Education, anyone?

Disclaimer : This article is solely meant for reading purposes. It bears some connection to any character, event, incident or issue, living or dead and any resemblance is not entirely unintentional and somewhat co-incidental. Should any person, sect, religion, group or government feel like throwing me into prison or issuing a fatwa against me, I beg to appeal to their common sense, if any. Kindly look over my mistakes, for you all are honorable men, apparently.

As a person, I m among the top brass of the world. Why, I had a great childhood, an enjoyable school life, adventurous college semesters and now have a comfortable job at hand. Had the chance to learn as much as I want, to work as little as possible and still be rewarded, despite all my flaws... Had the time to think, ponder over everything deeply... Always had too much time at hand!