Karma, Confession and Holi.

Hey there!! Sorry I've been away so long... Actually I was unable to find anything to write or comment upon... Meanwhile, a lot has happened in my life.. I could easily pen down a "what not to do at college" book.. However cliche it may sound, but right now my life resembles that portrayed in chetan bhagat's book, 5 point someone.. My grades are below average, m down with fever, my friend circle has reduced drastically in radius and people seem to have forgotten that I too could suggest meaningful things.. Girls look at me like an outcast.. As if I m something unpleasant on the sole of their shoes.. Those who do acknowledge me live in fear of being mobbed.. What I dont get is, why is it that the people who talk to you so nicely on facebook/gtalk/whatever fail to recognise, nod or even give half a smile when you meet them in the class or something?... And the one whom I m mad about lives far, far away from here.. All in all, I think my crap karma is here to haunt me... It looks as if all this is happening just because I make fun of others... This brings me to the other part of this post- CONFESSION!!
People, when I joke about you or any of your activities, I only mean it in the lightest possible manner... I never want to hurt you or make you feel bad.. Its just some regular humor meant to be taken sportingly.. And if I have offended you at any point of time, I seriously and sincerely apologise for my wrongdoings. Please dont take ill from that..
There's one guy in my hostel whom I look upto.. He appears weird, kind of a loner and has got a ridiculous hairdo... People(including myself) make fun of him behind his back and front... Yet, he never takes it the wrong way... On the contrary, the few times he spoke to me, it was so very cordial.. I was floored by his maturity and warmth... His ideas are most interesting, albeit a bit boring sometimes... This is the kind of person whom I wanna apologise to the most... But I have a feeling that he knows that I never mean any harm through my jokes...
Next, I wanna say sorry to my friends for being the prat I m at times.. Although I can be a pain in the a** at times, I only do it in order to make things less boring... I hate anonymity and I m a fan on mayhem.. You can say that I m increasing the entropy of this world by causing utter chaos everywhere :P
All said and done, we celebrated holi few weeks ago... The campus mood was excellent and there was cheer on every face(however brief it maybe :D).. People hugged, colored, danced, drank, danced a bit more, sloshed in the mud, got kicked in mud, then again danced, and finally headed to bathe when there was no water left... This holi cost me hard though.. I broke my nose and two pairs of specs on the side, not to mention my favourite shirt and jeans :x
Here's a pic, for those who wanna swear:

Gosh!! I look scary... Anyways, thats all for this time folks.. Do try not to get angry when I take a crack at you... But I dont give a damn even if you do, because you cant harm me unless you have the guts to say it on my face, or maybe start a little fistfight to resolve our issues \m/


  1. the guy with a ridiculous hairdo is my favorite tooooo......

  2. seems lik m not too abnormal after all :P

  3. this is vry abnormal...
    i dont think ne1 feels bad abt wat u say...(dont know abt the 'loner with a ridiculous hairdo' :P)...
    i'll just say 'STAY REAL.STAY RAW'

  4. pathak se comment mil gaya, yehi bahut hai... yo smoky \m/