We screw for a living!

 Its the year of CDC's (Core Disciplinary Courses).. And though every senior I talked to warned me about the physical, emotional and spiritual hazards of this year, I have had a surprisingly good luck(neglecting academic scores and other insignificant crap).. For details, please read the following:

Non-mechies                                                                                           Mechies
1. Online exam every 3rd day               Complete ignorance of computer stuff!
2. Softwares like MATLAB       Pneumatics software(only on 32-bit processors),                                                                                          ANSYS, Pro-E!
3. Teachers like Biju Sir _/\_                                                 Ahem! No comments!
4. Placements upward of 800k                                                  Huh! Placements???
5. Real-time appication of codes, logic etc.   Textbooks in function since 1870!
6. Learning by working.                                   Learning through memorising!
8. Kernel, Linux, Java, C....                           3-jaw chuck, drill, lathe, Savita!
9. Girls, girls, guys, guys..                               Guys, guys, guys, girl, GUYS!!
10. Tension, ills, pills, frills..                      Laughter, smiles, backache, piles!
11. Breadboard, IC, capacitor, resistor.                CNC, VMC, CMM, air-stream,                            .                      Refigeration, Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus!
12. SOP's, COP's, LOP's. AC lab        Open labs, aromatic grease, casting clay,                                                                                 liquid aluminium!

Blood and sweat is routine.. Torques and couples make our world go round.. Bending for moments and clinging cantilevers... Nuts are screwed... Our scales start at Vernier and end at weigh-bridges. In short, mech-heads rock!! \m/


  1. Wanted to write someting but dropped the idea thereafter..!!! ;)

  2. cdc : core disciplinary courses

  3. @ arpit n prashant - Thnx! I appreciate it :)
    @ anonymous - get a life!