No comments?!?!

Feedback, reactions, revolt, rebellion, praise... What a nice way to begin, aint it?!
Much like Mark Anthony... Although I m much wiser and smarter than him. Why, I can easily instigate the dogs to bite and bark at any passing girl! B-)

Coming back, I was pondering over the power of comments. Those insolent strings of words that can make or break your dreams. Those drops of elixir or pangs of fire. Those cheap little rascals that regularly catapult our Parliament out of order and exposes massive brain malfunctioning in Lok Sabha.

Comments can come in various sizes, moods, even places.
For instance, politicians use the standard "No comments!" phrase to save face. Media and news-hungry people loosely translate those phrases as affirmative and we have a story based on absolute zilch. Nothing, nada, naught, zippo...
Our dear news channels even go to the extent of chopping comments from personalities and revert their meaning entirely. On another side, comments can also alter the way a person present their art.. When someone spilt their heart out with unprintables on one of my posts, I wondered what to make of it. Then again, those were anonymous comments. Nothing to be taken seriously. Is it really so? If you arent scared to stand up for yourself, at least give your name to your voice. Or give any name to it... That at least will make it easier while addressing you.
People, comments are really important.. It tells me where I suck and where I rock. So whenever you read anythng from me(or anyone else, for that matter!), kindly leave your comments behind, no matter how shitty (or flirty!) or down-trodden they are. That way, I'll get to learn a lot. I personally dont give a damn whether you are using abuses and slangs to vent your views. Although Obbishek was quite adamant yesterday that I delete those comments which present my writing in a negative light. And there will still be those who wont put down their actual names, but at least put down a name, just so that I may be able to distinguish while replying. Recently, my blog crossed 5000 page views. And while it may be a minuscle achievement, I have a shrewd suspicion that at least 2500 of those are mine only. Why, there's no way I can find out how many people visit this blog if there are no responses from you!
All your real/fake identities will be kept completely confidential :D

Quod erat demonstrandum


  1. hmmm.. agreed.. :)
    but end me Q.E.D. kyu likha?? spelling to yaad ho gayi thi hume :D ;)

  2. spelling wasnt for you madame...
    Its just to give an extra punch to my reasoning :D

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