Say no to humanity!

Its that time of the year. The heat is making me drowsy all the time and I have to curl on the floor to cool off when I sleep. One will really surprise themselves by living off luxuries from time to time.
I used to think that my life was a problematic one. But then I watched Machine Gun Preacher and realised that it was easier to have ridiculously exaggerated beliefs about your problems than to introspect!
For instance, look at the people in Sudan, northern Uganda etc. They hardly have 2 square meals a day, are under continuous risk of gunfire from Konny's men and yet, they enjoy a game of football almost as much as the average Chelsea fan.

godlyk Gokarna..

Its time to leave for Gokarna, bags packed and all... We reach the railway station and scoot about here and there, wondering where our train is halting and why isnt the announcement being made??!!
Upon enquiry, it turns out that that particular train isnt gonna show up and that we have been fooled, once more, by the Indian Railways. Heads down, red-faced, we finally decide on going by bus, a full 5-hours journey through the foothills of Goa and Kanataka. Luckily, we all got seats at the back..

Bare devil!

This post is intended to be taken in the best of spirit and humor. Those who can't do that deserve 'the finger'..

Its a beautiful day outside and we are all planning for a trip outside Goa. We all zero in on Mahabaleshwar, check the route, train and bus timings, fares, taxi availability, accommodation etc. Around 4 hours of time(Asati's time, precisely!!!) is spent in this endeavour. We all rise, thank everyone for their co-operation and take leave to our respective domains...
And just when you think you got it all planned out, life craps in your face like that rascal crow flying overhead.