Mystic peak

When I first talked to you,
I didn't know what to say,
But the more we talked,
the more my heart gave way

Long live Ramaswamy sir!

Last night, this college lost its best teacher ever.. Always patient and calm, Sir taught me to be truthful to myself and to others. BITS Goa will never be the same without him. No longer will we see Sir riding on the campus roads on his bicycle.. No longer will we him shopping with his daughter...
Farewell, sir! May you find peace and solace, wherever you are.. We will always cherish your values and teachings :-) 


Had there been anything different going inside his head, God would have made people without all their vices. And we would have been born and died on identical times so as not to trudge the road to afterlife alone.
Why is it that one cant carry on independently?
Why should a person always crave for company?
Why are we scared of facing the times alone?
Why do we need to share happiness and grief? As it is, elan and sorrow are nothing but a state of mind. If you smile even in the darkest of times, you can face it. And happiness is known to bring tears in our eyes. Could it be a mere co-incidence? You decide.

Night riders

No, this isnt about KKR winning IPL-5, nor is it about match-fixing nor about SRK abusing Wankhede staff nor about his daughter or her friends... Its gonna get long. And boring.. I took 3 days to finish this post. Had to publish it as I wanted all of you to suffer as well :-P
Its about beauty, madness, sea and sunshine.

High land

A man is kicking the fan to make it work… He might as well rip the damn thing off!
A kid is nodding off with her wobbling in the air. I was calculating her oscillation frequency when her heavily bearded father looks at me suspiciously and ruffles his mane!
A learned-looking Muslim is scanning the newspapers hungrily while the officer next to him is filling out his insurance papers.
Two ladies are chatting their hearts away about a niece’s wedding and sharing the dirt. A chic is sitting by the window, apparently texting her boyfriend(s) until she catches my eye and flashes a smile.