Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This content may shake the beliefs of many. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

It all started with a marriage. And my life changed before I knew it.

Iron men

What do Rocky Balboa, Himesh Reshammiya, Emraan Hashmi and Megamind have in common? Granted, they have had their share of mind-boggling crap, some still having it. Apart from that, what is it that they share?
Its their guts. These people have balls of steel.

Pathak ka janmdin!

Its his b'day today. And since we forgot to bash him up last night because of the 3D light exhibition at B-dome, it was time to take matters seriously.
After attending one lecture in which our prof bored us to hell and back, we slipped out and reached straight to the nearby eatery. Browing through all the items and still not able to find anything, Kaveri finally asked us what exactly we wanted. Our demand was quite simple and straight-forward - the most rotten piece of bakery and/or stinking item available. After all, there was gonna be a cake at midnight. Why waste our hard-earned money now!!! :P
After much deliberation, she gave us a fruit pudding that tasted like sour milk. After a heavy sigh, we reached outside the class where Pathak was due (i.e. A-501).