What if????

Tests are on.. Long hard hours of doing absolutely nothing except staring at α, β, µ, Ø, Ƞ and load of other crap.. our teachers are so very generous that not one of them bothered to share their lecture slides, leaving us to rot in our own mess.. Finally, one guy had d brain to click snaps of his notes and circulate them!! Word spreads.. Click, enter, copy and paste... Wow!! I just have a record of all the lectures that ever happened.. Time to cheer a bit.. A plate of noodles and glass of bournvita later, m again cursing the abovee-mentioned guy for circulating his notes.. Why the hell did he share them? Now, everyone's gonna study them and they will raise the average while I'll be left in a dilemma over whether to study or to binge on..
Damn you mechies! What makes you study so much so that the nose never leaves the cleavage(of the book, dirty minds!).. Its hard enough to attend lectures without dozing off, bear the brunt of a frustrated man who looks like he can eat you up for breakfast and to take notes with a pen borrowed from the girl in front! Open hair and all .. ;)
But no, one really has a stick up one's posterior end :x
Not only people study hard, but they rant about their ignorance openly when a strictly decent person (moi) has a doubt. Bloody (beep)!

Finally, I lie down.. And what comes to my mind?? Thoughts that this world aint really the way it is!!!!
What if pain isnt really pain? I may sound crazy, but this really works... Try this out.. next time you hurt your physical self, pause for a moment and ask yourself- Is this really pain?
Suddenly, you'll find that it hurts much less now(if not gone altogether).. Its so much easier that creating a boo-hoo about your sorry state, right??

The same thing applies elsewhere.. What if that jerk isnt as big a rascal as I think? What if that girl isnt as arrogant as she looks? What if that man isnt as grumpy? What if this book isnt as boring as people say? What if this college isnt as great as I had heard? What if I got placed somewhere big? Or not? What if that cricket world cup wasnt as clean as it looked? What if Aamir isnt as short as people say? What if he is just an insecure and jealous person? Or not? What if maggi is damn unhealthy? What if fruits arent meant to be plucked? What if someone that you love deserves someone much better/worse? What if feelings are really just chemical reactions happening deep inside your brain and nothing else? What if this whole world is a bloody sham? What if life itself is a shabby dream? What if I stop writing nonsense and actually get something that's of interest to you people? What if I just told you all to buzz off? What if the teacher isnt as nutty as he seems? Or maybe he is?

Lots of whats and ifs.. nothing significant in return.. Congratulations!! I just managed to salvage your time with nothing but utter rubbish and insolent philosophical crap just because I wanted to wake up your teeny-weeny brain from its long hibernation.. Wake up morons! This day is just as shitty as the one before, if not more.. What if I could just kick the hell out of Mr. Stupid-and-yet-acts-know-it-all?!!


  1. from 3 chuck/4 chuck wala to THE FAMILY MAN -

  2. what if???
    nothing netu leave....

  3. Guess I annoyed ya all... Point taken :D