I have a dream!

Anybody who's anybody has to have played the Need for Speed Most Wanted. And though it ruined my social obligations to quite an extent, this game gave me a whole new world to live for...
Rockport City is the dream of every driver, what with its twisted tarmac, Highway 99, pursuit breakers, Agent Cross and, of course, Mia ;)
The guys at EA really outdid themselves when they created the phenomena that is NFS. and Most Wanted just took their brilliance a notch higher!

au revoir...

It started with a snap!
The mechanical department, the hundreds of ladies, thousands of well-dressed gentlemen and hordes of cameras flashing in every conceivable direction...


Been too long... I ran out of ideas on what to write about until someone pointed out rather courteously that I should stop being a wannabe and a loser! God bless you nutter, whoever you are.. And may he give you some courage so that next time, you can say it unanonymously.
The bad tests are over, though the worst is yet to come. We had a hellish week, studying for most part of the night in order to be able to write just for an hour in the morning. In the words of Paulie, it takes guts to climb back into that ring when you know you are gonna take a beating!! :D