beauty beauty everywhere.. Not a place to blink!!

Rainy season... little droplets of acidic water falling every moment from the sky in dollops.. Kind of weather that makes you snuggle in your bed 'til lunchtime.. But no ! I suddenly developed this nasty habbit of going to morning classes and getting myself insulted publicly... The pangs of academia !!

Anyways, I was talking about the rains... This is the time when you wake up, stand in front of the window(in appropriate apparel) and witness the creation of miracles, right in front of your eyes!
Its a green heaven out there... God resides in the details!!
The towers are standing guard over the harbingers of joy marching throught the air, marking the end of an era and the beginning of another... Every bug is dancing drunkenly, welcoming monsoons... Birds are chirping merrily as if happy and contented with the gods, bees are humming impatiently as if they cant wait to pounce on the nector... And I m wondering what would possibly be the best word to describe the scenery.. Something that combines nature, love, beauty and water...Hard luck though!!
Its just one of those times when you just want to roam around the countryside, hand in hand, with croaky remixes all around and dancing clouds overhead :)
Who needs to visit Europe when one already has the most amazing bounty of nature all around? If only we cared to see it and value it for what its worth.... And just when you start to get tired, out comes the drop.. People say that the first rain of the season is always the most enjoyable... It sure feels great to watch the earth daring the rain to throw its best shot.. A situation of taming anger with calmness, constantly...

Right here lies the question- What is it about the rain that makes life all the more important? Is it the fact that change is the only constant? Or is it the way seasons change? Or is it the way that we are all connected in a delicate balance in the great circle of life much like the way the seasons join us in perfect harmony?



  1. aap se utkrast kon saavan ka isse acha vikhaay kar sakta tha kyonki aap hain-