Winged dreams

Had a roller-coaster month...
First of all, my laptop's motherboard got fried and has been recuperating at a dingy shop for two weeks now. The first two days were the most difficult ones, what with a distance from facebook and, of course, NFSMW.. By now, most of the excitement of updating and uploading on facebook has washed out(perhaps, for the best!)..
Next comes the interviews which were largely helpful in killing my confidence. One would expect their alumnae to extend a little moral support towards you when they are on the interview panel. But one certainly wouldnt expect them to throw lines like "I am here as an employee of this company, not your alumni". And it doesnt stop there.. Consider this. The very person sitting on the panel has been a 'god' at mechanical engineering stuff, considering he was the one who produced the most ambitious project till date. And he is working as a business analytic. Nothing wrong, I agree. But when that very same person grills you for sitting for that very comany despite having an "excellent mechanical background", its the height of hypocrisy!!