Meek week!!

Been a hectic week all around, what with the elections and all..
Taught me a lot of things too..
Firstly, one should never sit at a place where the teacher can easily spot you, especially if you arent having a notebook, a pen and a nagging friend by your side.. In such a situation, the teacher will come to you, ask you to solve the problem on the board, insult you heartily and will proceed to the rest of the class to explain how badly the placements are getting because people like 'moi' are making it to the "reputed" college like these!! And it doesnt stop there.. The satanic teacher reappears, asks you whether you are really a BITSian, your score, your branch, sighs heavily and checks you out from top to bottom, not unlike a gay tailor, not caring to be subtle at all... It was hurtful!! This is what the girls might feel like when Pervy Pervertson raises his gaze :P

Oh!! And my dear friends(Philu Khan, Bo$$ and Sanam Soliye, in particular) have been busy composing and choreographing a song for me.. Its got such an intensity that it feels like somebody reached into my chest, ripped out my heart and smeared it all over my face.. What wouldnt I give up to get back?!?!?!
Its raining cats and dogs outside.. Just when you decided to go up and have some quality time with your physical self, the clothe arent dry... And people say I stink.. You should smell the guy who lives 3 rooms away from me.. He can easily put pigs to shame!.. It aint easy to be on the radar all the time!

Talking about rains, there's this strange law in nature that makes the rain heavier as soon as you step out and by the time you are soaked to your skin, the rain stops, as if sneering at your wet soul... Reminds me of the time when Philu Khan was blow-drying his hair in chimney.. He got ash all over his shampooed tresses and had to bathe again only to realise that the water went out in the most important phase :P

Or when Sanam Soliye accidentally woke up in the middle of the day, went down and realised that his favourite t-shirt was responsible for the chaos in the common room :D


  1. lol man
    really nice one. cant stop laughing :D

  2. So I really have a sense of humor!! :P