Me and Illa were out on another all-guys evening out(as usual!)... Vasco seems surprised these days to see the same set of guys walking around since three years and counting!!
Well, we cant help it. No chick is ready to hang out(or talk) with the leftists of AH-5. Maybe I release some kind of anti-female hormone which repels them. Or maybe we are the kind of people who form the rear of the crowd where girls prefer not to be..
Whatever may the matter be, we went to our favourite eatery and gorged on north-Indian delicacies fried in pure desi ghee. Afterwards, we went to yet another restaurant and ate yet another kind of goodie called the Onion Uttapa. My glass had a great big insect bathing inside and so, Illa's glass had to take care of two thirsty guys. Again, two guys drinking out of the same glass in a public place had to look suspicious. The elderly lady on the next table kept wondering what on earth has this world come to.. The manager looked daggers at us. It was just when we got up to paid the bill that we noticed something odd. The manager was smiling mischievously and knowingly. We looked at each other, puzzled...
Anyhow, we pushed the matter to the back of our mind and went to try out more beverages. And the onset of Diwali meant that our favourite drink was not served for a period of a week or so. Cursing our luck and giving many a finger to the haughty shopkeeper, we decided to climb on Miss India...
As inviting as it sounds, its just the name of the last bus from Vasco to college.  :P
It was jam-packed inside, with BITSian girls and guys from the local colleges. We occupied the seat next to the driver, got thrown out once by the conductor, waited for a few moments on the aisle, and sat there again when we realised that people are throwing dark glances at us again. Cant two guys go out on their own without having to suffer such a behavior from others?!?! It hurts like anything when people invade your privacy in such a rude manner :'(
At long last, the other guys said that girls from BITS were damn good(!!!), even if they werent always friendly and talkative. Now, it may sound completely nonsensical, but I felt a kind of pride. To hear the praise of those whom I have disrespected most of the time felt kinda great. No offence ladies :)
 They also said that we looked good with each other... Titters followed this last comment..
And then, right there, in the dark cabin of Miss India did I realise why exactly people were considering me and Illa to be romantically involved. I WAS WEARING A RED CHEST-HUGGING T-SHIRT EMBROIDERED WITH STUDS!!  :-O


  1. wonderful ending!! :P :D
    but u guys enjoyed the day i suppose.. :)

  2. Phusss!!
    Does that really happen to you??

  3. @ yashi- the day was gud.. it was the nyt dat embarrassed me :x
    @ prashant- it did, sadly! :'(