The good, the bad and the ugly.

Last night, I was wondering about the opinion that I had formed about certain people... Some were good, others were bad, the rest were terribly ugly... Then I wondered whether I was being fair(or objective) in judging them that way.. One thing led to another and I checked my own traits with respect to those of othrs... N i finally realised dat gud and bad r relative terms... Sumthing that i feel is bad isnt so in d eyes of sum1 else... N y shud it b d same anyways?? Every person is different, much d same way every lock has a different key.. No two ppl in dis world think alike... Thn y shud b their opinions b d same either?!?!?!
Dere was dis beautiful story abt a newly married couple who move into an unknown neighbourhood... Every morning, d wife comments, "D next door lady doesnt wash her clothes properly.. Luk at them.. They r hardly clean!!"
The husband listens to dis without any reaction... Aftr a month or so, one morning, d wife suddenly says, " Luk dear!!... the lady has washed so nicely today.. Not a speck of dirt on her clothes today."
To which her husband replies, " Dear, it wasnt d clothes.. It was our window.. I cleaned d window b4 u woke up 2day."
The same applies to our lives.. Its wat v r inside dat affects our thots abt the outside world.. If v see everythng in a positive light, v r bound to be positive.. Altho one shudnt b optimistic all d time.. A bit of anger, negativity and temperament strike a balance n prevents us from becoming a hermit.
I too had formed my opinion abt one of my frnds and thn finally realised my mistake whn one of my pervert frnds pointed out dat wat i think of dat person is totally different 4m wat he thinks abt him... dat made me re-think n come out wit a less hostile view towards d said person...
Anyways, enuf wit d serious talk.. My phone went crazy n i went to get it repaird ystrday...Lemme tell u abt d beautiful conversation dat i had wit two of my frnds(asati n anurag) while returning in d bus:-

Me- Y do the aeroplanes hav so many lights?
Asati- To act as a signal for other aeroplanes.
Anurag- To prevent any bird from hitting the planes.
Me- Bt the birds dont hav any lights.. Wat if the plane hit d bird instead? :P

Loooooong silence... Again..

Asati- Did u watch d salman starrer salaam-e-ishq?
Anurag(pointing his finger at me)- Dis rascal watchd it twice already..
Asati- How come?
Me- 'coz i only watched it half d 1st time :P

Loooong silence... yet again...

Me- Y do dese buses make such an aweful noise?
Asati- D engine isnt refined..
Anurag- Its a diesel engine.. Makes a lot of noise..
Me- NO!! Its bcoz v rnt deaf :P

Looonger silence still... Bt, again..

Me- Y is dere an empty bottle on d dashboard?
Anurag- I give up!!!
Asati- Last warning... Shut up or I'll throw u off the bus..
Me(bold n brave as always)- Its for those ppl who rnt thirsty :P

Aftr dis, i hardly remembr anythng else 'coz i was beaten brutally n made unconscious by d ppl i had once called my frnds :'(

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