Bits in pieces

So we are working on our project, filing our hearts out, buying piece after piece of scrap and then, BAM!!
The workshop people tell us there aint any way we are gonna be allowed to use the most important machine... The one, the only, the VMC.. Apparently, she's damn expensive, incredibly user-friendly and totally out of reach for those who really wish to make some good use out of it. Its kept there as a mere show-piece, to attract a rep that our college has the best of labs and tons of research scope. Although it would be better if they replaced the shaper. In the words of one of the instructors, "it may fall over if its used". And to add fuel to the fire, for every screw-driver or pliers that we borrow, we have to convince them that we arent gonna sell them outside after we are done. Measuring tapes and nut-bolts are still alien to this workshop!
They just forget one little thing... Research aint gonna be seduced by sexy machines or big names. It has to come from us, the students... And when its bubbling out of our heads on the presentations and reports, teachers decide it just aint good enough.. I doubt whether they have done an honest day's work in their life as a teacher :-x
Apparently, some guys messed up a project in their time.. When my team decided to propose an altogether different yet quite ambitious project to the group leader, he reciprocates with four 'get-out's in one minute and juicy slangs. WTH???
Every single person in here is cynical. Cynical about their marks, about their placements, about their relationship status, or about their shape (me!!)... They say a good college education nurtures your whole future.. Is this the idea of a good education?? Textbook questions in every exam, daily attendance in lectures with teachers having the most amazing photographic memory(read that as rote learning). Why, they teach everything exactly as its printed in our books, correct upto 2 decimal points!!

And then some say that you should be grateful that you are in such a great institution. Well, m not! Not at all, in fact. Call me a traitor if you will, but my idea of a good institution was not this. I wanted my college days to be the most amazing days of my life. Food, fun, friends, projects, competitions, achievements and minimum study from books.
Food is bearable, fun is bereft, friends are fickle and rest is just thin air. I tried twice to go into the drama club. First time, my acting sucked and I was thrown out. Second time, their judging sucked and again, I was thrown out. Instead, a senior guy was taken just because he was a "chaddi-buddy" to most of them.
Hardly anyone(single ones, mind you!) here ever notices the weather outside because their asses are glued to their chairs by a certain demon called DC. Movies, crap, softwares, crap, porn, crap, games, crap, bitching and crap are just about DC's main gifts to us. Its a phenomena actually. People who cant have a life outside try to act big on DC. No matter how chicken they are outside, on DC, they are "godlyk /\" or "noobs". Guts are something they are yet to earn!
One might not believe it but the biggest tussle this college has ever seen is a war of words and exchange of slaps amongst two guys. Catfights would seem more appropriate for such wusses.
Everyone comes here with the sole intention of job placements, college life be damned!
Teachers finish their research after lecturing us about how useless we are and how this country's engineering quotient is following its sex-ratio. Maybe they fail to realise that if only they thought about being more of a teacher rather than an instructor, students might strike gold.
May god bless this college... We desperately need it!!
And kids, think a lot before you make a decision about your college. A big name not necessarily implies that you are gonna get what you expect. Ours is one of the biggest names, literally, but then....


  1. fuck u ! u piece of crackhead shit with a twisted view of life in college. i also study in the same colg but it is u who seems to have been stuck in some fantasy horror land in your mind and cant fucking get out. You can't fucking act and so u take the coward way and write it in this crap of a blog instead of taking it up with the concerned person. And yeah attendence! i dont know if u have been living under a rock but there is no fucking attendence in BITS ! U must be really messed up to not notice that. sort urself and not blame the colg if u have issues.

  2. :-/,let the poor kid propagate his opinion.He is entitled to one.Besides do you doubt the authenticity of what he says.Well I would adhere to some of his concerns namely :- faculty,teaching etc.This college isnt kind to everyone.So Ra1 it doesnt matter if this is how u feel.You are least likely a solitary soul to feel so.But the point is venting your frustration in this manner will get you no where.Live with it.If you feel this collg was a mistake,it was ur decision in the end,u still have to live with it.

  3. BITS lyf is way better than a lot of hav to change your point of view.....see what its giving instead of just fussing about whats not there.
    Get yourself a life dude....

    IF you cant do this you have serious issues with your mind fucked up......please consult the Counseling Committee ( i know u'll be crying about it too.. :| )

  4. Maybe you both are right... Maybe I dont belong here.. Maybe I have no right to disrespect an institute such as this. My apologies, fellas.

  5. Mr. anonymous (d 1st one).. this is akshat's blog.. n he is free to pen down whatever he thinks.. if u've got problems with that, u better not read it..
    Hez not stuck in some fantasy horror land.. its just that he wants to enjoy his colg life to d fullest.. n thats not wrong i suppose..
    U must be a bookworm who doesnt know anything except studies.. which is indeed very nicely done in ur colg, i agree.. N this might be d reason why u dont hav any problems with ur colg..
    N taking things up to d concerned person directly is sumtyms not that easy.. Akshat has to exist in d same colg for 3 more sems, so he has to think what to say n what not to.. One needs to be practical in such situations..
    I dont say that ur point of view is wrong.. It may be correct.. Coz everybody is correct in what he or she does in his or her situation.. but u cud hav said it in a better manner.. Just think before u speak.. U cud hav put ur point in a better way..

  6. N this is for akshat -
    I dont belong to ur colg.. U must be knowing about BITS much better than me.. But one thing that i'd lyk to say is.. everything has flaws in it.. If u want to live happily, u need to see d brighter side.. I dont say that whatever u've written in ur article is wrong.. But still, try to look upon d positive things too.. M sure u'll feel happier.. :)

  7. @yashi well said ... even i will start to see positive side of college from now on :P

  8. @ Aditya- Thanx asati.. :)
    N yes.. Do so.. B)

  9. Well i have the same view about most of the things. I quite disagree with the thing related to teachers. There are few good teachers who are ready to help. Obviously not everyone is perfect. You also have to adjust with them. And yeah everyone has his own dreams of perfect college life. I think Ra1 you are enjoying yourself still criticizing almost all of it.

  10. This discussion was long over.. U shud have read my more recent posts dude... And as far as enjoyment is concerned, its still in a shadow of doubt!

  11. @ yashi - well said! Will keep it in mind :)