Education, anyone?

Disclaimer : This article is solely meant for reading purposes. It bears some connection to any character, event, incident or issue, living or dead and any resemblance is not entirely unintentional and somewhat co-incidental. Should any person, sect, religion, group or government feel like throwing me into prison or issuing a fatwa against me, I beg to appeal to their common sense, if any. Kindly look over my mistakes, for you all are honorable men, apparently.

As a person, I m among the top brass of the world. Why, I had a great childhood, an enjoyable school life, adventurous college semesters and now have a comfortable job at hand. Had the chance to learn as much as I want, to work as little as possible and still be rewarded, despite all my flaws... Had the time to think, ponder over everything deeply... Always had too much time at hand!

Been thinking about Malala and Shaheen, both being victims, both being media headlines and both being girls.. Malala had but one dream. To be educated and to refuse to bow down to mindless extremism. Little did she know that the issue she took up scares even the honorable and powerful Pakistani government. Honorable because they never meddled in Indian affairs and powerful because they have the spine to destroy all their neighbors and yet, they never acted rashly. Everyone is ready to offer chaddars in mosques for the well-being of Malala..Perhaps, had they supported her fight, she wouldnt be recuperating in a UK hospital right now.

Shaheen and her friend Renu were charged with "creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes", insulting or outraging religious feelings and violating a section of the country's Information Technology Act for online speech deemed "grossly offensive or of menacing character". From where did they brought in "religious feelings", I dont know.. But then, I know little.. The crime - Shaheen wrote as a status update,"Respect is earned, not given and definitely not forced. Today M****i shuts down due to fear and not due to respect. People like ********* are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that." Her friend Renu only followed it with a "Like". Would have written even the omitted words, but I am scared of jail!
Even Aseem Trivedi seems lucky now, isnt it?? And our over-vocal Bollywood industry seems surprisingly mute on this.. But then, they have to think about their plush homes and families before shooting their mouths off against those in(were) power.. Goes on to prove that power corrupts everyone, except Bapu, maybe!
Ignorance is bliss, they said.. Taliban proved it, time and again. Why else will a girl much younger than me be shot in the head for asking questions while I m only thrown out of classes?? And rest assured that my questions are a lot more stupid!
Its easier to die than live these days. Just ask any of these pseudo-politicos and they will be more than happy to oblige. You can be jailed for something as trifle as your status messages on Facebook.. Why, they may even throw in the death of your near and dear ones for free! Don't believe me?? Ask the innocent uncle from Palghar...
If only all these goons focussed their energies and funds towards building schools and hospitals, they might have had a life.. But no, they are too damn short-sighted.
A new TV series, "Welcome to India", has been started recently.. Watch it and realize just how different the real India is from where you live... We can talk and talk and not make an ounce of difference to the lives of those who need help..
Surprisingly, there is no 'Right to live' among the six fundamental rights of the Indian citizen.
And here's the punchline- India is a democracy!! :-D
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