Rise up, now!

Latest news on the Delhi gang-rape case is that the victim is being shifted to Singapore for extensive treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital, renowned for organ transplantation. And they are setting up a panel exclusively to look into this case. The motive of the crime will be investigated. What motive does rape warrant? Raging hormones, male chauvinism or illegitimate children? The government has fallen to new lows and Delhiites are protesting their hearts out on the icy roads.

For centuries now, men have been consistently misusing the physicality to satisfy their lust and domination.
A girl is raped in her own house when her parents are out. Another girl is kidnapped and raped in a moving car and then, thrown on the sidewalk. A patient is raped by her doctor. A student is raped by her teacher. A girl is raped by her neighbor for rejecting his marriage proposal. One girl is made to strip in a road full of apparently impotent citizens by a gang of hoodlums, taping themselves proudly... Yet another girl is raped by her own friends at the back of a moving car, on her birthday!
Its pointless to mention that the burden of the crime is always borne by the victim, for she is alone, helpless and female... Most of the time, she succumbs to her traumas and takes her pain with her...In a sexually frustrated society, those who do manage to live do so in constant fear of being ridiculed forever and targeted again! Then there are also things like family honor, social stigma and what-not that downplays her plea for help... People look down upon the victim with eyes full of sympathy and hearts full of apathy.

Some society elders even said that a girl dressing inappropriately is equally responsible for what happens to her! If only their mothers had given them a slap or two, coupled with a weekly beating to eke out this crap, they wouldn't have been so goddamn fickle-minded... They even blamed spicy chinese food for polluting the thoughts of this generation and increasing the incidents of rape.. Woe betide these dumbasses!
Girls, its time you took matters in your own hands and show these bas*ards what a kick or two in the groin feels like! Already, groups like Gulabi Gang, courtesy Sampat Pal, are operational to fight violence with violence. Worst case, throw acid on the very face of these chauvinists, a dose of their own medicine... Because neither the administration nor the judiciary is gonna be of much help until you rise to the occasion.
Its time men started fearing women, a first in itself! They also need to learn that their own weakness can be as easily taken advantage of in any eventuality. They need to be taught that if a girl can bear the pain to give birth to a child like them, she also possesses the strength to show them the worst of hell!
Also, dont trust any guy blindly, however genuine/honest/innocent/cute etc he might seem... We guys arent worth it. Drink only to your limits, however much anyone convinces you otherwise. Always keep your parents updated about your male friends. Date-rape drugs are another threat to you. Again, I neednt point out the number of MMSes leaking out every now and then.. And always, no matter what, report any events of sexual misbehavior to your near ones!
Self defense is the foremost need of the hour. Learn some deadly punches and evasive tactics. Not only will it make you fitter, it will help significantly in restoring order to a world spinning drastically out of control. Carry a whistle with you. Dont take shortcuts at night in desolate areas. Pepper spray should be your BFF until the next breakthroughs! And the helpline should always be on speed-dial... Better be safe than sorry!
Its pathetic that so many precautions are needed to deal with the male dirty mind. Guys in particular, always keep in mind that your mother/sister was/is also a girl..
Help yourself, ladies... Because you are the only force that can usher a paradigm shift!


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    1. If only it helps someone, my purpose is fulfilled! :)

  2. dude stop this desperate and shameless attempt to gain attention.... we all know how much u really respect women.... u have shamelessly groped girls on several occasion, not even going to mention all the harassment u inflicted on the girls of our own campus i can divulge the details if u want me to.... this is too important an issue for me to sit back and let u fool the public with ur hypocrisy (not that many sensible ppl read ur stupid blog anyway...).. so shut the fuck up and get lost...

    1. While you are accusing of "harassment" and "groping", I would also like to know when it happened! You said a bit too much because you still got that grudge against me.. And about my hypocrisy, I am anything but a hypocrite... You found that out for yourself that I speak upfront and stick to it, if you care to remember.
      I admit that have been a nuisance on campus, and I m not at all proud of it.

  3. ok .... if u want to walk this road .... What about coining derogatory nick names to the girls?? and then popularizing it in the campus?? u want me to keep going?? all u've ever tried to do is to manipulate the people to gain cheap publicity.... just like some of our shameless politicians.... u are a fame hungering whore!!

    1. Firstly, there's no need for that language.. Anyone can be a foul-mouth under the cloak of anonymity.. Secondly, about the so-called nicknames, they werent my creations.. Some of your own friends were involved in that.. And if they caused any "harassment" to you, I am sincerely sorry about that.
      This post wasnt meant to garner any cheap publicity, as you think.. My only intention was to make gullible girls aware and help this nation-wide protest movement.

  4. don't worry about girls being gullible when it comes to u... any girl wud rather prefer death than to be associated with an asshole and an utter looser lyk u in anyway ... but i think u already know that...

  5. heard about ur lil incident last sem :P hahaha .....goondagiri gone wrong :D can't help but laugh...... u suck!!