A mess..

A-mess, or as some people tauntingly call it, Gay-mess, is a temple for the starved. First of all, the dirty name might be because of the fact that one can always spot guys sitting suspiciously close to each other while dining there. M here to clarify a few things about A-mess:
1. A-mess has far better quality of food than the other mess, which stinks like anything!
2. A-mess owner neednt wear wannabe disfigured clothes at any point of the day or night. He is completely satisfied with his white shirt and grey pants.
3. A-mess gives preference to guys over girls, a phenomena that is never witnessed elsewhere, least of all, the other mess whick stinks like anything!


So I m inside the train, again, trying hard not to pass back into slumber. It gets so goddamn boring, vibrating to and fro, knowing that you may never reach your destination on time, courtesy the railways. It’s a 32-hour journey to Goa and I have already munched on all my crisps, drank most of my water and peed at least half a dozen times. There is only one person worth talking to, a kindly fellow going to Panvel, a person who has finished his masters in engineering as well as MBA. And not more than 6-7 years older than me. What a brave fellow! And I am just so tired of my bachelor’s degree that I feel more at home in the garage than the classroom.

Train of thought!

So I am heading back to Delhi. Had an amazing stay at Simla, again. Four days of doing absolutely nothing except hogging delicious burgers, sipping coffee ground from fresh beans, avoiding baths and roaming around Mall Road with my best cousins and their family. Simla never fails to impress. The people are willing to work for you at one-fourth the wages in Delhi, that too with honesty as an add-on. Local crowd is surprisingly well-behaved, what with little girls asking for paper-bags instead of plastic, men addressing women with sincerity and always departing with deep smiles. And the hospitality, my word! Just one compliment about their cooking flips their heart and makes them endearing. They are eager to feed you till you drop from diarrhea, farting your heart away. No wonder our room used to stink every morning, the blankets even more so!