Land of the dead...

Just finished watching a documentary called "Dispatches- Terror in Mumbai", about the 26/11 terror attacks.
And though a lot has already been said and read about it, people seem to have forgotten a little too quickly.
10 ordinary youngsters forced the world's largest democracy on its knees, raped her for 60 hours constantly and then got themselves shot in an act of "martyrdom". And while all this was on, the rest of the nation were glued to their television sets, starving for every new update about the situation.

We screw for a living!

 Its the year of CDC's (Core Disciplinary Courses).. And though every senior I talked to warned me about the physical, emotional and spiritual hazards of this year, I have had a surprisingly good luck(neglecting academic scores and other insignificant crap).. For details, please read the following:

ये हिन्दोस्ताँ है

  तू हिन्दू बनेगा, न मुसलमान बनेगा |
      इंसान की औलाद है, इंसान बनेगा |
  मालिक ने हर इंसान को इंसान बनाया,
      हमने उसे हिन्दू या मुसलमान बनाया |
  कुदरत ने तो बख्षी थी हमें एक ही धरती,
      हमने कहीं भारत, पाकिस्तान, तो कहीं इरान बनाया |
  जो तोड़ दे हर बाँध को वो तूफ़ान बनेगा |
      इंसान की औलाद है इंसान बनेगा |

Who says I can't get stoned?

Waves 2011 started, and ended, on a positive note.. From DJ Siddarth to Raeth to Agham to Kailash Kher, it was a fun riot throughout.
Then again, fond memories are formed when you do something worth remembering. On the 2nd night, we ran hard towards the security guards at the entrances and turned away just when they raised their clubs.. Bit silly, really, but then, there's a thin line between madness and fun :D

So we snuck in without a ticket from the bushes, have a hail and hearty dance on the stage, occasionally terrifying the DJ and the pretty lasses dancing alongside.. One time, a bouncer tried to hustle us out.. We were thrown on the side lines so that the event snaps dont get ruined :'(
Anyways, it all wrapped up around half past midnight and we were tipsy with all the sweat and lights.

No comments?!?!

Feedback, reactions, revolt, rebellion, praise... What a nice way to begin, aint it?!
Much like Mark Anthony... Although I m much wiser and smarter than him. Why, I can easily instigate the dogs to bite and bark at any passing girl! B-)

Coming back, I was pondering over the power of comments. Those insolent strings of words that can make or break your dreams. Those drops of elixir or pangs of fire. Those cheap little rascals that regularly catapult our Parliament out of order and exposes massive brain malfunctioning in Lok Sabha.

Been there, learnt that...

KBC has united us like never before. When we see a person sitting in the hot-seat opposite Mr. Bachchan, we always wish them the very best of luck, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or sex. A perfect host, interesting and knowledgeable questions, and a transparent screening process... Not one contestant leaves the game feeling bereaved or cheated. One very important thing that I learnt from this game-show is that we always get what we deserve, sooner or later. But the first step, an honest one, has to come from our side only. Like the latest Mr. Sushil Kumar who won Rs 5 crore. A simple, smiling, honest little man from a remote village, with an iron-clad resolve and even stronger will. There was just something so innocent in the way he talked, laughed and saluted his relatives.

His financial challenges not withstanding, this man reaches out to rural kids and provide them with education even when his own roof is threatening to fall down any moment. Its people like him who are the new face of India. As Mr. Bachchan says himself, a new India which is smiling, an India which wants a renovated home, yet it hasnt let the crumbling walls weaken its resolve.
An India that wants to amass wealth and prosperity, yet knows how to remain happy with a meagre income.
An India which works as a tailor, grocer, cobbler, auctioneer, and yet is aware of its own true value.
An India with its head held high and feet on the ground.