Bad to the bone!

A word to the wise - If you follow the words in this post, you are gonna get very unpopular among the ladies, but you'll have an easier time laughing at yourself! Reader discretion  is strongly advised...

Being bad has its merits! I can be mean, rude or defiant to people without feeling guilty about it and not even bother about their derogatory remarks, as long as they werent too intense! And I get to do all that stuff which I wont be able to do within the dreary confines of my better self :-D

People just love to hate. Look at our dear ol' Salman Khan. He has a badass rep and still delivers the biggest hits of Bollywood, back to back. His films are beyond the ridiculous...
Why keep quiet when one can shut down their rivals with a a choice of slangs and various unprintables??!! It makes much more sense than to keep pondering over shitty things again and again. Instead, let it all out in one big spit and have a relaxed state of mind thereafter. Plus, if anything, it'll help in developing your vocab, albeit in a different yet faster way!
I have always been a fan of Megamind. This evil genius was way more impressive than Metroman can imagine! So what if he got his ass kicked most of the time... He still returned to his diabolical ways and wreaked havoc as and when he could...
Even Gru was surprisingly more interesting than any other superheroes around..
Often, we used to wonder what's the point of kicking butts on b'days instead of a decent celebration (read, boring!) by just cutting the cake and hugging guys nonchalantly. Then we hit upon the very answer - because its too damn boring and child-like... You can kick at least one person weekly throughout the year in return for being kicked just once an year. And I did not even count the many cakes... You do the math!
I tried to be nice for sometime. I tried laughing with the kids when they threw some really sad jokes around. I tried smiling at the lousy teacher whenever he cracked down-trodden punchlines and I even tried faking a smile whenever someone played Justin Bieber's latest song. Then I got bored of my own self... I m not made for such pathetic treatment. Good behaviour never came naturally to me. At some point in life, I became a loudmouth and stuck to it as it was easier than to bottle up everything inside. Been ridiculed for this many times, but I cant help it... For me, its much more enlightening to curse something lousy with full heart than to praise it half-heartedly :-P
Anyways, I think its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you arent.. Soon enough, people wont get repelled from your dark side when they see how easy its being true to yourself without pretence.. There can be no light without darkness. Just dont start a killing spree to vent your feelings, because that would be a crime!
This world aint a fairy-tale.. Nor are we all angels. Granted, some people are definitely very sweet, kind and well-spoken straight from the heart. I have nothing against them. God bless them for their goodness and help them preserve it! :)
Agreed, its good to look decent and to make a good first impression. But what about its aftermath?? Sooner or later people are gonna spot the evil streak in you no matter how much you pretend.. Isnt it just better to save your and their time by being exactly how you are from the beginning? My point exactly!
Gone are the days when my hair were forbidden from falling beneath the brow...

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