Red star, blue yonder...

Its the end of rainy season. Bugs and beetles take their leave while my laundry is swaying happily on the rope. A clear blue sky and a hot sun meant that this day was meant to be spent out. We set out, the three of us, Me, Asati and Obbishek.
 After a hefty lunch and countless rejections later, we got on board with a jolly fellow in his car. Standing still in the highway with our thumbs pointing upwards has taught us a great lesson. The size of a man's heart in inversely proportional to the size of his car. People in expensive cars and SUV's never give a damn to us charming fellas on the highway. Its only those who have smaller cars(not sedans, mind you!) or pick-up trucks that bother to stop and drop. Needless to say that they are also quite chatty and cheerful. One person even told us what not to do on a certain beach if we arent sober ;)
Anyhow, we hopped off the car, climbed on the bus, stuck our heads out of the window and jumped off an hour later. It was a walk from there uphill. Finally, we are at the track. The go-karting track in Nuvem, near Madgaon, yet ages away from it. No food, no cold drinks.. Just overpriced mineral water and the smell of rubber burning on the tarmac. Man!! This is what heaven must look like.

Half an hour later, m strapping a helmet on my head and settling down with her. She's dressed in red, is roused and raring to go.

Three counts by Asati and we are off. Into a world of our own, where only the two of us exist. She dares me to go harder, feasting on corners and sneering at the straights. In the bigger scheme of things, we are just a speck on the face of the universe, wasting away fuel and aiding global warming with every throttle of that shiny pedal. In the smaller, selfish scheme of things, I am the knight. And she is my stallion, outflying every typhoon and brook on the way. We are one.. Metaphorically, no... Spiritually, yes!
10 laps over and we are separated. To each his own!
We walk down, find an unused pathway and sit on its roof, accompanied by Kingfishers. Dusk surrounds us, 3 guys sitting there in a stupor, much to the disgust of passers-by... Apparently, we are the kind of people who are more suited to the degraded dark alleys. One particular lady was kind enough to point her gnarly finger towards us and educate her little daughter on the quality of men :P
Been there for 2 hours and not moving a muscle, we climb down, to return to our abode. However, fate wasnt ready to end it smoothly.
We reached the bus stop and began the ritual of thumb-waving and street-dancing.. Several disappointing minutes later, a truck driver stops, buys himself a crate of beer and is just about to leave when he finds a terrifying face in his rear-view mirror. Obbishek was just trying to persuade him to drop us at our college. And he agreed!! We climb at the back, start cursing every passing car who didnt bother to help us and sing in the wind with the dancing clouds..

Adventure over, jump down the truck, thank the driver and his over-friendly mate, cross the street menacingly and enter our safe haven, the good ol' 6x6 room with a view ;)


  1. Sorry, i was away from your writings for quite some time. i read all that i missed these days and must say you are going awesome every day. Your writings are quite fresh. It has everything: fun, love, respect, anger..every spice of life. I love it.

    :) :)

  2. Thanks a lot for your words :)
    I'll try to better my writing..

  3. must hav had an adventurous day.. :)
    and d best part wud hav been d car race, i know ;)

  4. No! the best part was when the car whispered in my ear- "Next time, the backseat shudnt be empty!" ;)

  5. Achha ji.. He he.. :D