Alien v/s Ghost

People, there’s one thing which I’ve always wondered. Are aliens real? Are there little green men out there waiting to ambush our earth? Or is it just cases of mere-coincidence when people world over swear they sighted a UFO?
On a completely different subject, I also always wondered if ghosts are real. Are there any evil spirits who make horrifying things to people? Is it just a figment of our imagination or is there really a supernatural realm, invisible to us but still very much there, thriving on our fears?
Then again, I was watching a movie called “The fourth kind”. It’s based on the life and trauma of a psychologist whose daughter is abducted by aliens. It has real life footage of her patients, all admitting that there’s some interruption in their sleep at around 3 am every night off late. And they get traumatic shocks every time this psychologist asks them to recount their experiences under hypnosis.
Frankly, this movie shook me to my very core. All would have been tolerable, had it not been for the ghastly nature of those real life footages. It’s mind-numbingly horrifying and yet, seems completely realistic without any use of special graphics etc. And there’s also a huge emphasis on the language which the aliens speak. It’s the Sumerian, the oldest language in the history of mankind.
Coming back to the point, after watching this movie, I was hit by a sudden revelation (or madness!! Whatever you want to call it!). What if ghosts and aliens are one and the same? Consider this:
1) We have never seen aliens. We have never seen a ghost either. (Not a very convincing argument, but read on!!)

2) Ghosts are believed to live in another dimension, or a supernatural realm, as some would like to call it. Aliens, too, are believed to live in a world far different from us. There has never been a sighting of a live alien or a physically visible ghost. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

3) If post-exorcism testimonies are to be believed, the possessed ones always say that the ghosts wanted them to finish some unfinished job. Simply put, they were trying to contact us from somewhere inaccessible (to and fro) for human beings. Even the aliens are also trying to contact us. There’s always news of some ultra-low frequency entering in the radars of US, China and Soviet Union. These frequencies are so low, that they are transmitted only by whales, thousands of feet below the ocean. How come these frequencies are caught on by radars hundreds of feet over land? That too, after refraction, absorption and reflection from the air-water interface of the ocean.

4) The movie shows that one of the sentences which the aliens say in Sumerian translates to- “ I… am…. God…”. Isn’t that what the devil always proclaimed to be, according to bible and other religious texts??

5) After death, our soul just disappears to some place unknown. It’s a possibility that the soul leaves the body in one direction in order to enter another dimension. What if it tries to come back to its original state in this world and tries to do so through extra-terrestrial channels?

These are some of the uncanny similarities that I was able to come up with between aliens and ghosts. I am sure we can come up with many more if we all put our heads together. The choice is yours. I just had an idea. Accept it, endorse it, or throw it in the bin.


  1. nice idea. very original. never quite thought of it that way.

    read up a little bit about sumerian. it is a language isolate, i.e. no other existing language derives anything from sumerian. any thoughts on that? any inferences?

  2. thnx man! abt sumerian, well, i havnt researchd abt it yet.. bt m working on it. actually, sumerian is mainly a lingo of symbols.. if u hav d key, u can decode almost anythng written in sumerian..