Bare devil!

This post is intended to be taken in the best of spirit and humor. Those who can't do that deserve 'the finger'..

Its a beautiful day outside and we are all planning for a trip outside Goa. We all zero in on Mahabaleshwar, check the route, train and bus timings, fares, taxi availability, accommodation etc. Around 4 hours of time(Asati's time, precisely!!!) is spent in this endeavour. We all rise, thank everyone for their co-operation and take leave to our respective domains...
And just when you think you got it all planned out, life craps in your face like that rascal crow flying overhead.

A certain someone called Anurag, whom we always thought to be non-political, neutral, non-manipulative etc. turns out to be a traitor, a snag, a politician who can put even Lalu to shame.. Why, he cleverly changed the plan, caused a rift between two people whose name cant be displayed due to security and "ant shant" reasons!
The story goes like this:
We were all fantasising about what all we are gonna do in those hills, waterfalls and temples... Us 6 guys, not a care in the world, bereft of female company and desperate for some change.. Around 8pm, Anurag announces that he can't go because its "too far". Asati gets furious, picks up his bag and leaves to copy his assignment from the guy next hostel. But his final words to me were "Make him see reason or I m gonna kick his tiny li'l a**".
I encounter Anurag and discuss with him exactly what his reasons were for being a complete arse. He says something about an assignment(which, also, Anurag's gonna copy from a certain Iron-Nickel).. But, as a consolation prize, Anurag prods me and says we call go to Gokarnal, a place hardly 150 kms from here, and camp there for the night. I think for a moment and, seeing me lost deep into thought, Anurag throws his final bomb. he says that if we go there, instead of 6, all 9 of us can go. I quote,"Isnt it much better to go with the whole group than to go separately? We are friends, and friends are supposed to enjoy together, at one place. This is the way God intended it. And you, Tiwari, are the most mature person I have met. I know you wont let your friends be scattered. Also, my mom might be reluctant if I went to such a far-off place."
My mind's swayed by his emotional outburst and I agree to his change of plans.
But its only when I m alone in the loo, thinking it all over, do I realise Anurag's political game.
He convinced the three people who werent going initially by giving temptations of tandoori chicken and chilled beer. And when they are convinced, he comes to me saying that they have agreed to go if we change the plans. And then, when I m at my weakest, he says that a certain someone is being disliked by those three and himself for being too "elderly" and hence, its necessary that we choose friends over seniority. Also, this manoeuvre get amplified ten-fold when the person who gets all the blame and shit for this isnt Anurag, but Asati.
In short, Anurag changed the plan, threw out the mole, gobbled up my Rs 250 and cleverly placed the blame on someone else, thereby appearing as the innocent, cute-faced schooolboy, hiding the demon that he is...
And here I was, thinking that one couldnt possibly be more treacherous than me!

A word to the wise- Those who cant keep their temper in control need to learn it. And also keep in mind that they arent the only ones who can kick down doors!


  1. yo...will keep in mind..thnxs a lot :)

  2. Anurag maha-kamina hai... aisa kaamchor maine aaj tak nahi dekha :x

  3. bas... jab dil se bhawna nikalti hai to aankhein bewafa ho jati hain :'(

  4. kahan se maar rha hai ....itne bhari bhari

  5. and about the temper part...the one who has written and the ones who are reading...should also need to see their temper before commenting others...