Invincible truth!!

As a young lad, once Subroto Roy Sahara was yelling at the washer-man for ruining a pair of his favourite jeans. His father, late Sudhir Chandra Roy, overheard him and came over. After listening to his son, he told his son to apologise to the washer-man... Later, his father explained to him the reason behind it. He said,"You only have a right to criticise somebody when you have the ability to do the very same work better than them. Only then can you question their shortcomings! And since you are no good when it comes to washing your laundry, you had no right to yell at the washer-man that way."
Washing clothes is no mean task. And so isnt starting a public platform in a country as divided as India. And when someone as credible as Aamir Khan takes the initiative, we should try to listen to him instead of expressing our expert opinions. He is putting his reputation, even his career, on the line by inviting individuals that actually exist in our society in flesh and blood. He knows he will bear the wrath when it turns out that some politician or corporate honcho is linked to the issues his show addresses. For a man in his position, he certainly had no need to go against the system and expose all this malaise. He could have gone about his life as usual, making brilliant movies, earning millions and living life king-size, a la the other Khans.
Some would say that he is cashing in on the emotions of his protagonists and the general public. Such people would do better to dig a hole and bury themselves. I have really no words for such cynics!
People, we all know what problems India is facing today. But most of India is not as lucky as us when it comes to education and many other things. Satyamev Jayate is at least educating those who would otherwise be ignorant. And also, the show is portraying the exact magnitude of the problem, something the Govt. is always tight-lipped about. I never knew that over a million female infanticides are occurring annually, or that girls are being sold across the Rajasthan border for 20 grand and resold when they lose their "marquee value".
Its one thing to criticise in a sensible manner. But its totally another thing to throw aside a man's hard work just to garner some likes and comments on your Facebook status. Its not about you dammit! You are neither a victim nor a judge to pass your judgement on issues which you never had to face. So please ,stop all this bullshit about how Aamir has not offered any solutions or how he overdoes his emotions while talking to the victims. And even if he had offered any solution, you numb nuts would have pointed out flaws in that as well! 
The hard truth is that you dont want to do anything about it. And that's ok. There are always a few who cringe about everything just because they are too slow to grasp the deep shit that our country is in. So much for India Shining, India Inc., the fastest growing economy and other crap... But don't deter those few who do feel a little about their surroundings. You can mock all you want, but in the end, you are gonna end up in the hell-hole just as much as anybody else. The difference is, even then you will be crying about something else instead of working you way out!
And for those who do have a little shame left, please try to stop your family members/friends/relatives from committing a folly that would result in an over-whelming sex-ratio. 


  1. Nice post. Liked it and the views in it.

  2. His intentions are too and he looks inspired too, but do you think the thousands of IAS and IPS officers in India are not???? The system must be changed. The Indian system is a perfect flaw. The constitution is a joke, for God's sake we got it when all the other constitutions are put in a blender. We lack original thinking or we don't care to think on our own, we are happy with borrowing others thoughts and accepting them as our own. Aamir Khan what you are doing is awesome, yes it is good but do you know what happens when you try to do good in a country of a billion fools! you will get pelted. Aamir khan will be fed up with the show in a matter of weeks believe me! I have the experience.

  3. What you say is true! But we can't really give up all hope when it comes to rebuilding a nation... I cant say anything significant about the Indian Constitution. But yeah, its more complicated than anything else. Yet, we should contribute in any way possible. You dont leave your home in a disarray, do you? You fight with all you have until you sail through! Same goes for your nation.

  4. Well written.The problem nowadays is that people will criticize just about anything and everything.Even if Mr.Khan is not giving solutions or just playing with public sentiments....atleast that guy is bringing forward the hard facts and getting people face to face with the hidden reality.All these ppl do is sit in their homes and give bhashan.Even if their house were on fire they would still sit and crib about how nothing can be done, because they dont have the balls to stand up and fight the fire.And believe me, female foeticide is far dangerous than that fire.

  5. i was expecting you would raise this...your writings are flawless indeed...but they become emphatic on such issues...i just hope it all doesn't end on the blogs or the laptop screen and leave an impact just for the time we read them or watch them...many TV series started in past which also addressed such Zindagi Live,Aap ki kachehri and now Satyamev urge to the fellow Indian please don't hype the show or watch it just because it's Amir Khan...try to understand the depth and make a change around yourselves as its the need of the hour...your circles maybe small but sometimes it just need a tiny spark to spread..!!!

  6. Definitely a very nice one indeed.. :)
    N i totally agree with u anjali.. We should try to make a change around ourselves.. It is the need of the hour!!

  7. Thank you Yashi and Anjali. :)
    This is exactly the kind of attitude that will sustain balance in the long run. We all need to wake up and stir the wrong things up! Just put in 100% effort at our respective levels...