I have a dream!

Anybody who's anybody has to have played the Need for Speed Most Wanted. And though it ruined my social obligations to quite an extent, this game gave me a whole new world to live for...
Rockport City is the dream of every driver, what with its twisted tarmac, Highway 99, pursuit breakers, Agent Cross and, of course, Mia ;)
The guys at EA really outdid themselves when they created the phenomena that is NFS. and Most Wanted just took their brilliance a notch higher!

When I first played this game back in 2006, the reality of it struck me with full blow. One could see the reflection of their car's custom paint job on the road when it rained, for crying out loud!! And the raindrops on the windscreen when you are being chased by level 5 Corvettes and the chopper is just too great to describe. I finished and replayed the game innumerable times and every time I started afresh, I learnt something new. And all those times, I asked myself why am I into this like madness.
About the car, well, its really a connection more than a choice... My first ride was a Lexus Cobalt with a nice top speed but not-so-good acceleration. Having driven all the blacklist cars and almost all those in the Shop and Safehouse, there was one from whom I was never able to part. And each time I tried, she clawed her way back into my life..
She is Porsche 911 Turbo S... Although I call her Gia. <3

At first sight, I was not really impressed by those Amoeba-shaped headlights or the sloping silhouette. Heck, I did not even like the sound of its 3.2 liter horizontally opposed flat 6-cylinder engine!
But once on the road, she was a revelation in itself.. Why, she cornered with grace and drove the competition in the rear view mirror without ever missing her poise even once.. Suddenly, I was spending more and more time with her. And those headlights became my parameter for beauty while the roar of the engine seemed like music. It was a treat just to cruise around with Agent Cross yelling abuses on the phone just because Gia was too damn fast for the whole of Rockport Police Department(RPD), even with Cross in his ultra-customised Corvette.. I cursed myself for not having recognized this before! How could anyone not like her? She's just so perfect, be it the crease on the bonnet, the B-pillars, the front overhangs or the bucket seats! Brakes were always her weak point, but she made up for that by slowing down by just the right pace whenever I lowered the throttle... Cornering became fun and left-foot braking became a habit...
We appeared on races, big and small. And everytime, I fell short of reaching the finals. The semi-finals formed some kind of mental block with me screwing up in the most idiotic way, driving into a water barrel, for instance. But she never protested even once... It was as if the bond was too great for reproach, even though I hardly deserved her. Rock solid and loyal as a pup, she never disobeyed me once nor ever run out of NOS in crucial moments. And yeah, she always posed quite naughtily at the end of a victorious race! ;)
Sometimes, I just wish to sit and look at her before racing or going to bed...
I played NFS Carbon, Shift, ProStreet and Hot Pursuit 2 afterwards, but none of them came even a little close to giving me the kind of goosebumps that NFSMW always did... Its just a piece of magic that cant be replicated even by the magician himself!
Everyone has their dreams. And I have many.. One of the most pleasant ones is to drive around in Gia on the lush slopes of Italy and the downhills of Dakar with nothing to distract or distance us from each other. Who says one cant be materialistic and spiritual simultaneously??!! The bond between man and machine is beyond materialism... Especially when she has the charm of Aphrodite and passion of Eros! :)


  1. good to see d bond between u n her!! :) ;) :D

    1. She hates you, by the way! :P :D

    2. we are very happy to see the bond between the two(i mean tiwari and the car) :P :D

  2. @ Akshat- Never mind.. As if i care!! B)

  3. @ Asati- C'mon asati.. Y are u always so "INTERESTED" in tiwari's matters and tiwari?? Baat kya hai?? :P ;)

  4. baat to kafi aage badh chuki hai :P