Pathak ka janmdin!

Its his b'day today. And since we forgot to bash him up last night because of the 3D light exhibition at B-dome, it was time to take matters seriously.
After attending one lecture in which our prof bored us to hell and back, we slipped out and reached straight to the nearby eatery. Browing through all the items and still not able to find anything, Kaveri finally asked us what exactly we wanted. Our demand was quite simple and straight-forward - the most rotten piece of bakery and/or stinking item available. After all, there was gonna be a cake at midnight. Why waste our hard-earned money now!!! :P
After much deliberation, she gave us a fruit pudding that tasted like sour milk. After a heavy sigh, we reached outside the class where Pathak was due (i.e. A-501).
It was all planned meticulously. Let the prof take his road after the class, jump on Pathak, kick him, slap him, scratch him and throw the pudding in his face(after wishing him, of course!). We even practised fast ignition of the candles that were to act as a diya when we take his aarti and then grab him by the throat while giving aashirwaad.
Finally, the grumpy prof takes his leave and Pathak steps out, all cool and casual, without a care in the world but giving piercing stares to the chics who were  stoically avoiding him. Anyhow, Pathak was still drooling when we grabbed him by the collar and initiated our plan.
5 minutes passed and few people started gathering around, cheering us on. Biju Sir even came to check the din and told us to keep it down or else "other profs will complain"!! :D
Well, it was now or never. Pathak was grabbed, smothered all over with the smelly icing and stuffed with the pineapples. Then, as the noise was noway near decreasing, he was bodily taken to the nearest loo and sprayed on with water, bumps, kicks and more slaps. Girls were wise enough to peep from the opposite loo. No wonder we are mostly single :x
Lastly, we headed out to the same ol' eatery when Pathak started whimpering like a wuss. Now, here's the best part. We were still kicking him while Kaveri was serving our order. Suddenly, I gave a hard one on his posterior and his leg flew up in reflex.
Next second, a girl(senior!!) was yelling at us. Something about beating Pathak at some other place. we had no clue what had pissed her off so badly. Suddenly, I glanced at the ground. Then at Pathak's feet. One of those had a slipper missing!
It all became very clear. Pathak's leg had gone up in reflex so hard that the slipper flew from his foot and straight into the face of the poor, unlucky girl!!!!
Trust me, it was too unbelievable. There was a tight gap in which the slipper found its way, between two shoulders and a cup of coffee. But what has to happen, happens whatsoever. Maybe his soccer skills are invariant with time.
We were all apologetic to her until she calmed down. And Pathak was beaten a bit more for his horrible behaviour towards girls. Sad! :(
By the way, Happy B'day Chappal Pathak!! :D


  1. Funny.. :D
    Btw, Happy belated bday pathak!! :)

  2. Thank you 4 ur kind belated wishes...

    Yours faithfully,