Bapu's Bharat battered barbarically!

Mahatma Gandhi, aka Bapu, was the major force behind the outster of British from India and achieving freedom. Bapu had but one vision, to make India stand up on its own feet and to unite Indians through virtues of brotherhood, tolerance, love and non-violence. He worked tirelessly throughout his life to make our nation so. The country looked upon him as a father figure, someone who can take them away from misery and wrongdoings to the path of righteousness.
Many people blame Bapu for creating Pakistan and hold him responsible for the bloodshed that occured during the unfortunate partition. However, it wasnt Bapu who wanted an independent Pakistan. He was always against tearing up the nation into two parts. It was Jinnah, brainwashed by the East India Company, who wanted power solely for the Muslims. When all efforts failed to coax Jinnah, Bapu resigned to his wish and isolated himself. Bapu saved our country from external forces, but he didnt foresee the dangers that lay in a fickle-minded democracy. Bapu's efforts to unite India were shortlived, not due to his faulty vision, but due to the short-sightedness of those lusting for power.
Today, I m glad Bapu isnt around anymore. It would have caused him immense agony to witness the India of today. Its really amazing to hear that India is touted to be the next super-power. On one hand, there are the metropolitans of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc. A shining example of the rising economic growth. On the other hand, there are caste-based politics, money-laundering politicians, frustrated defence personnel, overworked police force, corrupt bureaucrats and indifferent citizens.
One just wants to get their job done, no matter what the way may be. People still look upon girls as an object of desire. The soldiers get a cold shoulder(literally and figuratively) in the country they had sworn to protect. Students are more concerned about fat pay-packages rather than actually learning something. Employers ask for undue favours in return for jobs, both to males and females. Mumbai, India's commercial capital, is notorious for housing the three largest slums in the face of Asia. the list can go on and on and on and on....
Bapu's ideals are no longer relevant today. People have zero self-respect. They are willing to fall to every depth in order to fill their coffers. They have no shame or sorrow while doing a bad deed or watching it happen to anyone else. Street fights are a regular source of entertainment to those in the vicinity. India is the so-called largest democracy in the world. Yet, Hindu-Muslim riots, train blasts, honour killings, dowry deaths, rape of minors, political scams, harassment of tourists, mockery of justice and the judiciary, MMS scandals are the headlines in daily news. What is the solution to all these problems?
The only solution as I see fit is a new regime. A constitution that combines democracy with autocracy. A structure which has one sole leader at the top, whose word is the rule of the country. However, the said person will be chosen by the people through popular vote. This is autocracy with democratic roots. No one can contradict his/her word. Today, people have no sense of apprehension because there is no one to whom they are answerable. This structure will prevent that. There will be quick sanction punishments towards violators and the intelligence wing will have unrestricted access to all files of the nation. There will be no nexus between the mafia and the industry once the entrepreneurs are assured of a safe and secure life. The industry will be controlled partly by the government like its being done now. Defence forces will have their chiefs reporting directly to the said leader. This appears to be a healthy way of governing a country like India, where people love to hate...


  1. nicely written. and i agree.. the indian way of democracy is really slow.

  2. thats like my hero Ra1 !!!!!!!
    Well said bro !!!
    Ur model of democracy is more like that of US where President is the face of d nation who decides everythng !!!

  3. jiyo mere laal!! :D
    well, its not xactly lik d US model... In US, d president has hardly any power over the market.. I hav d view dat capitalism isnt d answer... Mixed economy is still d way to go... Bt as far as the othr policies r concerned, namely education, defence, healthcare and agriculture, yes, we need sum1 with a firm hand! Sum1 to whom ppl will b answerable to.. ryt now, ppl r filing PIL's left, right and center... n its not doing any gud apart from slowing down our already back-logged judiciary.... V need a little bit of sensibility in our leaders.. N dats not coming unless v refine our selection processes manifold... Apart from dat, v need to give unrestricted access to RAW, IB, CBI etc. There are people who r willing to expose corruption but there's too much red tape stopping thm... Scam enquiries hardly ever reach an expected end... Most of the accused go scot free or are offered meaningless punishments... The simplest way to solve this is to remove the unnecessary bureacracy and shift the focus from reputation to actually getting the job done... My idea is- divide the country's problems into portfolios, allot one leader to each portfolio who'll directly report to the Head of State... dats how a successful organisation is run and dats a feasible model for a nation as well... If there's even a whiff of corruption, our intelligence agencies will track them down because now they dont have any threat of politicians over their heads... The Head of State will have his cabinet comprising of only the portfolio heads... Not only will this speed up our system, but it'll help in removing all the mess left down by 66 years of imcompetence!!

  4. beautifully expressed.. :)
    totally agreed with the last paragraph.. n the previous comment as well..
    one more thing what i would like to add is.. power needs to be transferred to the educated young.. not a single old n corrupt person should exist in our government.. India wont b able to progress until its in such hands..
    N what i feel is.. nobody can say what exactly happened at the time of partition (or any such situation that occured).. or what was going on in whose brain.. the truth was only known by the people present over there with bapu n jinnah at that point of time.. n the ones who were closest to them.. i dont believe whats written in the books or whats taught to kids.. what i think is praising anybody is no wrong coz its our wish whom we wanna praise.. but we r nobody to accuse anybody in particular without knowing what the exact situation was.. (with due respect to bapu n jinnah both :p )

  5. Thats a great idea... But I must say that I disagree with you a little over there... You see, if we transfer the power to a bunch of people, its going to lead to a conflict of ideologies... There will be the blame-game again in case of any misshappening.. What I suggest is, make one person accountable instead of forming a bunch of people fighting over who's fault it is! And that said person is not gonna be a chap who's too elderly for tough decisions... It has to be someone who has the right combination of youth, sheer grit, determination and patriotism.. I may sound stupid, but in the current scenario, the only person whom I see fit to lead India is Mr. Rahul Gandhi or Siddharth Bose..
    About partition though, I agree whole-heartedly with you ishu... No one has any idea what really happened behind those closed doors between bapu n jinnah... I just wrote stuff based on what I watched in the 1982 movie Gandhi... Mohammed Ali Jinnah was an honorable man, one whose contribution to India's independence was priceless... I only know that bapu would never have agreed to tear India into two parts... But I was wrong to blame Mr. Jinnah for that.. My bad! :)

  6. see.. i dont say that power should be transferred to a bunch of people.. there should be one person accountable but he should be a determined young person who has some zeal in himself..
    (well.. somebody was quite against mr. rahul gandhi a few days back.. %-) )

  7. Exactly.. Having one person at the top will ensure optimum accountability :)
    Abt Rahul Gandhi, I m still against him... But hes much better than the rest of the fools we have in parliament rite now!!