My first love.

When was the first time that you had a crush on someone? Class 2?? Was it the ponytail, the smile or just the fact that she had a lovely voice and brought chocolates for you daily? Or was it the fact that she used to go to school in the same auto-rickshaw?

My first crush was the most special. It was the summer of 1993. I was 3 years old and had just lost my front two teeth, making me look like a racoon. My parents took me to my aunt’s place in Delhi. I had been here few times before also, but this time, it was a different feeling altogether. Little did I know that this vacation will change my life completely.

After the usual exchange of pleasantries, we went to tour around the city. It was amazing to see those skyscrapers and so much traffic. The Laal Quila fascinated me. And the Jantar Mantar was a sight to behold. I wondered how strong the people were in those times, to have built all this without any glucose or chocolates. After that, we went to visit Appu Ghar, and I spotted the resemblance between Appu and my Maths teacher.

And one fine evening, Papa left for some work with Fufaji. I was playing with my cousin, regardless of what the grown-ups were upto. After a couple of hours or so, there was this strange noise from outside. Like an elephant was whistling. We rushed outside. And lo!! In the driveway, was the most beautiful sight ever. A creamy white Maruti 800. It had those amazing headlights, silky smooth paint with orange-peel texture and fresh leather seats. Even the tires were gleaming lush golden in the dusk. No matter from where you looked at it, she seemed to charm the heart right out of you. The crease running from the front wheel to the back lent a sense of royalty. The black bumpers were like the hull of a magnificient ship, waiting to tear into the heart of the ocean and battle the tide. And that color was the touch of purity. She wasn’t just a car, she was an apparition. The first love of a kid who never knew what it was to feel the heart flutter, or to learn that love at first sight isn’t just a myth. When she was on the road, it was a treat just to watch those wheels in motion. The roar of the engine was like a tigress getting ready to pounce on her prey. The steering resembled the reins of a mighty white stallion. She was the dream of a million Indians, who longed for the mystical bond between man and machine. She put India on the path of fine craftsmanship and paved a whole new horizon.

When I got into the seat for the first time, it was a revelation. I knew instantly that cars were what I was most passionate about. Every car, no matter the shape, size, make, power, efficiency or price, is special. It take enormous effort to build a car, and just as much to put soul in it. And for the first time, I noticed that Delhi was abuzz with lakhs of Marutis. Everywhere you saw, there had to be a speck of red or white. She literally put India on the road to prosperity.

We still have her and due my father’s sincere love for automobiles, she’s still in mint condition. I learnt driving in this car itself and though I have driven some better cars afterwards, I still cherish the grace with which she handles herself. We tried to sell her often, but each time, something held us back. Parting from her is unacceptable. A car isn’t just a mode of locomotion; it’s a way of life. It’s a belief, an obsession. And the butterflies in the stomach when you have one, driving into the sunset, just the two of you, with Bryan Adams crooning “Can you feel the love tonight?” on the company fitted stereo. :')

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Last night, I was wondering about the opinion that I had formed about certain people... Some were good, others were bad, the rest were terribly ugly... Then I wondered whether I was being fair(or objective) in judging them that way.. One thing led to another and I checked my own traits with respect to those of othrs... N i finally realised dat gud and bad r relative terms... Sumthing that i feel is bad isnt so in d eyes of sum1 else... N y shud it b d same anyways?? Every person is different, much d same way every lock has a different key.. No two ppl in dis world think alike... Thn y shud b their opinions b d same either?!?!?!
Dere was dis beautiful story abt a newly married couple who move into an unknown neighbourhood... Every morning, d wife comments, "D next door lady doesnt wash her clothes properly.. Luk at them.. They r hardly clean!!"
The husband listens to dis without any reaction... Aftr a month or so, one morning, d wife suddenly says, " Luk dear!!... the lady has washed so nicely today.. Not a speck of dirt on her clothes today."
To which her husband replies, " Dear, it wasnt d clothes.. It was our window.. I cleaned d window b4 u woke up 2day."
The same applies to our lives.. Its wat v r inside dat affects our thots abt the outside world.. If v see everythng in a positive light, v r bound to be positive.. Altho one shudnt b optimistic all d time.. A bit of anger, negativity and temperament strike a balance n prevents us from becoming a hermit.
I too had formed my opinion abt one of my frnds and thn finally realised my mistake whn one of my pervert frnds pointed out dat wat i think of dat person is totally different 4m wat he thinks abt him... dat made me re-think n come out wit a less hostile view towards d said person...
Anyways, enuf wit d serious talk.. My phone went crazy n i went to get it repaird ystrday...Lemme tell u abt d beautiful conversation dat i had wit two of my frnds(asati n anurag) while returning in d bus:-

Me- Y do the aeroplanes hav so many lights?
Asati- To act as a signal for other aeroplanes.
Anurag- To prevent any bird from hitting the planes.
Me- Bt the birds dont hav any lights.. Wat if the plane hit d bird instead? :P

Loooooong silence... Again..

Asati- Did u watch d salman starrer salaam-e-ishq?
Anurag(pointing his finger at me)- Dis rascal watchd it twice already..
Asati- How come?
Me- 'coz i only watched it half d 1st time :P

Loooong silence... yet again...

Me- Y do dese buses make such an aweful noise?
Asati- D engine isnt refined..
Anurag- Its a diesel engine.. Makes a lot of noise..
Me- NO!! Its bcoz v rnt deaf :P

Looonger silence still... Bt, again..

Me- Y is dere an empty bottle on d dashboard?
Anurag- I give up!!!
Asati- Last warning... Shut up or I'll throw u off the bus..
Me(bold n brave as always)- Its for those ppl who rnt thirsty :P

Aftr dis, i hardly remembr anythng else 'coz i was beaten brutally n made unconscious by d ppl i had once called my frnds :'(

Karma, Confession and Holi.

Hey there!! Sorry I've been away so long... Actually I was unable to find anything to write or comment upon... Meanwhile, a lot has happened in my life.. I could easily pen down a "what not to do at college" book.. However cliche it may sound, but right now my life resembles that portrayed in chetan bhagat's book, 5 point someone.. My grades are below average, m down with fever, my friend circle has reduced drastically in radius and people seem to have forgotten that I too could suggest meaningful things.. Girls look at me like an outcast.. As if I m something unpleasant on the sole of their shoes.. Those who do acknowledge me live in fear of being mobbed.. What I dont get is, why is it that the people who talk to you so nicely on facebook/gtalk/whatever fail to recognise, nod or even give half a smile when you meet them in the class or something?... And the one whom I m mad about lives far, far away from here.. All in all, I think my crap karma is here to haunt me... It looks as if all this is happening just because I make fun of others... This brings me to the other part of this post- CONFESSION!!
People, when I joke about you or any of your activities, I only mean it in the lightest possible manner... I never want to hurt you or make you feel bad.. Its just some regular humor meant to be taken sportingly.. And if I have offended you at any point of time, I seriously and sincerely apologise for my wrongdoings. Please dont take ill from that..
There's one guy in my hostel whom I look upto.. He appears weird, kind of a loner and has got a ridiculous hairdo... People(including myself) make fun of him behind his back and front... Yet, he never takes it the wrong way... On the contrary, the few times he spoke to me, it was so very cordial.. I was floored by his maturity and warmth... His ideas are most interesting, albeit a bit boring sometimes... This is the kind of person whom I wanna apologise to the most... But I have a feeling that he knows that I never mean any harm through my jokes...
Next, I wanna say sorry to my friends for being the prat I m at times.. Although I can be a pain in the a** at times, I only do it in order to make things less boring... I hate anonymity and I m a fan on mayhem.. You can say that I m increasing the entropy of this world by causing utter chaos everywhere :P
All said and done, we celebrated holi few weeks ago... The campus mood was excellent and there was cheer on every face(however brief it maybe :D).. People hugged, colored, danced, drank, danced a bit more, sloshed in the mud, got kicked in mud, then again danced, and finally headed to bathe when there was no water left... This holi cost me hard though.. I broke my nose and two pairs of specs on the side, not to mention my favourite shirt and jeans :x
Here's a pic, for those who wanna swear:

Gosh!! I look scary... Anyways, thats all for this time folks.. Do try not to get angry when I take a crack at you... But I dont give a damn even if you do, because you cant harm me unless you have the guts to say it on my face, or maybe start a little fistfight to resolve our issues \m/