Night riders

No, this isnt about KKR winning IPL-5, nor is it about match-fixing nor about SRK abusing Wankhede staff nor about his daughter or her friends... Its gonna get long. And boring.. I took 3 days to finish this post. Had to publish it as I wanted all of you to suffer as well :-P
Its about beauty, madness, sea and sunshine.

We reach Mumbai on the 14th of May with the sole intention of a good day and awesome night.
We wash up, eat and head out in tinsel-town. Apart from the sweltering heat and nose-biting pollution, Mumbai seems bearable. With good luck and lots of misdirections, we reach the Taj. Granted, its impressive by Indian standards and even more so because of the view of Arabian Sea, but its looks blunt next to its majestic counterpart, the Old Taj. Apart from being the very sight of 26/11 and home to many sad memories, it stands as a bearer to Indian resilience, or does it?

As Indians, we are bereft of choices. Its not upto us to decide how we live, where we live or whether we live at all. Kasab might have gunned down 56 people in his prime, but now he's reeling with Indian judiciary with ease. Its been nearly 4 years. Even the families of the victims have had to adjust with this type of abysmal justice being meted out. Who knows, Kasab might be even thinking of contesting as a local MLA from Arthur Road, now that he has a criminal record and impressive manipulative tactics?!
Moving on, we decided to catch a movie in the nearby theatre, totally ignoring 5 chics who looked like they were on a shopping spree... Although we were gaining a lot of attention, owing to the fact that we had our in-house stud (read that as, eeeeshtudd) Anurag with us.. Tarosh and I were basking in the limelight reflected off of him.. We were still getting fluttery eyes when suddenly our stud slipped in the loo and came back with wet pants! And down went all the glory... :'(
Anyways, we watched the movie Ishaqzaade, a total waste of time, money and sanity.. The actress was quite impressive, the actor sucked big time and the story was the biggest burp of that month. All this while, we had two pieces of music with us. Our synthesisers were drawing attention from all the wrong people, especially near the Taj. May god burn those wretched cloak-room oldies at CST who refused to keep these in their hold!
Next stop, Cafe Leopold. Now, this is one awesome place, complete with bullet-marks and beverages. The guard scans our "baggage" and asks what kind of music we play. We puffed our chest out, assumed an air of dignity and answered that it was mostly for practice. And that we were actually engineering students with a grudge towards life. He gave us a look of pitiful understanding and admitted us inside, smirking to himself..
It was very cheerfully cosy inside. A chinese woman was sipping her beer in little sips while one Parsi couple was busy flirting and PDAing... Another table, a Latino man, surrounded by 3 foreign ladies, was being fed salad and sandwich by different forks, and was gloating about his luck every now and then!
We placed our order and drank to our fill. They really give your money's worth...
Back at CST, Anurag leaves us halfway through our plans and heads on in another direction. Tarosh looks at me skeptically, I reciprocate and we down our gazes. Never have the two of us been together for non-academic purposes. Even the air seems ripe with the tension and the sizzling chemistry between us!
He suggests an adult movie, I agree and we are off to the late night show of Jannat II. Halfway through the trailers, some chics with impressive silhouettes walk in to the seats next to us. All the fun associated with abusing Hooda and Hashmi ended as now we had to act civilised and not laugh at the various slangs being thrown around. To hell with the chics.. We shift over to the front most row, stretch our legs and enjoy every verbal crap with complete elan!!
Finally, Emraan dies and the movie ends.. I wake Tarosh up with many pokes in his remarkable posterior and we head off for a coffee.
And then, we reach Marine Drive after about an hour or so. Only after reaching there do we realise why Mumbai has always been touted as "tinsel-town". For me, this place was next to heaven..
A long, long stretch of absolutely flawless tarmac, with plenty of lighting, the sea splashing alongside and heavy bikes thundering to and fro in quick succession, leaving the sweet scent of burnt rubber in the air.. What more could a guy want?! Now, if only we had our respective better halves, this place would have been heaven. But for now, we make do with each other :-D
The night is spent with long walks along the coast, with deep discussions about coaching classes, friends, chics, relationships, "museums" and so on. Every now and then, we hear a tapping as a crab tries to climb the rocks with bulging chelas. The night gets drowsy and we end up sleeping on the sidewalk... Best nap I ever had, by the way!
Morning dawns, with a surprisingly large number of joggers and walkers all over the Drive. I feel ashamed of my sturdy paunch and stealthily pull it in several inches in order to appear in better shape!
Finally, its time to head home..

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