A heartful conversation

Last night, v were at the Channel V India festival at Cavelosseim beach... it was open to all free of cost... the festival was rocking until mohit chauhan finished n the techno fusion was over... after dat it became a pain in d a**... Our college had the maximum no. of participants in dat fest.. I dont know whether its sumthng to b proud or ashamed of... Proud becoz v lik to njoy... :D
N ashamed becoz at d same time our own technical fest called QUARK was on in the institute n yet v were not attending dat :(
Anyways, cuming to d heartful conversation dat i had wit pareshan asati(u can read abt him in my prev. posts), v were sitting on the reclining chairs at the beach, enjoying the last few rays of the sun... Times like these often make ppl philosophical n introspective(in my case)... Soon v were discussing flat-out on wat gossip does to our thinking... I made that mistake whn i formed an extremely wrong(n cheap!!) opinion abt a girl in our college.. However, after talking to her, i felt ashamed of myslf n those guys who had spread the rumours abt her... this girl was so very decent n pleasant to talk to... One shud never form an opinion based purely n gossip..
Apart from dat, v discussed on whether the so-called bad boys of our society r really so bad??... Basically, ppl strt hating those whom they always wish they were... Dere's dis guy in our college whom everyone loves to hate... yet he is going out with one of the best girls n has opened his own company...
Thn came d part where v talked abt whether ppl who r gud in public actually gud in person... The classic examples were those of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan(SRK) and Sachin Tendulkar... Salman has opened numerous NGO's n his family puts in a lot of effort in cancer research... Ramadoss(the health minister of India) accused SRK for promoting smoking among ppl by smoking onscreen... Pat came d reply from SRK himself-"If people start smoking after watching me smoke, why can't they emmulate the hard work that i do ?"... Few days ago, I had heard sum kids say that the only reason they want to be like sachin is 'coz he has got a sexy red Ferrari... Bt they forget the practice sessions and the injuries that sachin faced and the level of devotion he has for cricket... Dats wat made him wat he is today... Before looking at the glitz and glamour of the rich n famous, luk at the amount of struggles they went thru to reach the top.. Dont just follow a particular trait... first luk at the bigger picture... In my opinion, its better to be urslf than to pretend to be sumone whom u r not :)


  1. nice post dude......
    but i would like 2 disagree wid ur views abt neglecting a trait or two of great people because sometimes it might be just one bad habit or mistake which might ruin the entire hard efforts put in by them to achieve success in lyf.
    now u might say tiger woods is a legend in golf but his acts of extra marital affairs has ruined his entire image and nobody is gonna look out for only the hard work put in by him,his bad deeds r bound 2 com 2 ur mind wen u think abt tiger woods.
    although u r rite in one sense by telling to look at the bigger picture first but human mind is not very focussed to look only after the good part,rather its d dark spots on picture which strike our mind first....i would like 2 end my comment by saying dat it takes years to build an image but only one moment is sufficient enough to destroy it completely

  2. 1st of all, i want to thank u for reading my blog.. I agree wit u dat wat tiger woods did wasnt sumthng that shud never be followed... Bt again, v r focussing only on his extra marital affairs... Thnk of all d adulation n popularity he has brought into golf... Every man makes mistakes... But v shud try to learn from them... Here too,v shud try to learn from his mistakes... Jst becoz he had extra marital affairs doesnt mean that his golfing skills r questionable... He is still the legendary player... U might also say that michael jackson was also tinted wit child abuse, drug abuse etc... Bt thn, no1 stopped loving him becoz he was the best dancer despite these thngs... These ppl didnt let their shortcomings affect their talent... Dats wat v shud learn from them :D
    Also, i wud b grateful if i cud knw ur name..

  3. being talented and being a role model r two different things my frnd!
    but u r rite too in certain aspects so lets end dis discussion here.keep writing !
    name me kya rakha hai?

  4. absolutely!! name doesnt really matters... :)

  5. This is really deep thinking! I like it! I never really thought of things in this manner.. I guess now I have something to think about before I form an opinion about them.. Thanks!

  6. ra1 actually india fest night was rocking only after mohit chauhan ended his disastrous performance.i hv nvr seen such a big blunder on stage before.may b it was because the singer was drunk but the way he sang even ra1 could hav sung better !

  7. Wat i meant was dat dere wasnt anythng worthwhile dat happened aftr mohit chauhan's performance apart from the techno fusion... n abt my singing, its a totally subjective opinion!! Sum lik it, most othrs hate it..