Buddy of lies... YOYO!!

Recently, I watched Leo DeCaprio's Body of lies... N man!! is dat movie awsum or wat?!?!
1stly, it shows d barbaric way in which US uses its "resources" to spy on nations where there is little interference is required.. A guy is sent to live among the Arabs in order to gather intel abt terrorist plots... This guy lives as an Arab(with beard n Pashto lingo etc.).. A role played most convincingly by Leo... Dis guy has d balls to portray roles which defy traditional american approach of being self-righteous, self-centered and downright scard of other super-powers... Now, he is a moralistic person who doesnt believes in use-and-throw policy 2wards the ppl working under him in his operations... Russell Crowe, his boss, sends him on various errands, carelessly interfering wherever he can, blowing his agent’s cover... He is the typical CIA guy, throwing his weight around...

A gr8 thng which this movie shows is dat trust is the most valuable bond between strangers separated by hatred... Instead of treating humans as robots, v must learn to garner frndship and trust as a way to develop long-lasting co-operation... In the end, Leo gets caught by a deadly Jordanian terrorist outfit.. They hammer his fingers into pulp.. All hope lost, he gets ready to face his doom, hallucinating abt the better moments of his life, remembering a girl who was also abt to b killed. In the nick of time, special forces of Jordan rescue him from the jaws of what promised to b an untimely and particularly gruesome death... All dis becomes possible only bcoz of a guy, Karim, who was planted in the terrorist outfit long time ago by the top intelligence officer of Jordan... Karim's mother was sent many gifts to make her life a lot easier and more were promised in the future, a sole thing that motivated Karim to leave the path of jihad and become a person that his mother always intended him to be... Hani Pasha, the Jordanian head of intelligence, was the guy who foresaw the benefits of building lasting relationships and in giving second chances to those who least deserved it... Had they continued wit d American way of dealing wit ppl(the same policy which Russell Crowe had towards his “resources”), Leo wud most certainly had lost his lyf n blown d whole operation to pieces… Remember Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!! 
Technology has brought us a lot closer, bt it has also created a cocoon around us… V hav forgotten wat it felt lik poking a person without using d internet :P

Anyways, m in d last few weeks of training at a li’l known town calld Jhansi.. All said n done, dis place is a tribute to trains… Everywhere, dere’s a railway track… The whole town luks lyk a goddamn railway station too… Every nite, my head rumbles to crass cacophony of engines going to n fro d workshop.. Our co-instructor, a jolly headed guy calld R.S. Lal, has d most amazing flirting skills.. He strts hitting on any female in his vicinity, human or non-human.. Dis one day, he took us to visit the Welding shop… Sighting a female worker in tights, he switched to playboy mode.. Ultimately, d said worker had to excuse hrslf to d washroom in ordr 2 stop Lalu(a nickname v gav him!).. Othr thn dat, it’s a maze here… No1 knows wat r they supposed to do… N those who do know, hav no idea y r they doing it.. Anothr guy called Qasim has a particularly twisted logic… Once v askd him where are the 6000 workers dat dis workshop employs… He replied dat v can spot the wind blowing all around us… Guess its d green shirt dat he never parts wit.. Our mess chef, a person calld Bhagwanji, is another character straight out of a story… U ask him for extra raita or extra salad n Bhagwanji strts quivering with rage… N d same Bhagwanji dances most earnestly whn v play poker in our rooms or jump on d bed in order to soil the bedsheets n get clean ones.. thn there’s dis guy(or shud I say GAY!) calld Sharad… He always attacks us from behind whn v r netjetting in the computer center… His fav spot is d bak of our necks.. Hands as soft as a daisy makes us jump a foot in d air whn he pounces on us… Altho dis town is absolutely sad, d ppl r damn hypocrites, d workshop too unsafe for any human to work, not a girl worth flirting(not even a single one :x), dere’s a certain charm… N tho I wanna get out of dis grunge asap, a tiny li’l part of me is gonna miss d time spent here… Be it gazing at d stars(n doing another thng simultaneously) at 3 am on d roof, clamping ur nose wit clips while brushing ur teeth or shaving in d shithole of a bathroom, eating fud dat my college fellas dub as “grub”, playing poker instead of working on our projects, doing all sorts of weird dances aftr watching Double Dhamaal n Ready, cheering and swearing at d chicks in d movie hall or jst sitting n wondering wat its gonna feel lyk if v got stuck here 4ever… Bt m nevr cuming here again… Amen!