Beg your pardon, Mademoiselle...

Define irony. In my opinion, irony it is when the only Hindi films nominated in top 5 for the Oscars are those which depict India (Mumbai in particular) in shambles. Yesterday, I watched one such movie- Salaam Bombay. One of the few hindi movies with imdb rating of 7.9. Mira Nair wields magic in her work. It has powerhouse performances by Nana, Chanda, Raghubir etc.
Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and child labor seem to be the backbone of the "tinsel town". All this is too damn depressing, and yet, true. A guy is dead from drug overdose, a kid is forced to work all day to earn Rs 10, a girl is abducted from her village and brought to Mumbai to be sold just because she still has her "flower", and a man forces his own wife to sleep with other men for money.
For the first time in my life, I am ashamed for being a man. Men, for whom women were always an object of desire. Mughals had polygamy, we have extra-marital affairs, rape, prostitution and other sexual abuses. How deplorable it is to know that just because we are physically stronger than them, so we can dominate them to our whims. Its not all that, dammit!

A woman nurtures the society. She is endowed with the ability of creating a new life. And their will is far more stronger than men can ever hope to be. Their world is very small, centered around their families. Anne Frank said many  years ago that the pain a woman undergoes during labor is identical to what a man might feel if he was torn from the groin with a blunt sword. Yet, all men are concerned about is whether its a boy or a girl. The dont give a rat's ass to how shattered their beloved wife would feel if her own new-born was murdered even before it opened its eyes. They say that when a man goes astray, one part of the society is lost. But when a woman goes on the wrong path, the whole society pays its due.

The thing to remember is that a lady is much more than her physique. She has a soul, a sensibility of her own. We should stop lusting for them and view them instead as the true makers of our world. Too much testosterone has always been a cause of trouble. The porno industry is a classic example to that. And yeah, men should also stop correlating real life with porn. Already India's sex-ratio has dipped far below the red line.
Another irony is that those few males who do know how to respect women are mostly gay, and so, beleaguered by those who are "straight". Grow up dumbass! Look a woman in her eye while talking. Its not a man's world without a woman. Its not just about one's whimsical pleasures. No matter how much we can achieve, we'll always need someone to share the joy.

Always remember that it was Mary Magdalene who carried Christ's royal bloodline forward, not Peter. Even the Pagan were wise enough to understand the divinity of women. And unless you want to rid your world of all sensibility and maturity, and live like a bloody loser, START RESPECTING WOMEN!!
Or else, women will go the same way as tigers. And men will not be happy but gay...


  1. One of ur best articles till date!!
    M glad u penned down ur thoughts on this topic.. :)