Teacher's pet!!... No way...

Since my early years, teachers have had an unusual hatred for me... Some reasons are understandable, but many are yet unknown.. Back in kindergarten, there was one Anita ma'am who used to think I act stupid on purpose(its a different matter altogether that I hated her for being a teacher)... She used to give candies to everyone except me :x
In class 5, the social studies teacher, Asaiya Sir, used to slap me for no reason at all... He had a comical face and it was tough to talk to him without laughing my head off.. If he was dictating notes and I was sharpening my pencil, he used to assume that I was being naughty and liable for a sound beating :(
I developed a knack for sleeping in the history class in 7th grade... And since then, my teacher(Ms. Geeta Soman) threw me out regularly...
Again in class 8th, I used to sleep in the history and civics class regularly... Our teacher, Ms. Zia-ul-haq, who was usually a sport, took it as personal insult and asked me to wash my face, jump 50 times in front of the whole class and stand on my bench for the rest of the class... And it didnt help matters when I scored 54/100 in social studies that year.. my parents were called and the matter even went up to the principal, only because they failed to realise that the reasons behind all dis were the stupidly boring lessons and facts in our textbook... I still dont understand what's the point of cramming all
that crap about who killed whom and who had how many wives??(Although polygamy of the Mughals is very interesting!!).. You could always look up these facts in one book or the other...
Again in class 10th, our chemistry teacher Mrs. Anita Sharma said in our 1st ever lecture-" A fire-extinguisher extinguishes fire!".. The next second, me and my best friend Akshat(yeah, we share the same name and b'day) were laughing our head off... She saw, she came and she conquered... Both of us were standing outside the headmistress's office and our previous records of felony were dug up... Abusive language, disobedience, no respect towards girls, damage to school furniture, playing soccer in class, sleeping during school hours, shabby uniforms, throwing chalk at teachers, blah blah blah blah... And to think that  I was the Prefect Discipline in the school :P
My badge was taken away for a week and we both were made to sit with nerdy girls :'(
I hated this practice in our school... Almost every guy had to sit with a girl.. This was supposed to be good training for us... It only made me develop a hatred towards them(especially those who never cheated during tests)...
Now in college, I havent changed, and neither have my demons... I still sleep in lectures... And still the profs tend to think I deserve punishment.. Some even go to the extent of saying that-" Wash your face, come back and set an example for those who feign attentiveness"... I have already been thrown out 9 times in five semesters.. I just wish I could catch a teacher sleeping during class hours and get to throw them out :D


  1. "I hated dis practice in our school... Almost every guy had to sit wit a gal."
    isko thoda explain karo .aap kaise hate karsakte hain

  2. Matlab?? It was a rule... Our teachers thot dat boys wud b more civilised if they were made to sit with girls... I can only say that they failed dismally..

  3. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......saale teri teachers ka gajab ka patience hoga jo tujhe school se bahar nahi nikala !
    but dude history was one of my favorite subjects in school. i loved reading indian past, the whole freedom struggle movement and the best the world wars !
    the only crappy part was mugging the faltu xact dates and other unnecessary things but overall it was quite interesting.

  4. i always knew where to draw d line... n talking abt patience, our school had a rule dat teachers cant beat up any student... yet, i received a few slaps from time to time... so they rnt dat big on patience :x
    history, as a matter of fact, was interesting only until east india company came into d picture.. aftr dat, it was more abt how selfishly stupid our kings were.. n as u said, d faltu dates were not at all significant...

  5. well written.. :) "She saw, she came n she conquered" was ultimate.. :D
    n i agree to tarosh to quite an extent that history was quite interesting until the world wars n the freedom struggle wala part..

  6. thanx :D
    n now, ppl r laughing at d tragedies in my life :(