Who says I can't get stoned?

Waves 2011 started, and ended, on a positive note.. From DJ Siddarth to Raeth to Agham to Kailash Kher, it was a fun riot throughout.
Then again, fond memories are formed when you do something worth remembering. On the 2nd night, we ran hard towards the security guards at the entrances and turned away just when they raised their clubs.. Bit silly, really, but then, there's a thin line between madness and fun :D

So we snuck in without a ticket from the bushes, have a hail and hearty dance on the stage, occasionally terrifying the DJ and the pretty lasses dancing alongside.. One time, a bouncer tried to hustle us out.. We were thrown on the side lines so that the event snaps dont get ruined :'(
Anyways, it all wrapped up around half past midnight and we were tipsy with all the sweat and lights.

The will to create havoc overpowers reason and so we decided not to waste the rest of the night.
For starters, we sneaked in on the topmost floor and hid in the shadows, making rude(vulgar??) hand gestures towards the organisers... The band came out and we pounced on them, getting a photograph and a snarl in return.

Next, we decided to gatecrash the prom for the main course.. First, we stealthily invaded the venue through an underground drain. Luckily, it was dry.. On the back entrance, however, a lady in white and totally in fright yelled at us.. Seniors, ashamed of yourself, bad behaviour, utter jerks etc. were the phrases I was able to catch in the din she was creating. We were told to leave the venue lest the security guards would be called. "Nothing doing", we said nonchalantly. Why cant we enter the prom just to see what its like.. Is it our fault that the girls we asked to dance with us were already going with someone else?!?! Dont we deserve a chance to join perhaps the last prom night of our lives?!?! :-x
We left the venue after a few heated arguments and the intervention of some friends.. We may have been tired, but we werent discouraged, yet... Up on the corridor, we jumped down on the roof of the dance floor and peeped into the whole scene. One couple was clicking snaps, grinning sheepishly and standing suspiciously close to one another.. Another couple was too busy among themselves(ahem!) to notice anything else, even the flash from our camera on the roof. It looked pretty uneventful from up there, save for the various pleasantries between those couples ;)

Lastly, for dessert, we started shouting slogans of Civil Disobedience movement out in the exit corridor. It was quite weird. People were looking bleary-eyed. Why wouldnt they join us?? It was the most important movement in the history of Indian freedom struggle after all.. And if properly organised, it has the potential to change the system forever, without any blood and bone.. Shame on them! Bapu was a true rockstar, a simple dude with damn cool attitude and dogged determination..


  1. ra1 leaks ... sab kuch likhde kya kya kiya hai :)

  2. Its a public place bro.. cant describe in too much detail ;)

  3. applause man!!
    gr8 job and would like to know the complete story :D

  4. cheers man!
    will tell u in person, if u want the gory details :P

  5. gory.. hannn.. may i hav d details please.. B-/

  6. (Mental note to myself- Think before you speak!) :P

  7. yeah.. u better do.. B) :D

  8. Big Fan dude. Your take on civil disobedience has caught my attention. Let's start a revolution. You can lead us!

  9. Ra1 is the man. He is so inspiring, SRK made a film on him. Hats off to you boss. I am sure you guys used the Disobedience slogans but to what extend you guys were civil is in doubt. Anyway, not being civil is the new in-thing man! Like you go crazy and party and get stoned and eve tease and rape chicks and what-not. You have set a brilliant example. Your post is soon gonna get popular with the child molester and working-lady rapist community of North India. And trust me, they are just waiting for someone to look up to ever since Shakti Kapoor fagged out of the movie business. Good work, Ra1!

  10. Abbe tune Metallica stage bhi toda tha na? Sach bol.

  11. Hii Ra1
    is it Ra1 or Ra.1???? :P :P
    i wantd 2 ask u a q. Y U so angry???!! Luks lyk u need sum <3 ;)
    i think ur blogg is 2 kool, nd der r many galz hu lyk it a lot. U shud ask sum of us 2 d prom nxt tym instd of gate crashin.... ;)
    nywaz 4 baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gr8 blogg!!

  12. @ 12:24 am anonymous- wud love to do so as long as they dont throw me in Dis-Co! :x
    @ 12:34 am anonymous- never had such a diplomatic insult before! To cheer or swear, I m in a dilemma.
    @ 12:54 am anonymous- Nahi bhai! Agar stage toda hota to I wud definitely hav clicked a pic as proof :P
    @ 1:49 am anonymous- Ma'am, its Ra1. And m not at all angry.. wat made u think of it? Just get frustrated sometimes, excited at other times... And I wud definitely ask you out for prom if u leave ur name and/or number ;)
    Party on!!! And thanx a lot for all ur praise :)