and on and on and on....
Bapu's ideals are no longer relevant today. People have zero self-respect. They are willing to fall to every depth in order to fill their coffers. They have no shame or sorrow while doing a bad deed or watching it happen to anyone else. Street fights are a regular source of entertainment to those in the vicinity. India is the so-called largest democracy in the world. Yet, Hindu-Muslim riots, train blasts, honour killings, dowry deaths, rape of minors, political scams, harassment of tourists, mockery of justice and the judiciary, MMS scandals are the headlines in daily news. What is the solution to all these problems?
The only solution as I see fit is a new regime. A constitution that combines democracy with autocracy. A structure which has one sole leader at the top, whose word is the rule of the country. However, the said person will be chosen by the people through popular vote. This is autocracy with democratic roots. No one can contradict his/her word. Today, people have no sense of apprehension because there is no one to whom they are answerable. This structure will prevent that. There will be quick sanction punishments towards violators and the intelligence wing will have unrestricted access to all files of the nation. There will be no nexus between the mafia and the industry once the entrepreneurs are assured of a safe and secure life. The industry will be controlled partly by the government like its being done now. Defence forces will have their chiefs reporting directly to the said leader. This appears to be a healthy way of governing a country like India, where people love to hate...

Buddy of lies... YOYO!!

Recently, I watched Leo DeCaprio's Body of lies... N man!! is dat movie awsum or wat?!?!
1stly, it shows d barbaric way in which US uses its "resources" to spy on nations where there is little interference is required.. A guy is sent to live among the Arabs in order to gather intel abt terrorist plots... This guy lives as an Arab(with beard n Pashto lingo etc.).. A role played most convincingly by Leo... Dis guy has d balls to portray roles which defy traditional american approach of being self-righteous, self-centered and downright scard of other super-powers... Now, he is a moralistic person who doesnt believes in use-and-throw policy 2wards the ppl working under him in his operations... Russell Crowe, his boss, sends him on various errands, carelessly interfering wherever he can, blowing his agent’s cover... He is the typical CIA guy, throwing his weight around...

A gr8 thng which this movie shows is dat trust is the most valuable bond between strangers separated by hatred... Instead of treating humans as robots, v must learn to garner frndship and trust as a way to develop long-lasting co-operation... In the end, Leo gets caught by a deadly Jordanian terrorist outfit.. They hammer his fingers into pulp.. All hope lost, he gets ready to face his doom, hallucinating abt the better moments of his life, remembering a girl who was also abt to b killed. In the nick of time, special forces of Jordan rescue him from the jaws of what promised to b an untimely and particularly gruesome death... All dis becomes possible only bcoz of a guy, Karim, who was planted in the terrorist outfit long time ago by the top intelligence officer of Jordan... Karim's mother was sent many gifts to make her life a lot easier and more were promised in the future, a sole thing that motivated Karim to leave the path of jihad and become a person that his mother always intended him to be... Hani Pasha, the Jordanian head of intelligence, was the guy who foresaw the benefits of building lasting relationships and in giving second chances to those who least deserved it... Had they continued wit d American way of dealing wit ppl(the same policy which Russell Crowe had towards his “resources”), Leo wud most certainly had lost his lyf n blown d whole operation to pieces… Remember Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!! 
Technology has brought us a lot closer, bt it has also created a cocoon around us… V hav forgotten wat it felt lik poking a person without using d internet :P

Anyways, m in d last few weeks of training at a li’l known town calld Jhansi.. All said n done, dis place is a tribute to trains… Everywhere, dere’s a railway track… The whole town luks lyk a goddamn railway station too… Every nite, my head rumbles to crass cacophony of engines going to n fro d workshop.. Our co-instructor, a jolly headed guy calld R.S. Lal, has d most amazing flirting skills.. He strts hitting on any female in his vicinity, human or non-human.. Dis one day, he took us to visit the Welding shop… Sighting a female worker in tights, he switched to playboy mode.. Ultimately, d said worker had to excuse hrslf to d washroom in ordr 2 stop Lalu(a nickname v gav him!).. Othr thn dat, it’s a maze here… No1 knows wat r they supposed to do… N those who do know, hav no idea y r they doing it.. Anothr guy called Qasim has a particularly twisted logic… Once v askd him where are the 6000 workers dat dis workshop employs… He replied dat v can spot the wind blowing all around us… Guess its d green shirt dat he never parts wit.. Our mess chef, a person calld Bhagwanji, is another character straight out of a story… U ask him for extra raita or extra salad n Bhagwanji strts quivering with rage… N d same Bhagwanji dances most earnestly whn v play poker in our rooms or jump on d bed in order to soil the bedsheets n get clean ones.. thn there’s dis guy(or shud I say GAY!) calld Sharad… He always attacks us from behind whn v r netjetting in the computer center… His fav spot is d bak of our necks.. Hands as soft as a daisy makes us jump a foot in d air whn he pounces on us… Altho dis town is absolutely sad, d ppl r damn hypocrites, d workshop too unsafe for any human to work, not a girl worth flirting(not even a single one :x), dere’s a certain charm… N tho I wanna get out of dis grunge asap, a tiny li’l part of me is gonna miss d time spent here… Be it gazing at d stars(n doing another thng simultaneously) at 3 am on d roof, clamping ur nose wit clips while brushing ur teeth or shaving in d shithole of a bathroom, eating fud dat my college fellas dub as “grub”, playing poker instead of working on our projects, doing all sorts of weird dances aftr watching Double Dhamaal n Ready, cheering and swearing at d chicks in d movie hall or jst sitting n wondering wat its gonna feel lyk if v got stuck here 4ever… Bt m nevr cuming here again… Amen!

Alien v/s Ghost

People, there’s one thing which I’ve always wondered. Are aliens real? Are there little green men out there waiting to ambush our earth? Or is it just cases of mere-coincidence when people world over swear they sighted a UFO?
On a completely different subject, I also always wondered if ghosts are real. Are there any evil spirits who make horrifying things to people? Is it just a figment of our imagination or is there really a supernatural realm, invisible to us but still very much there, thriving on our fears?
Then again, I was watching a movie called “The fourth kind”. It’s based on the life and trauma of a psychologist whose daughter is abducted by aliens. It has real life footage of her patients, all admitting that there’s some interruption in their sleep at around 3 am every night off late. And they get traumatic shocks every time this psychologist asks them to recount their experiences under hypnosis.
Frankly, this movie shook me to my very core. All would have been tolerable, had it not been for the ghastly nature of those real life footages. It’s mind-numbingly horrifying and yet, seems completely realistic without any use of special graphics etc. And there’s also a huge emphasis on the language which the aliens speak. It’s the Sumerian, the oldest language in the history of mankind.
Coming back to the point, after watching this movie, I was hit by a sudden revelation (or madness!! Whatever you want to call it!). What if ghosts and aliens are one and the same? Consider this:
1) We have never seen aliens. We have never seen a ghost either. (Not a very convincing argument, but read on!!)

2) Ghosts are believed to live in another dimension, or a supernatural realm, as some would like to call it. Aliens, too, are believed to live in a world far different from us. There has never been a sighting of a live alien or a physically visible ghost. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

3) If post-exorcism testimonies are to be believed, the possessed ones always say that the ghosts wanted them to finish some unfinished job. Simply put, they were trying to contact us from somewhere inaccessible (to and fro) for human beings. Even the aliens are also trying to contact us. There’s always news of some ultra-low frequency entering in the radars of US, China and Soviet Union. These frequencies are so low, that they are transmitted only by whales, thousands of feet below the ocean. How come these frequencies are caught on by radars hundreds of feet over land? That too, after refraction, absorption and reflection from the air-water interface of the ocean.

4) The movie shows that one of the sentences which the aliens say in Sumerian translates to- “ I… am…. God…”. Isn’t that what the devil always proclaimed to be, according to bible and other religious texts??

5) After death, our soul just disappears to some place unknown. It’s a possibility that the soul leaves the body in one direction in order to enter another dimension. What if it tries to come back to its original state in this world and tries to do so through extra-terrestrial channels?

These are some of the uncanny similarities that I was able to come up with between aliens and ghosts. I am sure we can come up with many more if we all put our heads together. The choice is yours. I just had an idea. Accept it, endorse it, or throw it in the bin.

My first love.

When was the first time that you had a crush on someone? Class 2?? Was it the ponytail, the smile or just the fact that she had a lovely voice and brought chocolates for you daily? Or was it the fact that she used to go to school in the same auto-rickshaw?

My first crush was the most special. It was the summer of 1993. I was 3 years old and had just lost my front two teeth, making me look like a racoon. My parents took me to my aunt’s place in Delhi. I had been here few times before also, but this time, it was a different feeling altogether. Little did I know that this vacation will change my life completely.

After the usual exchange of pleasantries, we went to tour around the city. It was amazing to see those skyscrapers and so much traffic. The Laal Quila fascinated me. And the Jantar Mantar was a sight to behold. I wondered how strong the people were in those times, to have built all this without any glucose or chocolates. After that, we went to visit Appu Ghar, and I spotted the resemblance between Appu and my Maths teacher.

And one fine evening, Papa left for some work with Fufaji. I was playing with my cousin, regardless of what the grown-ups were upto. After a couple of hours or so, there was this strange noise from outside. Like an elephant was whistling. We rushed outside. And lo!! In the driveway, was the most beautiful sight ever. A creamy white Maruti 800. It had those amazing headlights, silky smooth paint with orange-peel texture and fresh leather seats. Even the tires were gleaming lush golden in the dusk. No matter from where you looked at it, she seemed to charm the heart right out of you. The crease running from the front wheel to the back lent a sense of royalty. The black bumpers were like the hull of a magnificient ship, waiting to tear into the heart of the ocean and battle the tide. And that color was the touch of purity. She wasn’t just a car, she was an apparition. The first love of a kid who never knew what it was to feel the heart flutter, or to learn that love at first sight isn’t just a myth. When she was on the road, it was a treat just to watch those wheels in motion. The roar of the engine was like a tigress getting ready to pounce on her prey. The steering resembled the reins of a mighty white stallion. She was the dream of a million Indians, who longed for the mystical bond between man and machine. She put India on the path of fine craftsmanship and paved a whole new horizon.

When I got into the seat for the first time, it was a revelation. I knew instantly that cars were what I was most passionate about. Every car, no matter the shape, size, make, power, efficiency or price, is special. It take enormous effort to build a car, and just as much to put soul in it. And for the first time, I noticed that Delhi was abuzz with lakhs of Marutis. Everywhere you saw, there had to be a speck of red or white. She literally put India on the road to prosperity.

We still have her and due my father’s sincere love for automobiles, she’s still in mint condition. I learnt driving in this car itself and though I have driven some better cars afterwards, I still cherish the grace with which she handles herself. We tried to sell her often, but each time, something held us back. Parting from her is unacceptable. A car isn’t just a mode of locomotion; it’s a way of life. It’s a belief, an obsession. And the butterflies in the stomach when you have one, driving into the sunset, just the two of you, with Bryan Adams crooning “Can you feel the love tonight?” on the company fitted stereo. :')

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Last night, I was wondering about the opinion that I had formed about certain people... Some were good, others were bad, the rest were terribly ugly... Then I wondered whether I was being fair(or objective) in judging them that way.. One thing led to another and I checked my own traits with respect to those of othrs... N i finally realised dat gud and bad r relative terms... Sumthing that i feel is bad isnt so in d eyes of sum1 else... N y shud it b d same anyways?? Every person is different, much d same way every lock has a different key.. No two ppl in dis world think alike... Thn y shud b their opinions b d same either?!?!?!
Dere was dis beautiful story abt a newly married couple who move into an unknown neighbourhood... Every morning, d wife comments, "D next door lady doesnt wash her clothes properly.. Luk at them.. They r hardly clean!!"
The husband listens to dis without any reaction... Aftr a month or so, one morning, d wife suddenly says, " Luk dear!!... the lady has washed so nicely today.. Not a speck of dirt on her clothes today."
To which her husband replies, " Dear, it wasnt d clothes.. It was our window.. I cleaned d window b4 u woke up 2day."
The same applies to our lives.. Its wat v r inside dat affects our thots abt the outside world.. If v see everythng in a positive light, v r bound to be positive.. Altho one shudnt b optimistic all d time.. A bit of anger, negativity and temperament strike a balance n prevents us from becoming a hermit.
I too had formed my opinion abt one of my frnds and thn finally realised my mistake whn one of my pervert frnds pointed out dat wat i think of dat person is totally different 4m wat he thinks abt him... dat made me re-think n come out wit a less hostile view towards d said person...
Anyways, enuf wit d serious talk.. My phone went crazy n i went to get it repaird ystrday...Lemme tell u abt d beautiful conversation dat i had wit two of my frnds(asati n anurag) while returning in d bus:-

Me- Y do the aeroplanes hav so many lights?
Asati- To act as a signal for other aeroplanes.
Anurag- To prevent any bird from hitting the planes.
Me- Bt the birds dont hav any lights.. Wat if the plane hit d bird instead? :P

Loooooong silence... Again..

Asati- Did u watch d salman starrer salaam-e-ishq?
Anurag(pointing his finger at me)- Dis rascal watchd it twice already..
Asati- How come?
Me- 'coz i only watched it half d 1st time :P

Loooong silence... yet again...

Me- Y do dese buses make such an aweful noise?
Asati- D engine isnt refined..
Anurag- Its a diesel engine.. Makes a lot of noise..
Me- NO!! Its bcoz v rnt deaf :P

Looonger silence still... Bt, again..

Me- Y is dere an empty bottle on d dashboard?
Anurag- I give up!!!
Asati- Last warning... Shut up or I'll throw u off the bus..
Me(bold n brave as always)- Its for those ppl who rnt thirsty :P

Aftr dis, i hardly remembr anythng else 'coz i was beaten brutally n made unconscious by d ppl i had once called my frnds :'(

Karma, Confession and Holi.

Hey there!! Sorry I've been away so long... Actually I was unable to find anything to write or comment upon... Meanwhile, a lot has happened in my life.. I could easily pen down a "what not to do at college" book.. However cliche it may sound, but right now my life resembles that portrayed in chetan bhagat's book, 5 point someone.. My grades are below average, m down with fever, my friend circle has reduced drastically in radius and people seem to have forgotten that I too could suggest meaningful things.. Girls look at me like an outcast.. As if I m something unpleasant on the sole of their shoes.. Those who do acknowledge me live in fear of being mobbed.. What I dont get is, why is it that the people who talk to you so nicely on facebook/gtalk/whatever fail to recognise, nod or even give half a smile when you meet them in the class or something?... And the one whom I m mad about lives far, far away from here.. All in all, I think my crap karma is here to haunt me... It looks as if all this is happening just because I make fun of others... This brings me to the other part of this post- CONFESSION!!
People, when I joke about you or any of your activities, I only mean it in the lightest possible manner... I never want to hurt you or make you feel bad.. Its just some regular humor meant to be taken sportingly.. And if I have offended you at any point of time, I seriously and sincerely apologise for my wrongdoings. Please dont take ill from that..
There's one guy in my hostel whom I look upto.. He appears weird, kind of a loner and has got a ridiculous hairdo... People(including myself) make fun of him behind his back and front... Yet, he never takes it the wrong way... On the contrary, the few times he spoke to me, it was so very cordial.. I was floored by his maturity and warmth... His ideas are most interesting, albeit a bit boring sometimes... This is the kind of person whom I wanna apologise to the most... But I have a feeling that he knows that I never mean any harm through my jokes...
Next, I wanna say sorry to my friends for being the prat I m at times.. Although I can be a pain in the a** at times, I only do it in order to make things less boring... I hate anonymity and I m a fan on mayhem.. You can say that I m increasing the entropy of this world by causing utter chaos everywhere :P
All said and done, we celebrated holi few weeks ago... The campus mood was excellent and there was cheer on every face(however brief it maybe :D).. People hugged, colored, danced, drank, danced a bit more, sloshed in the mud, got kicked in mud, then again danced, and finally headed to bathe when there was no water left... This holi cost me hard though.. I broke my nose and two pairs of specs on the side, not to mention my favourite shirt and jeans :x
Here's a pic, for those who wanna swear:

Gosh!! I look scary... Anyways, thats all for this time folks.. Do try not to get angry when I take a crack at you... But I dont give a damn even if you do, because you cant harm me unless you have the guts to say it on my face, or maybe start a little fistfight to resolve our issues \m/

We, the people...

Cricket... dats a religion in india... a win is celebrated like its independence day... n when india loses a match, its commotion all ovr d nation... yet, cricket unites us in ways dat neither bhagvad gita nor quran nor bibal n not even guru granth sahib ever managed to... v forget our inhibitions while cheering (or swearing!!) for d men in blue.... hell, v even forget dat d muslim butcher across d street is sitting wit us while watching d mathc... or dat d church padre has stopped preaching idealogies n is equally vengeful towards nehra's bowling... or dat d brahmin is more worried abt whether it was a run out than abt his dhoti going loose... :P
ystrday, india lost poorly to south africa n the enthusiasm was sky-high... i lost my patience whn gautam gambhir dropped a catch n ended up kicking one of my frnds on d shins(altho he was pulling my slippers n cap really hard)... aftr d match, d general atmosphere was dat like a cemetry wit mourning all over... those who had skipped dinner to watch d 2nd innings cursed away a potent combination of abuses, myself included... yet, wat is it abt cricket dat makes us feel like v r ten again?? its just a game aftr all... y does a 100-crore strong nation goes berserk whn india loses? i seriously dont know d answers to these questions... mayb its jst an escape fromd dreary confines of our daily life... mayb its d money spent by BCCI... mayb its d raw aggression dat virat kohli so smoothly displayed... mayb its those girls sitting in d crowd dat v get a glimpse of occassionally ;)
Apart from cricket, my life was a whirlwind of sorts... I had a lab test which was a piece of cake... thn i had gym sessions which made me doubt whether they were harming or improving my health... M confused ovr whether i wanna continue wit d gym... Is it more important to hav a good physique rather than stay fit? Or d vice-versa?? 'Coz i strongly feel dat gymming is no guarantee for fitness... u may or may not b fit despite having those bulging biceps... D best fitness mantra is yoga n sports... nothing else makes u feel more alive n flush wit pride... Indians take special credit for being d pioneers in yoga.. yet, it wud surprise u to know dat the no. of foreigners practising yoga regularly is far more than us, no matter whether its America or Europe...
We r a funny race... first v lay off things till d last moment... thn v display amazing manipulative n hard-working skills to get d job done.. Case in point being the CWG games and d exms v appear for... Watever d methods b, v always hav d last laugh... i guess d amount of mental harrassment an average indian can deal with must b d highest in d world... Caste-based politics, road rage, corruption, terrorism, communal riots, faulty educational policies, reservation, PIL's, moral police, regionalism... d list can go on and on... On d brighter side, v emerge wit a smile aftr every incident... Now dis brings me to d billion dollar question- Whether the smile is dat of a relief or dat of an achievement??

God exists.

Friends, atheists, agnostics and believers...
I am not here to preach on some religious text, nor am I here to drift you all towards a healthy nap, as happens with me very often. I am here to tell you what most of you might already know, and what some of you doubted till now. I am here to persuade you that god exists...
From time immemorial, we have pursued the existence of God. Even Albert Einstein, the great scientist, was strongly convinced of the creation of the universe by a Supreme Intelligence. In the words of Richard P. Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics,"Why nature is mathematical is a mystery...The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle."
Did you know that in every cell of our bodies there exists a very detailed instruction code called DNA, which is much like a miniature computer program? Such intricate details are hardly the handiwork of evolutionary permutations and combinations...
I was an atheist at one time. And the issue of people believing in God bothered me greatly. To be honest, I had another motive. Part of my quest was to become free from the question of God. If I could conclusively prove to believers that they were wrong, then the issue is off the table, and I would be free to go about my life without having to bathe early every morning and lighting incense sticks... All the rituals that people performed made me all the more convinced that it was all just formality.
And then one day, I fell down a deep well when I was thirteen. Treading water all night long, I was screaming my lungs out to the echoes screaming back. I thought I was going to die. What I did, I prayed… I prayed to lord to keep me alive so I could see my parents again. So I could play with my dog. So I could go to school again. Sometimes, I wonder if I wasn’t alone down there that night. I was almost catatonic by the time I was found, but alive nonetheless.
Please don’t misunderstand my stance. I am not asking you to follow a religion and start worshipping an idol or become a hermit. I just ask you to open up your minds and believe that there is some higher power that gives us strength from within in our moments of crisis. People usually go paranoid over their religious beliefs and the next thing we know, they are rioting on the streets. Many have been murdered over the question of “Who is god and who is man?”
History shows us that Jesus, Buddha and prophet were extraordinary men. Human inspirations. That’s it... Why does it have to be human or divine? Maybe human is divine.. God is not found in temples or mosques. God is the one who stops us from doing what might cause harm to others. He is the voice inside us, which in my case, screams out loud every time I lie to my parents.
All this might make you to wonder, why does god allow evil to happen?.. For that, I can only say that a burnt hand teaches the best. Through misery, god teaches us the value of love. Unconditional love brings us closer to god. We always ask for his help in pain, but we forget to thank him for the relief...
Many educated people now say boldly that there is no God. That everything in this world goes on and evolves according to definite laws of science... But, tell me something. Can a law arise by itself? Can any law come out of nothing? The deepest craving in man is for eternal happiness, eternal knowledge and eternal Truth... As we explain everything within Nature by the law of cause and effect, so Nature as a whole must also be explained. It must have some cause...
Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, when asked if he believed in God, said that he didn't believe God existed, he KNEW God existed!
Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is too young to understand. So religion pleads stop.. Slow down, think, wait.. And for this they call it backward. But who is more ignorant? The man who cannot define the lightning, or the man who does not respect its awesome natural power?
Before she passed away last month, my great grandma used to say,” God is there with us on every phase of our life. Make sure you don’t judge him on the difficult ones.” She also told us that she had visions of some mighty shadow coming to take her away.
In the end, I just want to say that oneness with god brings an unusual calm. God resides everywhere, from the crawling ant, to the leaping antelope. If everyone could see this world as I do, they would see a modern miracle. A brotherhood of imperfect simple souls, who want nothing more than voices of compassion, in a world spinning out of control. The god, as we have always known, hides away in plain sight, waiting, protecting....

This was my speech in one of the courses i undertook... Hope i was able to persuade you that god exists indeed!!

Baby's day out...

Rite nw, d sports fest is on in our college... N since i dont play neither soccer nor table-tennis for d team, i m one of the most idle people around this time... However, an empty mind is home to the devil... N in my case, d devil is lucifer himself :P
Ystrday, i decided to just head out on myslf n see d real goa, far from beaches, booze, babes n shack parties... I searched d internt, found dis li'l known place called curtorim village 10 kms from d town of madgaon... so i startd alone...
first, d bus tuk an hour to reach downtown... It tuk all my will power not to smoke meanwhile... finally d bus came, i climbed aboard n nxt stop d conductor told me dat its d last one... i felt cheated, fooled, nauseous, hideous, contaminated, victimised, horrified, n dat just sums up wat i felt(maybe i exaggerated too much!!)... bt i got down on a totally unknown spot without any idea when d nxt bus will come... Thn came d great samaritan... he told me dat he wud gimme a ride to the nearby town if i dint misbehave... A request totally ordinary for u, bt to me it meant a whole lot of concentration... At last, d fateful rie ended n i thankfully jumped off the pointy seat :x
taking anothr bus, i reachd madgaon, only to find dat it was another hour b4 d bus for curtorim arrives... again, i "not-smoked", cursed, waited, drank half f d lemonade dat i carried for d trip... At last, dere she was... The MADONNA, gracefully spreading her wheels on d ground, gliding like a banshee on marijuana... i jumped, grabbed a seat n turned on "boulevard of broken dreams"... N thn it all began... I reached curtorim... D village starts wit a lake,

is situated around another lake

and ends wit yet another one...

I sat around d lakes, munching goodies...
All of a sudden, dere's a round of applause in d house behind, n out comes a gorgeous bride, dressed in white, with her hubby in fright... Ok, dat ma hav sounded odd, bt it was rhyming... d bride's father thn ordered d beginning of festivities, n i, a total stranger sitting a bit away from their gate, was extended an invitation too... At first, i thot it was jst a formality... bt thn, d kindly fellow said it was an old tradition to invite all those present in d vicinity till d last minute... I was overwhelmed, exhilerated, ecstatic, surprised, joyous and thristy... So i drank d nice things, ate a few rolls n tuk my leave(after congratulating the married couple, of course!!) :D
Goans rock \m/... who wud've thot dat my day wud turn up lik dis... here's a pic of d house dat had d wedding...

Mayb its d way they paint their houses... Anyways, it was starting to get dark, n i headed out to d highway to return to madgaon... An old fellow on his bike agreed to drop me a bit further towards d town... I climbed again, sat on d not-so-pointed-dis-time seat, n v drove off into d sunset... Two fellows, one thin, one old, riding across the landscape, wind whipping our hair, bike creaking noisily underneath... If i wasnt straight, god knows wat wud've happened :P
Got a bus next, reached madgaon, got another bus, reached vasco.. Had a delicious roasted salad sandwich wit extra cheese... Climbed d bus yet again n finally reached d college campus... Piyush chawla screwed up d last chance of India winning d match... D silver lining was dat India did not lose... ...
D day had been tiring, bt u can never imagine wat a day can do to ur life, especially if u r not into sports :)

Teacher's pet!!... No way...

Since my early years, teachers have had an unusual hatred for me... Some reasons are understandable, but many are yet unknown.. Back in kindergarten, there was one Anita ma'am who used to think I act stupid on purpose(its a different matter altogether that I hated her for being a teacher)... She used to give candies to everyone except me :x
In class 5, the social studies teacher, Asaiya Sir, used to slap me for no reason at all... He had a comical face and it was tough to talk to him without laughing my head off.. If he was dictating notes and I was sharpening my pencil, he used to assume that I was being naughty and liable for a sound beating :(
I developed a knack for sleeping in the history class in 7th grade... And since then, my teacher(Ms. Geeta Soman) threw me out regularly...
Again in class 8th, I used to sleep in the history and civics class regularly... Our teacher, Ms. Zia-ul-haq, who was usually a sport, took it as personal insult and asked me to wash my face, jump 50 times in front of the whole class and stand on my bench for the rest of the class... And it didnt help matters when I scored 54/100 in social studies that year.. my parents were called and the matter even went up to the principal, only because they failed to realise that the reasons behind all dis were the stupidly boring lessons and facts in our textbook... I still dont understand what's the point of cramming all
that crap about who killed whom and who had how many wives??(Although polygamy of the Mughals is very interesting!!).. You could always look up these facts in one book or the other...
Again in class 10th, our chemistry teacher Mrs. Anita Sharma said in our 1st ever lecture-" A fire-extinguisher extinguishes fire!".. The next second, me and my best friend Akshat(yeah, we share the same name and b'day) were laughing our head off... She saw, she came and she conquered... Both of us were standing outside the headmistress's office and our previous records of felony were dug up... Abusive language, disobedience, no respect towards girls, damage to school furniture, playing soccer in class, sleeping during school hours, shabby uniforms, throwing chalk at teachers, blah blah blah blah... And to think that  I was the Prefect Discipline in the school :P
My badge was taken away for a week and we both were made to sit with nerdy girls :'(
I hated this practice in our school... Almost every guy had to sit with a girl.. This was supposed to be good training for us... It only made me develop a hatred towards them(especially those who never cheated during tests)...
Now in college, I havent changed, and neither have my demons... I still sleep in lectures... And still the profs tend to think I deserve punishment.. Some even go to the extent of saying that-" Wash your face, come back and set an example for those who feign attentiveness"... I have already been thrown out 9 times in five semesters.. I just wish I could catch a teacher sleeping during class hours and get to throw them out :D

A heartful conversation

Last night, v were at the Channel V India festival at Cavelosseim beach... it was open to all free of cost... the festival was rocking until mohit chauhan finished n the techno fusion was over... after dat it became a pain in d a**... Our college had the maximum no. of participants in dat fest.. I dont know whether its sumthng to b proud or ashamed of... Proud becoz v lik to njoy... :D
N ashamed becoz at d same time our own technical fest called QUARK was on in the institute n yet v were not attending dat :(
Anyways, cuming to d heartful conversation dat i had wit pareshan asati(u can read abt him in my prev. posts), v were sitting on the reclining chairs at the beach, enjoying the last few rays of the sun... Times like these often make ppl philosophical n introspective(in my case)... Soon v were discussing flat-out on wat gossip does to our thinking... I made that mistake whn i formed an extremely wrong(n cheap!!) opinion abt a girl in our college.. However, after talking to her, i felt ashamed of myslf n those guys who had spread the rumours abt her... this girl was so very decent n pleasant to talk to... One shud never form an opinion based purely n gossip..
Apart from dat, v discussed on whether the so-called bad boys of our society r really so bad??... Basically, ppl strt hating those whom they always wish they were... Dere's dis guy in our college whom everyone loves to hate... yet he is going out with one of the best girls n has opened his own company...
Thn came d part where v talked abt whether ppl who r gud in public actually gud in person... The classic examples were those of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan(SRK) and Sachin Tendulkar... Salman has opened numerous NGO's n his family puts in a lot of effort in cancer research... Ramadoss(the health minister of India) accused SRK for promoting smoking among ppl by smoking onscreen... Pat came d reply from SRK himself-"If people start smoking after watching me smoke, why can't they emmulate the hard work that i do ?"... Few days ago, I had heard sum kids say that the only reason they want to be like sachin is 'coz he has got a sexy red Ferrari... Bt they forget the practice sessions and the injuries that sachin faced and the level of devotion he has for cricket... Dats wat made him wat he is today... Before looking at the glitz and glamour of the rich n famous, luk at the amount of struggles they went thru to reach the top.. Dont just follow a particular trait... first luk at the bigger picture... In my opinion, its better to be urslf than to pretend to be sumone whom u r not :)

I too hav a love story...

I stole d title of dis post from a buk by d same name... sum1 really close to me(read dat as special :D) has been reading dis buk n she was d sole factor for writin dis post...
Frnds, lovers, guys n gals, dis world of ours is lik a mountain range n our life is like an echo... wat v get bak from dis world is only d reflection of wat v giv to it ourselves... i know it sounds crappy n philosophical bt jst consider for a moment- if u smile at a stranger on a train or a bus, u r sure to get a smile or at least half a smile... dat works as an ice-reaker n u can either strt a conversation or jst exchange glances(if d said stranger is a pretty lass, for instance!!)... d point is, u made a frnd right dere... on d othr hand, if u dont giv a damn towards those wit whom u might b travelling, a day will come whn u'll wonder y u r travelling alone?? believe me, its as true as our picture on d top of dis blog....
If v spread love all around, most of it is bound to come bak to us in one way or the other...
Another thing that i always wonder is- y d hell m i always d first one to speak in a cnversation?? it really bothers me whn ppl jst stay silent whn they shud b talking... it also gives them a mentally abnormal sort of look n dat makes me laugh.... Silence is best suited to hospitals n libraries... Talk ur heart out, dont wonder whether u'll b laughed at or not!! At least u had d guts to do it... Most ppl, including d dear ol' director of BITS Pilani, suck at speaking in public...
Another thing dat bothers me greatly is dat y r v going away from hindi?? Its our national lingo, d language of d masses... Gandhiji said(n rightly so) dat one needs to b proficient in their national language if one wants d nation to progress... Hindi holds d real roots of our country, be it cultural or political.... So frnds, plz increase ur hindi consumption... I wud also find sum way to write posts in hindi...
Chalo aa k liye itna he... M also sorry for d long delay(altho i dont know how many ppl r reading my blog)...