Stop being fuelish!

Enough with the cribbing already....
Time to move on.. Yes, petrol is almost nearing Rs 80 per litre and yes, INR is free-falling since forever!
We cried, swore and did just about everything the average Indian should have done.
Some things are blessings in disguise, albeit at a somewhat heavy cost.
For example, expensive fuel means more  public transport, less traffic and therefore less commute time in our metros. Other than that, for those who burn a hole in their pocket every night on the gas-station will do well to start using good ol' locomotives like bicycles, tricycles and the likes.
 It'll help them save the cash, shape the glutes and lose some serious flab. Plus, being a bicycle buff myself, the joy of riding a bicycle is unparalleled(except, of course, if the comparison is with a hottie like Porsche 911). Just tuck your pants in your socks, fold up your sleeves and head off to work knowing you are helping your future generations breathe less ash! That too... Less fuel mean less emissions and/or more efficient engines a la Reva. People will finally start seeing some sense in hybrid vehicles after all.. Reckless burning of fuel was a menace anyways. Good riddance!

Granted, the Prius looks somewhat dated and dull, but hey, she never was the mistress types anyways. It was more of a reliable, economic solution for day to day commuting.
Car-pooling is another solution. It will also help improving your ever-degrading social and civic senses as well as facilitating formal discussions en route.
Last but certainly not the least, and this is a totally subjective view, the price hike totally makes sense if we want our future cylinder-heads to witness beauties like fuel-injected engines, muscle cars, MV Agusta(s), the V12 Phantom and the 1001 bhp Bugatti Veyron, which otherwise would have been lost into the oblivions of museums, dying a painful death.
Moving on to our Rupee. I dont know much about currency standards and stuff, but I do understand that the falling value of Rupee will help in promoting cottage industries, Indian companies and curb the outflow of Rupee. Travel costs will definitely shoot up. Those going to foreign universities will face severe dilemma. Those working abroad will convert more and more of their wealth in INR. Falling currency will also bring more foreign investments in all sectors. MNC's will face stiffer competition regarding the pricing of their goods, giving the customer even more choices between quality products. It'll also lead to improvisation and innovations all across the private sector. Maruti 800 was conceived as a result of stiff rules and regulations. And we all know its success story!
We, as Indians, are known worldwide for adjusting and flourishing in all kinds of situations. Heck, many of us even use kerosene in our cars and still derive impressive mileage, although totally pissing off the carburetor as well as ruining the acceleration.  Lets stand upto our rep and not waste any more time in raising a hue and cry that wont yield significant results.
Here's another added advantage for those who like to give a ride ;)

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