Bad to the bone!

A word to the wise - If you follow the words in this post, you are gonna get very unpopular among the ladies, but you'll have an easier time laughing at yourself! Reader discretion  is strongly advised...

Being bad has its merits! I can be mean, rude or defiant to people without feeling guilty about it and not even bother about their derogatory remarks, as long as they werent too intense! And I get to do all that stuff which I wont be able to do within the dreary confines of my better self :-D

Invincible truth!!

As a young lad, once Subroto Roy Sahara was yelling at the washer-man for ruining a pair of his favourite jeans. His father, late Sudhir Chandra Roy, overheard him and came over. After listening to his son, he told his son to apologise to the washer-man... Later, his father explained to him the reason behind it. He said,"You only have a right to criticise somebody when you have the ability to do the very same work better than them. Only then can you question their shortcomings! And since you are no good when it comes to washing your laundry, you had no right to yell at the washer-man that way."