Rise up, now!

Latest news on the Delhi gang-rape case is that the victim is being shifted to Singapore for extensive treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital, renowned for organ transplantation. And they are setting up a panel exclusively to look into this case. The motive of the crime will be investigated. What motive does rape warrant? Raging hormones, male chauvinism or illegitimate children? The government has fallen to new lows and Delhiites are protesting their hearts out on the icy roads.

For centuries now, men have been consistently misusing the physicality to satisfy their lust and domination.
A girl is raped in her own house when her parents are out. Another girl is kidnapped and raped in a moving car and then, thrown on the sidewalk. A patient is raped by her doctor. A student is raped by her teacher. A girl is raped by her neighbor for rejecting his marriage proposal. One girl is made to strip in a road full of apparently impotent citizens by a gang of hoodlums, taping themselves proudly... Yet another girl is raped by her own friends at the back of a moving car, on her birthday!
Its pointless to mention that the burden of the crime is always borne by the victim, for she is alone, helpless and female... Most of the time, she succumbs to her traumas and takes her pain with her...In a sexually frustrated society, those who do manage to live do so in constant fear of being ridiculed forever and targeted again! Then there are also things like family honor, social stigma and what-not that downplays her plea for help... People look down upon the victim with eyes full of sympathy and hearts full of apathy.

A recurrent dream

Loved it, hated it, cursed it, blessed it.. A mixed bag of emotions! Its only when you reach the end do you realise how wonderful the journey was...
The night of 29th July 2009... That's when my journey began. The night was ripe and, for the first time, I entered AH5-310... BITS Pilani Goa Campus, that's the way I remember it, a deadly combo of discipline, fun, frolic, rules and academics!
Morning dawns and thats when I get a view of the majestic B-dome.. And began the ritual of classes, clubs, inductions, projections and rejections. Looking back, I have had it all..

Education, anyone?

Disclaimer : This article is solely meant for reading purposes. It bears some connection to any character, event, incident or issue, living or dead and any resemblance is not entirely unintentional and somewhat co-incidental. Should any person, sect, religion, group or government feel like throwing me into prison or issuing a fatwa against me, I beg to appeal to their common sense, if any. Kindly look over my mistakes, for you all are honorable men, apparently.

As a person, I m among the top brass of the world. Why, I had a great childhood, an enjoyable school life, adventurous college semesters and now have a comfortable job at hand. Had the chance to learn as much as I want, to work as little as possible and still be rewarded, despite all my flaws... Had the time to think, ponder over everything deeply... Always had too much time at hand!

Winged dreams

Had a roller-coaster month...
First of all, my laptop's motherboard got fried and has been recuperating at a dingy shop for two weeks now. The first two days were the most difficult ones, what with a distance from facebook and, of course, NFSMW.. By now, most of the excitement of updating and uploading on facebook has washed out(perhaps, for the best!)..
Next comes the interviews which were largely helpful in killing my confidence. One would expect their alumnae to extend a little moral support towards you when they are on the interview panel. But one certainly wouldnt expect them to throw lines like "I am here as an employee of this company, not your alumni". And it doesnt stop there.. Consider this. The very person sitting on the panel has been a 'god' at mechanical engineering stuff, considering he was the one who produced the most ambitious project till date. And he is working as a business analytic. Nothing wrong, I agree. But when that very same person grills you for sitting for that very comany despite having an "excellent mechanical background", its the height of hypocrisy!!

Small wonder

First things first.. Does size matter?
In this age of big achievements and bigger ambitions, everyone wants to make it large. And yet, its often said that its the smaller things in life that gives you real pleasure.
Now here comes the best part.
This is small... Smallest, in fact, when it comes to cost and size. Nano, to be exact.

TATA gave us the Nano. The cheapest car in the world, but innovative nonetheless.
Let me satisfy the cynics here itself. This car is NOT a failure. The few incidents of fuel injectors catching fire were in fact the wrongdoings on the part of the customer who meddled with the electric connections. Another case was that of a silk cloth left hanging in the exhaust pipe, later catching fire.

An ode to ourselves...

Been out of touch for a long while.. Had my head rammed with things like placements, formal clothing, even interviews! Still much confused, the picture is now getting less blurry as to what I want to be, years from now.
Bouts of philosophy are not really a big time-saver though.. But they help, nevertheless.
A book called The monk who sold his Ferrari and a person codenamed Zen helped out. Precisely, it all taught me to accept myself and celebrate the weirdness. In the end, make peace with yourself and all the world is your playground. It hardly matters what car you own, how expensive your wrist-watch is or whether you have a sea-facing villa. Though I wont say no to any of these things, they are not worth shelving my conscience, self-respect or friendships. "Heaven has no bank, except that of your own deeds", my Hindi teacher used to say. My parents want me to have a life much better than they had. But how can they not see that in my own eyes, their lives is exactly what I want for myself. Nothing more and certainly not less. Cash gives me the creeps anyways. Everyone has their share of grief. Its only happiness thats unbound. Give it away as much as you can.Surely, it will find its way back to you manifold once you have a happier world :-D

Mystic peak

When I first talked to you,
I didn't know what to say,
But the more we talked,
the more my heart gave way

Long live Ramaswamy sir!

Last night, this college lost its best teacher ever.. Always patient and calm, Sir taught me to be truthful to myself and to others. BITS Goa will never be the same without him. No longer will we see Sir riding on the campus roads on his bicycle.. No longer will we him shopping with his daughter...
Farewell, sir! May you find peace and solace, wherever you are.. We will always cherish your values and teachings :-) 


Had there been anything different going inside his head, God would have made people without all their vices. And we would have been born and died on identical times so as not to trudge the road to afterlife alone.
Why is it that one cant carry on independently?
Why should a person always crave for company?
Why are we scared of facing the times alone?
Why do we need to share happiness and grief? As it is, elan and sorrow are nothing but a state of mind. If you smile even in the darkest of times, you can face it. And happiness is known to bring tears in our eyes. Could it be a mere co-incidence? You decide.

Night riders

No, this isnt about KKR winning IPL-5, nor is it about match-fixing nor about SRK abusing Wankhede staff nor about his daughter or her friends... Its gonna get long. And boring.. I took 3 days to finish this post. Had to publish it as I wanted all of you to suffer as well :-P
Its about beauty, madness, sea and sunshine.

High land

A man is kicking the fan to make it work… He might as well rip the damn thing off!
A kid is nodding off with her wobbling in the air. I was calculating her oscillation frequency when her heavily bearded father looks at me suspiciously and ruffles his mane!
A learned-looking Muslim is scanning the newspapers hungrily while the officer next to him is filling out his insurance papers.
Two ladies are chatting their hearts away about a niece’s wedding and sharing the dirt. A chic is sitting by the window, apparently texting her boyfriend(s) until she catches my eye and flashes a smile.

Anti-corrupt... Ain't I corrupt?

We all rose above to root out corruption from our nation. But, subjectively, I could not really understand what we really set out to achieve. What exactly is corruption?
Corruption, by itself, is defined as
1. Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
2. The action of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being

Stop being fuelish!

Enough with the cribbing already....
Time to move on.. Yes, petrol is almost nearing Rs 80 per litre and yes, INR is free-falling since forever!
We cried, swore and did just about everything the average Indian should have done.
Some things are blessings in disguise, albeit at a somewhat heavy cost.

Bad to the bone!

A word to the wise - If you follow the words in this post, you are gonna get very unpopular among the ladies, but you'll have an easier time laughing at yourself! Reader discretion  is strongly advised...

Being bad has its merits! I can be mean, rude or defiant to people without feeling guilty about it and not even bother about their derogatory remarks, as long as they werent too intense! And I get to do all that stuff which I wont be able to do within the dreary confines of my better self :-D

Invincible truth!!

As a young lad, once Subroto Roy Sahara was yelling at the washer-man for ruining a pair of his favourite jeans. His father, late Sudhir Chandra Roy, overheard him and came over. After listening to his son, he told his son to apologise to the washer-man... Later, his father explained to him the reason behind it. He said,"You only have a right to criticise somebody when you have the ability to do the very same work better than them. Only then can you question their shortcomings! And since you are no good when it comes to washing your laundry, you had no right to yell at the washer-man that way."

I have a dream!

Anybody who's anybody has to have played the Need for Speed Most Wanted. And though it ruined my social obligations to quite an extent, this game gave me a whole new world to live for...
Rockport City is the dream of every driver, what with its twisted tarmac, Highway 99, pursuit breakers, Agent Cross and, of course, Mia ;)
The guys at EA really outdid themselves when they created the phenomena that is NFS. and Most Wanted just took their brilliance a notch higher!

au revoir...

It started with a snap!
The mechanical department, the hundreds of ladies, thousands of well-dressed gentlemen and hordes of cameras flashing in every conceivable direction...


Been too long... I ran out of ideas on what to write about until someone pointed out rather courteously that I should stop being a wannabe and a loser! God bless you nutter, whoever you are.. And may he give you some courage so that next time, you can say it unanonymously.
The bad tests are over, though the worst is yet to come. We had a hellish week, studying for most part of the night in order to be able to write just for an hour in the morning. In the words of Paulie, it takes guts to climb back into that ring when you know you are gonna take a beating!! :D

Say no to humanity!

Its that time of the year. The heat is making me drowsy all the time and I have to curl on the floor to cool off when I sleep. One will really surprise themselves by living off luxuries from time to time.
I used to think that my life was a problematic one. But then I watched Machine Gun Preacher and realised that it was easier to have ridiculously exaggerated beliefs about your problems than to introspect!
For instance, look at the people in Sudan, northern Uganda etc. They hardly have 2 square meals a day, are under continuous risk of gunfire from Konny's men and yet, they enjoy a game of football almost as much as the average Chelsea fan.

godlyk Gokarna..

Its time to leave for Gokarna, bags packed and all... We reach the railway station and scoot about here and there, wondering where our train is halting and why isnt the announcement being made??!!
Upon enquiry, it turns out that that particular train isnt gonna show up and that we have been fooled, once more, by the Indian Railways. Heads down, red-faced, we finally decide on going by bus, a full 5-hours journey through the foothills of Goa and Kanataka. Luckily, we all got seats at the back..

Bare devil!

This post is intended to be taken in the best of spirit and humor. Those who can't do that deserve 'the finger'..

Its a beautiful day outside and we are all planning for a trip outside Goa. We all zero in on Mahabaleshwar, check the route, train and bus timings, fares, taxi availability, accommodation etc. Around 4 hours of time(Asati's time, precisely!!!) is spent in this endeavour. We all rise, thank everyone for their co-operation and take leave to our respective domains...
And just when you think you got it all planned out, life craps in your face like that rascal crow flying overhead.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This content may shake the beliefs of many. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

It all started with a marriage. And my life changed before I knew it.

Iron men

What do Rocky Balboa, Himesh Reshammiya, Emraan Hashmi and Megamind have in common? Granted, they have had their share of mind-boggling crap, some still having it. Apart from that, what is it that they share?
Its their guts. These people have balls of steel.

Pathak ka janmdin!

Its his b'day today. And since we forgot to bash him up last night because of the 3D light exhibition at B-dome, it was time to take matters seriously.
After attending one lecture in which our prof bored us to hell and back, we slipped out and reached straight to the nearby eatery. Browing through all the items and still not able to find anything, Kaveri finally asked us what exactly we wanted. Our demand was quite simple and straight-forward - the most rotten piece of bakery and/or stinking item available. After all, there was gonna be a cake at midnight. Why waste our hard-earned money now!!! :P
After much deliberation, she gave us a fruit pudding that tasted like sour milk. After a heavy sigh, we reached outside the class where Pathak was due (i.e. A-501).

A mess..

A-mess, or as some people tauntingly call it, Gay-mess, is a temple for the starved. First of all, the dirty name might be because of the fact that one can always spot guys sitting suspiciously close to each other while dining there. M here to clarify a few things about A-mess:
1. A-mess has far better quality of food than the other mess, which stinks like anything!
2. A-mess owner neednt wear wannabe disfigured clothes at any point of the day or night. He is completely satisfied with his white shirt and grey pants.
3. A-mess gives preference to guys over girls, a phenomena that is never witnessed elsewhere, least of all, the other mess whick stinks like anything!


So I m inside the train, again, trying hard not to pass back into slumber. It gets so goddamn boring, vibrating to and fro, knowing that you may never reach your destination on time, courtesy the railways. It’s a 32-hour journey to Goa and I have already munched on all my crisps, drank most of my water and peed at least half a dozen times. There is only one person worth talking to, a kindly fellow going to Panvel, a person who has finished his masters in engineering as well as MBA. And not more than 6-7 years older than me. What a brave fellow! And I am just so tired of my bachelor’s degree that I feel more at home in the garage than the classroom.

Train of thought!

So I am heading back to Delhi. Had an amazing stay at Simla, again. Four days of doing absolutely nothing except hogging delicious burgers, sipping coffee ground from fresh beans, avoiding baths and roaming around Mall Road with my best cousins and their family. Simla never fails to impress. The people are willing to work for you at one-fourth the wages in Delhi, that too with honesty as an add-on. Local crowd is surprisingly well-behaved, what with little girls asking for paper-bags instead of plastic, men addressing women with sincerity and always departing with deep smiles. And the hospitality, my word! Just one compliment about their cooking flips their heart and makes them endearing. They are eager to feed you till you drop from diarrhea, farting your heart away. No wonder our room used to stink every morning, the blankets even more so!