An ode to ourselves...

Been out of touch for a long while.. Had my head rammed with things like placements, formal clothing, even interviews! Still much confused, the picture is now getting less blurry as to what I want to be, years from now.
Bouts of philosophy are not really a big time-saver though.. But they help, nevertheless.
A book called The monk who sold his Ferrari and a person codenamed Zen helped out. Precisely, it all taught me to accept myself and celebrate the weirdness. In the end, make peace with yourself and all the world is your playground. It hardly matters what car you own, how expensive your wrist-watch is or whether you have a sea-facing villa. Though I wont say no to any of these things, they are not worth shelving my conscience, self-respect or friendships. "Heaven has no bank, except that of your own deeds", my Hindi teacher used to say. My parents want me to have a life much better than they had. But how can they not see that in my own eyes, their lives is exactly what I want for myself. Nothing more and certainly not less. Cash gives me the creeps anyways. Everyone has their share of grief. Its only happiness thats unbound. Give it away as much as you can.Surely, it will find its way back to you manifold once you have a happier world :-D

And then I watched a movie called The best exotic Marigold Hotel. It has the best of lines, locales and lives.
India never looked so good in the eye of Englishmen. I dont know why and how I was so arrogantly critical of my worthy nation.
And as Indians, we need to be constantly convinced that what we have is much more valuable than we think. Like our country, for instance. Centuries have come and gone, yet India has been a a beacon to all those who care for it. We have everything we ever want from a nation. The question is, are we looking in the right places? We have the colors, the smiles, the "jugaad" and the classic old brotherhood. In the scheme of things, Indians should have the highest longevity because we have so much to feel happy for. We worship our rivers, trees, cars and even TV sets. We have the greatest resource at our disposal- people. Wonder what we might do just by joining hands! Our politicians are not all bad. They are just the victims of short-sightedness of the public and the fact that power ruins even the best of men. The level of their thinking is beyond our comprehension, for we only fend for ourselves while they have to keep everyone happy. Its upto us whether we actually want to see the silver lining in a crisis.
There were lines like "The only real failure is the failure to try!" and " The measure of success is how we cope with disappointment". We can either throw ourselves in completely to our cause or blame ourselves lifelong for feeling too scared of disappointment to start again. Life is too long to be spiteful, too short to be glad and just enough to be led happily. Our country may not be the best, but our people are. But only the right questions lead to the right answers.
Yet, somewhere down the line, these things are over-shadowed by our own misconceptions. We forget who we were in the pursuit of who we want to be. A very young and respectable college senior once told me to follow my heart, as long as its clear in its conscience. He did, and today, his company is soaring high in the sky.
Then comes another question. What is it that I really want? Do I want cars to be my career? Should I pick up music which I m so fond of and so pathetic at? Or should I make a living out of shaping another kid's future, who might not have the resources but may have a much better mind than Newton himself?! Honestly, I still dont know. Guess I need more years to grow up than most others, but so what?? When I do figure myself out, I know nothing would stop me. And if I fail(touchwood!!), I still have my family and friends, who, unfortunately, dont have any other choice :-P


  1. Life is too long to be spiteful, too short to be glad and just enough to be led happily..
    loved Ur lines..:) \god bless/...

  2. There are many more like you who still grapple at the thought of understanding themeselves and their goals..(me included). I guess we need to be more matured in all aspects to guide ourselves. Time will have answers for us. The only mantra is to never stop and to let everything test us. Our efforts will pave way for answers and erase previous misunderstanding. And while we incessantly try, we all shall meet as friends at the crossroads :). Coz life is a matter of our perspective and success just a realisation of our journey.
    (Gosh, i just wrote so well ;)

    1. That's really well-written ;)
      Cheers to us!