Say no to humanity!

Its that time of the year. The heat is making me drowsy all the time and I have to curl on the floor to cool off when I sleep. One will really surprise themselves by living off luxuries from time to time.
I used to think that my life was a problematic one. But then I watched Machine Gun Preacher and realised that it was easier to have ridiculously exaggerated beliefs about your problems than to introspect!
For instance, look at the people in Sudan, northern Uganda etc. They hardly have 2 square meals a day, are under continuous risk of gunfire from Konny's men and yet, they enjoy a game of football almost as much as the average Chelsea fan.

In the larger scheme of things, blessed are those who think and work towards making such lives flourish. Case in point being that of Sam Childers. Incredible as it may seem, but this guy has been helping out the civil war victims in Africa for a while now, leaving his own family for years at a time. He even sold off his family business to provide for those people and picked up a gun to defend them in all eventualities.
What happens if I get a graduation degree, land up with a good job, marry a nice girl and live a life of luxury and respect? Will it make a difference to the lives of those who weren't as fortunate as me? For whom every day is a struggle to stay alive and not turn into a vicious animal at the same time?
Balance has always been the USP of this world. And whenever a balance got disturbed, there was strife. Balance dictates that those with a good life help out those with a difficult one.
But why should I get out of my comfortable shell in order to help someone whom I dont even know. So what if they are dying? Human beings are meant to die some day or the other, right? The sooner, the better. I am just concerned about myself and my family. Rest all are on their own. It was their misfortune that they were born in a hellhole. I was lucky and I wish to savor it. I am a heartless, shameless fellow who would rather let the neighbour burn than to get my hands burnt to save them. In fact, I am a true blue Indian who would not wanna be late for an appointment by helping a guy lying in a pool of blood on the road. Who cares if a woman died during childbirth because she didnt have the money for a surgery? What does it matter to me that an honest public servant got mowed down by a tractor just because he was doing his duty and stopping illegal mining of stones in MP? Is it really my business that people would rather have their own parties and treats instead of using the money for a dignified college festival? Why is it so important to punish rapists when the authorities can easily blame the rape victim of a tinted character? What is so bad about corruption that a certain person is ready to fast unto death for those people who dont even give a fucking damn about the freedom they enjoy in their country? Why the hell would I go and vote for a politician who says he'll repair the nation? Why is this world so bloody full of shit that power and money can convince me to kill my own people?
I would rather update my facebook page with the latest trip I made instead of sad, depressing nonsense about dying people. I have a good life, even though I never deserved it. But so what? I am gonna enjoy those beaches regardless of whether the water is blue or red!!


  1. i remember you saying the opposite in one of your prev post.. i think related to the train journey .. or something

  2. i m in support of sam childers...and everyone should....

  3. I am in support of Sam Childers as well... But whats the point? Thnking abt it does not put their troubles away, does it?

  4. "elaborated" == u are a wanna be...accept it...

  5. don't write a blog just to get famous..yeah..ppl get famous...but they're great ones who do..not coz of a silly blog..u've a very bad reputation of being a jungly guy like the others of ur group..a "lafanga" s we call it in try not to want to be someone cool when u know u're not ..pass this to all of ur group members...all of u are alike...the ah5 hostel video shows u only though..

  6. and tell that senseless Vinayak too..and the other junglis like u to get some sense and get a life other than digging others' lives and commenting on them or their girlfriends...THARKIS..LAFANGES..LOAFERS...THE MOST SUITABLE ONE;;;;LOSERS;;;;;;
    No offense to the good ppl of ah5..

  7. You just proved that you are an absolute wuss by talking anonymously.. :D
    keep talking!

  8. As for my group, each one of them has got way more guts than you could ever hope to have, pal!
    For instance, if you really got a beef with me, you should be a man(that is, if you ARE a man) and say it upfront.. Not hide behind anonymity and say crap about my blog. Its my blog and I'll write what I damn well please.. If you aren't too happy with it, better stay indoors.