We, the people...

Cricket... dats a religion in india... a win is celebrated like its independence day... n when india loses a match, its commotion all ovr d nation... yet, cricket unites us in ways dat neither bhagvad gita nor quran nor bibal n not even guru granth sahib ever managed to... v forget our inhibitions while cheering (or swearing!!) for d men in blue.... hell, v even forget dat d muslim butcher across d street is sitting wit us while watching d mathc... or dat d church padre has stopped preaching idealogies n is equally vengeful towards nehra's bowling... or dat d brahmin is more worried abt whether it was a run out than abt his dhoti going loose... :P
ystrday, india lost poorly to south africa n the enthusiasm was sky-high... i lost my patience whn gautam gambhir dropped a catch n ended up kicking one of my frnds on d shins(altho he was pulling my slippers n cap really hard)... aftr d match, d general atmosphere was dat like a cemetry wit mourning all over... those who had skipped dinner to watch d 2nd innings cursed away a potent combination of abuses, myself included... yet, wat is it abt cricket dat makes us feel like v r ten again?? its just a game aftr all... y does a 100-crore strong nation goes berserk whn india loses? i seriously dont know d answers to these questions... mayb its jst an escape fromd dreary confines of our daily life... mayb its d money spent by BCCI... mayb its d raw aggression dat virat kohli so smoothly displayed... mayb its those girls sitting in d crowd dat v get a glimpse of occassionally ;)
Apart from cricket, my life was a whirlwind of sorts... I had a lab test which was a piece of cake... thn i had gym sessions which made me doubt whether they were harming or improving my health... M confused ovr whether i wanna continue wit d gym... Is it more important to hav a good physique rather than stay fit? Or d vice-versa?? 'Coz i strongly feel dat gymming is no guarantee for fitness... u may or may not b fit despite having those bulging biceps... D best fitness mantra is yoga n sports... nothing else makes u feel more alive n flush wit pride... Indians take special credit for being d pioneers in yoga.. yet, it wud surprise u to know dat the no. of foreigners practising yoga regularly is far more than us, no matter whether its America or Europe...
We r a funny race... first v lay off things till d last moment... thn v display amazing manipulative n hard-working skills to get d job done.. Case in point being the CWG games and d exms v appear for... Watever d methods b, v always hav d last laugh... i guess d amount of mental harrassment an average indian can deal with must b d highest in d world... Caste-based politics, road rage, corruption, terrorism, communal riots, faulty educational policies, reservation, PIL's, moral police, regionalism... d list can go on and on... On d brighter side, v emerge wit a smile aftr every incident... Now dis brings me to d billion dollar question- Whether the smile is dat of a relief or dat of an achievement??


  1. its 'Bible' nt bibal

  2. m sorry 4 dat mistake... thnx 4 pointing it out :)

  3. we do hv d last laugh even aftr getting fucked in all d xams;).....dats d beauty of being Indian...!!!
    I think u should consult BOSS about the benefits of zym and may b than u will have no doubts...

  4. u said it bro... being indian makes us all d jerks v r rite now :P
    boss is currently on a zym wave n wont hear anything against it.. ah! d perks of paisa n power!!

  5. ra11..gud one...
    very colorful....frm crckt to politics....