Had there been anything different going inside his head, God would have made people without all their vices. And we would have been born and died on identical times so as not to trudge the road to afterlife alone.
Why is it that one cant carry on independently?
Why should a person always crave for company?
Why are we scared of facing the times alone?
Why do we need to share happiness and grief? As it is, elan and sorrow are nothing but a state of mind. If you smile even in the darkest of times, you can face it. And happiness is known to bring tears in our eyes. Could it be a mere co-incidence? You decide.

Why arent souls ever conjoined?
As it is, people have been killing each other off for food, power and survival since hundreds of years...
They say pyramids were built by an unearthly influence. Not going into the complexities of alien theories, if we just assume for a moment it as a creation of an alien or some other galactic/cosmic phenomena, we can clearly infer that the top of the pyramid has place for just one set of feet. So in theory, one has to be alone in order to attain the highest possible stability.
Call it escapism... But its the only way out to have your share of time without ruining another life and adding to your sins. Ridiculous as it may sound, a loner is often looked upon as an outcast. Those who worked independently of the world were lauded for their guts..
How far is it justified to prevent a person from growing by holding them back by few emotional threads?
Apart from having bouts of philosophy, the first few weeks have been everything but dull.
From being caught by professors and hostel assistants to being told off publicly for some imaginative crap, and chanting Gayatri mantra every alternate day, my nakshatra is anything but favourable at the moment.
The only mental peace comes to me when my cellphone loses every one of its little towers as soon as it starts raining, courtesy Vodafone. A pathetically slow net speed added on top of that and BAM!! I m more jobless than ever :-x
These rooms are more like cellars. Once you enter them, something stops you from going out. Its been more than 15 days and yet, nobody has any clue who all are staying in this creep of a hostel.
And all our hopes and expectations while choosing this hostel are slowly turning to ash now that we have demi-gods patrolling our corridors at unearthly hours, allegedly after being tipped off by people who love to poke their overlarge noses everywhere.. If only these people had been straightened out in their college days, we would have had an AH5-like harmony in every hostel... Damn! I miss thee, AH5-310  :-(
Apparently, we arent engineers but 'gadhas' who are doing nothing more than wasting our parents' hard-earned money and our own time here. Nobody looks at the fact that even though they are hiking the fee annually, the changes are just not apparent in plain sight. And then there is the tag of being a 5-pointer.. No matter what anyone tells you, CGPA is bloody important.. Either listen now or learn at your own cost, like I did.
But it ain't a pleasant surprise to learn that I will have to also apply off-campus while my better learned friends will be enjoying their final months in Goa whole-heartedly. Do work your asses off while learning new things and following your heart, but maintain a decent CGPA alongside too... And yeah! If you think you didnt get the best, you probably didnt deserve it.. So curse yourself! :-D

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